A Miracle In Muffin: A True Story by Darlene Duemo

Bookbub – A Miracle In Muffin: A True Story by Darlene Duemo

A lost pet. The coldest part of winter. Will a wonderful gift come from above?
Darlene was so sad. Frantic when her little white cat ran out of the house and disappeared into the snow, the unhappy mom and her daughter searched and searched for their beloved Muffin. And she had losing hope as the freezing night turned into days and weeks without even a glimpse…
Remembering a familiar church she passed every Sunday, Darlene decided to visit one morning while looking for an answer from God. And she was astonished by what she found.
Would she discover that His grace is real?
In this engaging story aimed at little ones, Darlene Duemo shares her amazing true-life introduction to God as a joyful lesson about our Heavenly Father. And with gentle rhymes and beautiful illustrations, she captivates all ages with her glorious message.
A Miracle In Muffin is an inspirational and heartfelt Christian children’s book that makes a wonderful bedtime story. If you like stories of faith, helping turn young hearts to the Lord, and happy endings, then you and your child will adore Darlene Duemo’s true testimony.



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Darlene Duemo wants nothing more than to help children discover God’s Unconditional, Saving, Extravagant Love. By opening their hearts to the Savior Jesus Christ, she’s fulfilling her calling. She’s prompted by the Holy Spirit; when He speaks, she listens, penning stories for children that show the glory of God. As an accounting technician turned writer, she’s found her true joy—teaching children the love of the Lord—and works hard to achieve her dreams.

As a single mother of an adult daughter, Darlene’s life has been fraught with challenges, but her faith in the Lord remains unshaken. She knows in her heart of hears that God has a plan for each and every one of us, and He has remarkable thing sin store. As long as she’s inspired by Him, she’ll continue to write books for children on the Word of God. She currently resides in Dauphin, Manitoba with her Boston Terrier, Daisy, who is a beacon of light for everyone who meets her.

Author Interview with Darlene Duemo



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