The Daredevil (WaterFyre Rising Book 2) by Nadia Han

The Daredevil (WaterFyre Rising Book 2) by Nadia Han
Genre – Contemporary Romance
Page Count – 400
Cover Designer – Nadia Han

Loving her is his biggest risk . . . and also his biggest reward. 

Daring, clever, and gorgeous, Royce Viktorsson is a volcanologist who lives life on the edge between the thrill and the pulsing calm before the storm. The unsteady lifestyle masks the man who is seeking something beyond himself. Nothing has offered him resolve . . . until her. 

The lightning that illuminates his soul. 

The thunder that stirs his heart.

The lava that ignites his blood. 

Thoughtful, alluring, and guarded, travel blogger Michelle Yates is emotionally unavailable thanks to the monster in her closet. Traveling allows her to see the beauty in the world, making her forget the ugliness in her life. One man yanks on that closet door and helps her claim back her self-worth. 

The friend who becomes her lover.

The hero who defeats her monster.

The savior who defines her destiny.

As their romance churns, danger erupts, whipping out secrets that demand the truth, but some truths are best left in the dark.


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Nadia Han is a contemporary romance author. She’s a dreamer, a visionary, and a believer in karma and kindness. She lives in New England with her family and spends most of her time crafting stories. When she’s not writing, she practices yoga, reads, explores nature, and eats all kinds of foods.

Author Interview with Nadia Han




Beast (Popov Bratva Book 5) by Leslie Georgeson

Beast (Popov Bratva Book 5) by Leslie Georgeson
Genre – Mafia, Romantic Suspense
Page Count – 236


That’s what they call me.

I can’t blame them.

My face half-eaten by a dog, the hideous scars make people gasp and turn away.

Except for her.  

Annika Popov. A sheltered Bratva princess who has never seen me.

I’d like to keep it that way. 

A glorified thug and interrogator, I work for her family. Doing despicable things. Luckily, my ugly face does most of my work.

Annika is off-limits. The boss’s daughter. She doesn’t know I watch her secretly. Or that I weave fantasies around her. I know I can never act on them.

When Annika’s life is threatened, her father gives me an unexpected task: take her to the lake house and protect her at all costs. 

I take my job very seriously. 

I am her elusive protector, staying in the shadows.

Until her curiosity brings her closer.

Suddenly, Annika sees the Beast.

But I’m no threat to her.

She has no idea what is hunting her.

Or that the true beast is closing in. 

And I’m all that stands between her and danger. 


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From bad boys to rock stars, super soldiers to mafia bosses, Leslie Georgeson blends romance and suspense to create stories that are laced with danger, action, and plenty of steam.

An avid reader of all things romance, Leslie unabashedly carries her kindle with her everywhere. She lives with her husband and daughter (and an impressive collection of rare and exotic tropical plants) on a quiet country acreage in Idaho.

Author Interview with Leslie Georgeson



Revenge Never Rests (Tallie Brown Suspense Book 2) by Laurie Lewis

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Revenge Never Rests (Tallie Brown Suspense Book 2) by Laurie Lewis
Genre – Romantic Suspense, Clean
Page Count – 250

Tallie Brown has spent a lifetime hiding from the ghosts of someone else’s past. Raised by a paranoid woman on the run, Tallie learned from an early age how to disappear. Now she must employ her unique set of skills to track down hundreds who have simply vanished, so when an Amber Alert wakes her in the night, she is the first to respond to the call. But tracking the missing girl comes with unexpected consequences, leading her down a deadly path paved with lies and personal loss that ends in a single devastating truth: General Cai Kaswell, the father she just discovered and the world’s best hope for peace, is among the vanished.

As she struggles to find General Kaswell, Tallie is drawn into a conspiracy that links her past to the string of unsolved disappearances. Her search for answers sends her around the globe, but when it nearly takes the lives of her trusted friends and leaves her alone, she is assigned to a charming operative she doesn’t fully trust. Forced to watch her own back as she searches for General Kaswell and the others, not only does she discover she is the unwitting catalyst for the disappearance of the missing people but she and her father are also lured into a plot that threatens the Constitution and the balance of world power.


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Laurie (L.C.) Lewis grew up within the exciting and history-rich corridor between Philadelphia, Baltimore, and D.C. which made her a politics and history junkie. Laurie writes in multiple genres, penning her women’s fiction and romance novels as Laurie Lewis, and her historical fiction novels as L.C. Lewis. Revenge Never Rests, is Laurie’s fifteenth novel.

