Charlotte (Dr. Richard’s Littles Series Book #7) by Pepper North – Review by Angela Hayes

4 Stars


Charlotte is the seventh book in the Dr. Richard’s Littles series by Pepper North. I will admit that this book isn’t something that I would normally read, but it showed up on my feed and curiosity got the better of me. This is part of a series that focuses on characters in the ‘littles’ community, those that ‘age play’ and immerse themselves in that lifestyle. Age play is where an adult chooses to live their life as an infant, a toddler, a child, or a teenager- and have another adult as their care giver, playing the part of their mother or father. This book/series also explores the reasons why someone might choose to become a little or a caregiver. Because this is my first read from this author I can’t say what the other books in the series are about, but this book contained romance, some drama, kink, and graphic/erotic sex scenes.

Charlotte is a college graduate of interior design, but has struggled to find work in her field. Things are getting desperate and she really needs to find a job- this leads her to a cashier’s position at Gordon’s (a store that caters to the Littles community)- where she meets Benton and a whole ‘new’ world opens up before her.

I loved meeting Charlotte and Benton- this is definitely a character driven plot- that has a sweet story as well. Although not my usual fare, I am happy I kept an open mind and explored the Littles world. I would definitely read another of Ms. North’s books again, she writes really well- and there are over 20 in this series to choose from.

A quick and easy read!


Thank you, Ms. North!

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