Back In the Ring (The Predator Series Book #4) by Brooke May – Review by Angela Hayes

Back in the RingBack in the Ring by Brooke May
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Back In the Ring is the fourth book in The Predator Series by Brooke May. It is a wonderful second chance romance, with lots of emotion, new beginnings, a little drama, superb characters, and lots of sizzle. It is the fourth book in a series of standalones- but having said that there are recurring characters who have had their own book/s previously, who also make appearances in this book (and each others). They really are worth getting to know, too. You don’t need to have read the other three books before starting this one, but they are great stories in their own right and do help to build a bigger picture for you.
Bijou Augustine is a widow who lives in a small town with her 12 year old daughter. With the downturn of the economy she has been struggling to keep her youth centre afloat. It was her late husband’s dream, and his legacy- so she’s determined to do everything she can to keep it running. She begins a fundraising campaign to find donations that will help keep the doors open. The centre desperately needs some repairs and is at the top of her list of priorities. When her best friend’s new neighbour turns out to be a handyman, things start to get interesting.
Noah Stone lost his wife a year earlier, leaving him a single father to his two and a half year old son. He is a broken man, with secrets that will soon come into play. He is a great father, and a caring man. But he has pushed people away and taken a step back from the world. So, is he really ready to move on? What happens when secrets are revealed? Will it bring them closer or drive them apart for good?
I really enjoyed this story. The characters are really well developed, interesting, and endearing- Claire and Holder were a great addition to the story. They helped to bring a realism and believability to the story- as well as some cuteness. And everyone needs a friend like Mara- she was hilarious.
Looking forward to seeing what Ms. May does next.

Thank you, Ms. May!


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Knights Who Won My Heart (Knights Series Book #4) by Sonya Jesus – Review by Angela Hayes

Knights Who Won My Heart (Knights, #4)Knights Who Won My Heart by Sonya Jesus
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Knights Who Won My Heart is the fourth and final instalment in the Knights series by Sonya Jesus- and what a ride it has been! Ms. Jesus certainly brought her “A” game and left the best till last. I have loved this series and the characters, right from the beginning- and what a journey it has been. The whole way, Ms. Jesus kept the intensity dialed up to ‘high’- pulling me in and keeping me clambering for more. This story is a continuation from the previous three books, so if you haven’t read them, I highly recommend that you do- because you need all that information to fully appreciate and understand the events, character motivations, and developments in this book. After the events in the previous book, and the way it ended, I was on tenterhooks to find out what would happen! This book took the story, characters, suspense, intrigue, and intensity…. and ramped it up several notches. Right from the beginning, my head was spinning with possibilities, as well as many questions that I needed the answers to. Ms. Jesus has infused her story with so much mystery, danger, drama, angst, violence, sinister intent, schemes, the creepy factor, obsession, intrigue, romance, and much, much more. I have really enjoyed the series so far, but this book is definitely my pick of the bunch, by far!
As I discovered in the last book/s and again in this one- the author has a strong, detailed and descriptive style- she’s able to easily build the intensity and tension in her storyline by manoeuvring the plot to suit any and every situation. The clever way she manipulated the events is quite masterful. She created lots of intrigue and excitement- building the anticipation to an all-time high- and kept me guessing the whole way through. I was flipping the pages, immersed in the story and trying to figure out what I would find on every page, or around the next corner.
What a way to finish this fantastic series! I will definitely be reading the spin off series, “The Soccer Gods”, which is coming soon. I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us!

Thank you, Ms. Jesus!


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Age of Saints (Druid’s Brooch Series Book #7) by Christy Nicholas – Review by Angela Hayes

Age of Saints (Druid's Brooch #7)Age of Saints by Christy Nicholas
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Age of Saints is the seventh book in the Druid’s Brooch Series by Christy Nicholas. This book takes us further back in the sequence of events, giving us a new perspective on some of the characters, events, magic, and that has driven this story/series. It is primarily an historical fantasy- with paranormal elements, drama, adventure, action, romance, magic, family, duty/responsibility, bonds, and so much more. This book has an M/M romance too, which sets it apart from others in the series.
This story has its own unique identity, but also ‘fits’ wonderfully well with its companions in the collection. As with all the other books in this series, I really love all the attention to detail and the vividly descriptive storytelling that Ms. Nicholas excels at- it brings her stories to life and makes them very realistic, believable, and entirely captivating- and she always delivers a really well written tale. Each book in the series is fascinating on its own, but then you begin to realise that each one contributes a fragment in a bigger picture that is being revealed. Each book draws you in and gets you wondering right from the start. Superb!
The character/s are complex, fully realised individuals who are so cleverly crafted- with interesting and likeable (or detestable natures)- as the author is easily able to sway you one way or another.
I can’t wait to continue this series!