Her women’s fiction/romance novels include Cross-Country Christmas, (2021) Secrets Never Die, (2019) Love on the Line (2019), Awakening Avery (2018), Love on a Limb (2017), Sweet Water (2017), The Dragons of Alsace Farm (2016), and Unspoken (2004), written as Laurie Lewis. Using the pen name L.C. Lewis, she wrote her highly acclaimed WWII drama based on the life of a survivor of the occupation of France, The Letter Carrier (2022), and the five volumes of her award-winning FREE MEN and DREAMERS historical romance series, set against the backdrop of the War of 1812: Dark Sky at Dawn (2007), Twilight’s Last Gleaming (2008), Dawn’s Early Light (2009), Oh, Say Can You See? (2010), and In God is Our Trust, (2011).

Laurie Lewis is a RONE Award Winner (The Dragons of Alsace Farm) and was twice named a New Apple Literary Award winner in 2017 (The Dragons of Alsace Farm), and in 2018, winning New Apple Literary’s Best New Fiction Award (Love on a Limb.) She is also a BRAGG Medallion honoree, A Readers’ Favorite Award Winner, and she was twice named a Whitney Awards and USA Best Books Awards finalist, and The Letter Carrier is currently a nominee for a Whitney and a Readers Favorite Award.

Laurie is currently working on additional books in the Silver Buckle Brides Series and a new Tallie Brown Suspense novel.

Author Interview with Laurie Lewis



The Coin Audiobook by Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra

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The Coin Audiobook by Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra
Genre – Romantic Suspense
Listening Length – 14 hours 6 minutes
Narrated by: Michael S Ables
Cover Designer – Scott Carpenter
When Gabriela Martinez finds a mysterious coin in the French Riviera, she is thrust into a struggle between governments, terrorists, and madmen, all seeking knowledge she doesn’t know she has. Richard Harrison, the intelligence officer assigned to protect her, has all he can do to keep her alive. But, as the psychological games to terrorize Gabriela escalate beyond his control, Richard must find a solution, if not, it may be too late for them both. Set in the exotic French Riviera, The Coin is a story of hatred, betrayal, love and duty—of terrible and painful choices that, nonetheless, bring about personal triumph.


Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra is an award-winning author with a unique point of view: to give her readers and fans thrills and kills, with a twist. Her characters are placed in danger in ingenuous ways while, at the same time, her novels are set in locales across Europe and the United States, reflecting her international upbringing and extensive time as a Cuban exile and global traveler.

The author’s writing career began circa age thirteen with a very juvenile science fiction short story; but the writing bug hit, and she has been writing, in one capacity or another, ever since. She has worked as a professional dancer, singer, journalist, and literature teacher in both the university and middle school levels (and not necessarily in that order) and holds a Masters in English literature. All her novels have received different accolades, including gold, silver, and bronze medals, as well as honorary mentions from respected book award institutions.

Ms. Alonso-Sierra is currently writing full-time and loves to hear from her fans and readers. When not writing, she roams around to discover new places to set her novels.

Author Interview With Maria Elena Alonso-Sierra



Taming Beckett (The Playmakers Series Hockey Romances Book 1) by G.K. Brady

Taming Beckett (The Playmakers Series Hockey Romances Book 1) by G.K. Brady
Genre – Sports Romance
Page Count – 344
Cover Designer – Jenny Quinlan, Historical Editorial

Beckett Miller’s hedonistic lifestyle just got iced. After a high-profile fall from grace over a drug scandal, the aging pro hockey superstar finds himself without a team, dropped from endorsements, and completely broke. Desperate to turn his home into cash, the league’s bad boy is forced to work with a real estate agent with a megawatt smile … and who he’d just made a spectacular fool of himself with. 

Paige Anderson’s sales success hasn’t translated to relationships. With her husband becoming more distant, Paige is pulling out all the stops to keep her marriage together, and the last thing she desires is to have a scandal-plagued playboy athlete as a client. But the high commission she’ll get from the sale seems worth it … especially when he unexpectedly becomes a shoulder to cry on.

Surprised when he develops feelings for the beautiful realtor, Beckett decides it’s time to clean up his act and plan for the future. And though Paige can’t stop thinking about the troubled all-star, she worries he’ll betray her like every other man in her life.

Can this damaged duo put aside their fears and take a slapshot at love?


