Burning Britely by Deidre Huesmann – Review by Liz Vrchota

Burning BritelyBurning Britely by Deidre Huesmann
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Burning Britely by Deidre Huesmann was the first time I had read anything from Huesmann and I truly enjoyed the novel. It was a short, yet jam-packed, novel. I would definitely recommend it to those that are looking for a coming of age story to share with their teens or tweens that are questioning their place in the world. It really resounds with that part of all of us as humans that always fight that slight struggle to figure out where we fit amongst the crowd we are floating among at the time. My daughter is currently eleven years old and I would say that she would be able to read and enjoy this in a year or two from now. I would recommend this as one of those conversation starter books, or book club books to read with your tween/teen clubs.

In this story we find out all about Jeff, who turns out to be the social outcast of the high school. He is the awkward one without a clique to fall into. When he is assigned to tutor the star athlete of the school, Braeden, he knows this will lead to nowhere good. Everyone loves Braeden and Braeden loves everyone. What neither expect is for a friendship to blossom between them. Even more shocking Jeff begins to develop romantic feelings for Braeden. In fact, he has fallen in love with Braeden Britely.

The emotions! Holy cow are they ever flowing in this book! I was up and then down, and it was a non-stop ride from beginning to end with this book. I loved how this was relatable at thirty-three just as much as I could see it being relatable to a younger adult. This is the stuff we need to be out there discussing with our children. Talking about and bringing to the forefront, making it normal and ok to be open about. These are feelings that happen to people every day. Thank you Deidre Huesmann for bringing them to life and making them approachable. We need more books like this. I can’t wait to see what else is out there from you and what else you have to come.

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