Thank you, Ms. Nicholas!


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The Protector: MAC (Cover Six Security, Book 1) by Lisa B. Kamps – Review by Angela Hayes

The Protector: MACThe Protector: MAC by Lisa B. Kamps
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


The Protector: MAC is the first book in the Cover Six Security series by Lisa B. Kamps. This book follows on from Covered By A Kiss, A Cover Six Security Novella. Even though you could read this book as a standalone, I recommend reading the novella as it is where a lot of the characters backstories are shared, and where their story ‘begins’- although we originally meet them in The Chesapeake Blades Series (I think it’s in Loving Hard- Book #2). So, I guess this is a bit of a spin-off from that series.
Without giving too much away, I can divulge that Gordon MacGregor (Mac) is ex-military who is now working at Cover Six Security, specializing in dark-ops private security. He left the military under a bit of a cloud, which has left him feeling disappointed by the whole experience. He is badly scarred, physically and emotionally- and has a lot of inner turmoil. When he met Tabitha (TR), he was completely bowled over by her- and she seemed to see beyond his outer appearance. This is a woman he could fall hard for. But, instead of drawing her closer, her pushes her away.
TR is a reporter who’s having a bit of an unlucky time lately. She just seems to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. But Mac seems to think there might be more to it . He’s sure there is a real threat to her safety and is determined to do everything he can to protect her. Has the story she’s been working on drawn attention her way and put a target on her back? What lengths will Mac go to in order to protect her? Will he let down his defences and take a chance on love? With a powerful adversary intent on destroying her/them, there is a lot of intensity and suspense that will keep you flipping the pages to discover what happens. Will TR and Mac make it through unscathed, or will their deranged and powerful enemy win out in the end? You really should read all the thrilling details for yourself- you are sure to love it as much as I have! This is definitely my favourite story of Ms. Kamps, so far.
The story has so much emotion, suspense, intrigue, action, drama, romance, revenge, hidden agendas, deception, secrets, lies, risks, chemistry, sizzle- and with such superb characters you won’t want to put the book down until you have read every single word!! I can’t wait to read the rest of the series now!!! Bring on Book #2!!

Thank you, Ms. Kamps!


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Lost in Love (The Miss Apple Pants Series Book #2) by Charlotte Roth – Review by Angela Hayes

Lost in Love: Miss Apple Pants (#2)Lost in Love: Miss Apple Pants by Charlotte Roth
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Lost in Love is the second book in the Miss Apple Pants series by Charlotte Roth. This is a really great story- with quirky characters, adventure, romance, charm, emotion, humour, friendship, family, drama, a sprinkle of mystery, and more.
We met Ella in the first book, but she’s grown up a lot since then. A lot has happened to get her to this point. She’s still trying to ‘find herself’ and there are few big decisions to be made as we follow her through this story. I really love Ella- she’s strong, kind, beautiful, and a little off-beat. I really enjoyed reading this book and loved the contrast from the first book.
This is a heart-warming and very enjoyable read, highly recommended!

Thank you, Ms. Roth!

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Terror in Boring Town (A Sam and Rex Adventure Book #1) by Hoot N. Holler – Review by Angela Hayes

Terror in Boring Town (A Sam and Rex Adventure, #1)Terror in Boring Town by Hoot N. Holler
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Terror in Boring Town is a fantastic children’s chapter book, aimed at children 9 -12 years old. It is a mystery/adventure, with humour, danger, a little drama, and is lots of fun.
We meet Sam Snead and Rex Coak, who have just begun their summer vacation. Sam is dreading the long summer break, because there isn’t ever anything to do in their Boring home town. Nothing interesting every happened. Rex on the other hand, is the more upbeat and optimistic of the two. He sees adventure in the simplest of things- a boy with a vivid imagination and a curious nature, he loved making up stories which usually involved seeing spies and/or criminals on the run where ever he went.
When they see a strange truck parked at the post office one day, Rex is convinced something sinister is afoot- but Sam thinks Rex is just being Rex. But, soon, he is convinced as well, and the boys try to warn the adults. But with a reputation for wild stories, the adults are sceptical- and so the boys set out on their own ‘investigation’ to get to the bottom of it all. Is there really something sinister going on, or is this just another case of an overactive imagination? What do they uncover? This story is well worth the read to find out.
I read this story with my nephews aged 8 and 11. They loved the fact that it was an adventure with some mystery to it. The boys rarely stay still for anything, but when we were reading the book they were following along attentively, there was no fidgeting or restlessness at all- they were completely captivated, and I could tell that they were enjoying the book (just as much as I was). We read it a few chapters at a time and got through it easily over the weekend. The boys and I were sad when it finished because we didn’t want the experience to end- but we were happy at the way the author wrapped up the story. They can’t wait to read the next book, together.
The story that the author has produced is quite original. It is really written, with age appropriate language, humour, and drama. There’s funny banter, quips, and antics- and enough drama and suspense to keep you turning the pages to find out what happens. It definitely kept the boys guessing, too. We also thought it would make a great (family) movie. The characters were all wonderfully crafted- they were realistic and believable. We loved the names given to the characters, it gave an added element of interest and humour. For example, Daisy Whoopsy, Les Gross, and Postmaster Boring.
I highly recommend this for any adventure/mystery loving middle-school age child- or child at heart 😊…. You won’t be disappointed!
The next book is called “The Christmas Bandit” (Book #2)- coming soon.