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Since childhood, all sorts of stories and characters have lived in G.K. Brady’s imagination, elbowing one another for attention. She’s thrilled (as are they) to bring them to life. She loves telling tales of these less-than-perfect heroes and heroines who transform with each turn of a page, while adding healthy helpings of spice and humor along the way.

G.K. is a recovering real estate professional and the proud mom of three grown sons who wholeheartedly support her but never read her novels—which is probably for the best.

When she’s not writing, you might find her reading, listening to music, drinking wine, or chasing rabbits out of her garden … sometimes all at once. She currently resides in Colorado with her own hero: her very patient husband who welcomes her wacky characters to the dinner table with open arms and mind.

Author Interview with G.K. Brady



Snow in Love by Libby Kay

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Snow in Love by Libby Kay
Genre – Holiday, Contemporary Romance
Page Count – 100
Cover Designer – Fantasia Frog Designs

Christmas is Sienna Markum’s favorite time of year. From the tinsel and traditions to the down time with family, all Sienna wants is a break from training. The Paralympics are months away, and she’s set on winning Alpine gold.

Connor Shoemaker has no plans for Christmas, other than train for the Paralympics. A motocross accident took one of his legs – and all of his confidence. Connor doesn’t think anything can get his old mojo back, until he meets Sienna.

Sienna was told her training would be private, but soon, she starts to warm up to her new training partner. Bad boy Connor is more than meets the eye. When her Christmas plans fall through, Sienna finds the best present under the tree – Connor.

But is Sienna willing to balance her training with a shot at love?

Can Connor find his confidence again, off and on the slopes?

Together, these two will learn there is more to life than skiing. And it looks a whole lot like love.

Fans of sports romances like Icebreaker by Hannah Grace, and The Wall of Winnipeg and Me by Mariana Zapata will love the enemies to lovers and forced proximity tropes in Libby Kay’s books. SNOW IN LOVE will have you snuggling up and enjoying hot cocoa by the fire. A perfect cold weather read!


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Libby Kay lives in the city in the heart of the Midwest with her husband. When she’s not writing, Libby loves reading romance novels of any kind. Stories of people falling in love nourish her soul. Contemporary or Regency, sweet or hot, as long as there is a happily ever after – she’s in love!

When not surrounded by books, Libby can be found baking in her kitchen, binging true crime shows, or on the road with her husband, traveling as far as their bank account will allow.

Writing is a solitary job, and Libby loves to hear from readers. Reach out and review her stories anytime. She’d love to hear from you. Libby’s debut novella, “Snow in Love” releases November 22, 2022. Libby’s debut novel, and the first in her Buckeye Falls series, “Falling Home” releases December 20, 2022.

Author Interview with Libby Kay



Reckless Heart (Second Chance Romance Series Book 2) by Jane Suen

Reckless Heart (Second Chance Romance Series Book 2) by Jane Suen
Genre – Sweet Romance
Page Count – 175

Brad left his hometown right after graduation, unable to stay knowing Mary had chosen his friend Jim before he could confess his feelings to her. Since then, he’s worked hard growing and building his construction business. He thought the past was behind him. Now, he’s back in town for her sister’s wedding, and he just wants to make it through the weekend without a fresh dose of heartache. 

On the heels of her break-up with her ex, Mary is ready to embrace her own sexy independence. What better way than with her grade-school crush? Gone is the lanky, shy Brad she knew in school, replaced by a gorgeous, confident man… who seems hesitant to get to know her again. 

Thanks to their matchmaking friend, they’re forced to face the painful misunderstandings from their teenage years. Will the secret crushes they once had give them the second chance at romance they both crave?


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Jane Suen is an award-winning author who writes mysteries, sci-fi thrillers, short stories, sweet

romance, and crime fiction. 



Kamana Wanalaya by Susan Renee

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Kamana Wanalaya by Susan Renee
Genre – Holiday, Contemporary Romance
Page Count – 275
Cover Designer – Jack’d Up Covers

What could be more fun than spending a week in Hawaii right before the holidays?

I’ll tell you.

Inviting the grumpiest stranger I’ve never met to join me.

She is Tenley Shay, the voice behind TJ ON PAR, a podcast for Practical Adult Relationships, who spends her days touting her disapproval of love and the practicality of remaining a single-bell for life.

When I, as my Love Guru persona, publish an article about spending a week at a couple’s retreat at my favorite Hawaiian resort, she’s quick to pass on her cynicism. So, I’m calling her bluff and inviting her on an all-expense paid trip to the Kamana Wanalaya Resort for a little R&R before the holidays.

