Stalked by the Devil (To Kiss a Stalker Series) by Stacy-Deanne

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Stalked by the Devil (To Kiss a Stalker Series) by Stacy-Deanne
Genre – Romantic Suspense, Black Literature, African American, BWWM
Cover Designer – Stacy-Deanne

Closeup of white satin fabric as background

Fear is the name of his game.

Nothing’s going right in Melody Carter’s life right now. She’s broke, unemployed, and living in the shadow of her successful fashion-model sister Sahara. But that ain’t even the half of Melody’s problems, the biggest one is Keith Taylor, Sahara’s new boyfriend who’s slowly worming his way into the sisters’ lives.

Keith’s perfect to everyone else: successful, gorgeous, and at 35 he’s the co-CEO of his family’s billion-dollar company. But Melody feels she has every reason to hate him from his arrogance, his controlling ways, and how every woman he’s had a relationship with seems to disappear.

While everyone else seems blinded by the silver-tongued bachelor, Melody will do anything in her power to prove that Keith is the devil himself.

Tropes: Billionaire, stalking, interracial, love triangle, office romance, first love, second-chance, opposites attract


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Born and raised in Houston, Texas, Stacy-Deanne (Dee-Anne) is an award-winning author of romantic suspense, contemporary romance, thrillers and women’s fiction books featuring BWWM pairings. Her books have been bestsellers in stores worldwide including Amazon, Apple, and Barnes and Noble. Her work has been praised and reviewed in USA Today numerously. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree and is a 2011 and 2012 African-American Literary Award Nominee. She also is a winner of the Swirl Award (an award dedicated to authors of multicultural/interracial works).

Stacy is known for bringing versatile stories to her readers. With her, you never know what you’re gonna get, which separates Stacy’s work from the pack.



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