If I can’t get her to fall in love, I’ll donate to her podcast.

But once we finally meet and are coupled together for the week, I find myself attracted to her feisty antics and her twisted sense of humor. Now I think I might be in way over my head.

Can I really ask the world’s biggest relationship cynic to risk everything, forget about her thoughts on love and take a real chance, with me?


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Susan Renee wants to live in a world where paint doesn’t smell, Hogwarts is open twenty-four/seven, and everything is covered in glitter. An indie romance author, Susan has written about everything from tacos to tow-trucks, loves writing romantic comedies but also enjoys creating an emotional angsty story from time to time. She lives in Ohio with her husband, kids, two dogs and a cat. Susan holds a Bachelor and Masters Degree in Music Education and a self-awarded Doctorate in Sass and Sarcasm. She enjoys laughing at memes, speaking in GIFs and spending an entire day jumping down the TikTok rabbit hole. When she’s not writing or playing the role of Mom, her favorite activity is doing the Care Bear stare with her closest friends.

Author Interview with Susan Renee



Malayeka (Heartstrings Book 3) by Brooke May

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Malayeka (Heartstrings Book 3) by Brooke May
Genre – Clean Romance
Page Count – 184
Cover Designer – Dark Water Covers

Being graced by a cupid is supposed to mean good luck in your love life.

Sadly, that can’t be said for a family who was helped by Malayeka two centuries ago that has affected the clans involved all the way to the present day.

Always willing to look on the bright side and snag a good cookie, Malayeka is always eager to help the humans she’s assigned to.

That is, until she is reunited with the Reids and the Thomsons, two feuding families who she’s determined to make it work out this time around.

Shotgun wielding grandpas and families dividing a town quite literally in two, are just a couple of issues she comes face-to-face with.

Are Billie and Leo destined to repeat history? Will their love be ill-fated like certain dramas? Or can they lead the way to a change that is much needed in their world fogged with hatred?

This is Mala’s chance at redemption.


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Brooke spent a great deal of her childhood and even well into her adulthood in her imagination and creating different stories. With an overactive imagination life has been truly entertaining.

A mother of two wild and reckless boys and a wife; Brooke keeps busy year round doing things with her pups and family. When she isn’t writing, can usually be spotted walking somewhere in town, at the library with her youngest, or up in the mountains four-wheeling, hiking, fishing, and some hunting. A notebook and camera are never far from her side when she is out on her adventures with her family.

She loves hearing from readers and anyone who feels like talking. Feel free to pay her a visit whenever.

Author Interview with Brooke May



Raine Down (The Shadow Guardians Book 1) by CB Samet

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Raine Down (The Shadow Guardians Book 1) by CB Samet
Genre – Supernatural, Romantic Suspense
Page Count – 300
Cover Designer – Mibl Art

Raine Thoren became a Shadow Guardian to protect non-magical humans from threats they aren’t even aware of. But the latest killer on the loose has stealth and power unlike any adversary she’s faced. She won’t be able to bring this one down alone.

FBI Special Agent Will Decker prefers to work by himself. When a mysterious woman saves his life, she’s suddenly assigned to work with him in his quest to track an elusive killer. The more he learns about his new partner, Raine, and what demons lurk in shadows, the more fantasy becomes reality.

If they’re going to stop the demon and unravel prophecies of the future, they’ll need to work as a team and unlock each others’ hearts and untapped powers.

***Raine Down is the captivating first book in The Shadow Guardians urban fantasy romantic suspense series. If you like engaging characters, sizzling tension, and magic, then you’ll love this series.***


Click here to view the Book Trailer for Raine Down (The Shadow Guardians Book 1) by CB Samet

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Christina is a four-time award winning author in thriller, romantic suspense, and fantasy.

She is a mother of two energetic boys and a Jack Russel Terrier. She writes action and adventure in fantasy and romantic​ suspense genres with strong female leads. She completed The Avant Champion epic fantasy series at over 450,000 words. Her urban fantasy trilogy, The Shadow Guardians, is nearly complete. The Rider Files, a modern romantic suspense series, has 7 books so far, and she’s plotting and writing books 8 and 9.

​“I grew up reading Tom Clancy, Michael Crichton, and the Bourne books. I write seeking to create that level of action and intrigue but with female heroines. I love the quote, ‘She needed a hero. So she became one.’ My novels have empowered women overcoming powerful obstacles and the strong men who support them.

Author Interview with CB Samet