Thank you, Hoot N. Holler!


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Home Is Where the Heart Is (The Wilder Sister Series Books 1-5) by Melissa Keir – Review by Angela Hayes

Home Is Where the Heart Is: The Wilder SistersHome Is Where the Heart Is: The Wilder Sisters by Melissa Keir
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Home Is Where the Heart Is contains all five books in The Wilder Sisters Series by Melissa Keir. These five novella length stories each focus on one of the Wilder Sisters, they are contemporary romances that range in content from second chance/friends to lovers, finding love with a summer fling, a Christmas Miracle, a wounded warrior romance, and even a bit of a romantic suspense. They all have that wonderful small-town romance feel to them, which gives them added charm. There is also some drama, fun, and spice that made this quite an engaging read. From the lovely cover, to the interesting and somewhat quirky characters, these sweet stories tick all the boxes and have everything you would want in a great read. Ms. Keir has a warm, easy, and inviting style that pulls you in, and easily holds your attention, the whole way through.

The stories are:


Forever Love (Book #1):
Syndie Wilder (Syn) and Thom Johnson (TJ) were childhood best friends and then high school sweethearts, until heartache caused Syn to flee for the big city. Now, 15 years later, Syn has come home to care for ailing father. A walk on the beach brings her face to face the man who broke her heart all those years ago. Their chemistry is definitely still there, and TJ is determined to prove they belong together. But can she trust her heart to him a second time? This is a very quick, easy, sweet, and romantic story about second chances and finding Forever Love.


Beach Desires (Book #2):
Stacey Wilder and Mandy Kenzie meet unexpectedly on vacation. The attraction is instant and intense. But they both have issues about their sexuality that come into play. What happens when Stacey’s ex turns up out of the blue? Will it put a stop to the budding relationship? If they decide to give their love a chance, will their long-distance relationship survive? This F/F romance is another sweet, erotic and interesting addition to the series.


A Christmas Accident (Book #3):
The tale Sherri Wilder-Davidson and her husband Adam (Davidson) are expecting a baby. They are so in love and can’t wait for their child to be born. With Christmas around the corner, Sherri is determined to spend it with her ailing father. Christmas has always been special to Sherri and Adam, and family is important to Sherri, especially now that the baby is due. But everything is put on hold when an accident puts her love, and their future in jeopardy. All she can do is pray for a Christmas miracle. Will her prayers be answered? This is the most emotional and touching story of the series. Even though this is such a short story, there is nothing lacking in the contents- as it packs quite an emotional punch. There are heart-wrenching moments, as well as touching and tender scenes. The thread of hope, faith, power of love, life & death, and miracles really sets this story apart. My favourite of the series for sure. Make sure you have tissues on hand for this one!


Coming Home (Book #4):

Shevonne Wilder has returned home after serving in Afghanistan. She is battle-scarred in more ways than one- after her injuries left her in the dark. Jackson Gambish has a bit of a player reputation, and thought all he wanted was a fling. But now he just wants her.
When Shevonne’s father goes missing, these two are thrown together and will need to rely on each other through it all. Will fate give them a chance at love, or will their insecurities, issues and the stress of the situation destroy their budding relationship?
This was a very quick, easy and engrossing story. It did feel a little rushed at times. But that didn’t detract from my enjoyment of it.


Holiday Homecoming (Book #5):

Sheryl Wilder returns to Amherst, bringing danger and suspense with her. She’s had a difficult time- but hasn’t confided in her family. When she meets Tanner Watts, a single father, things finally look brighter for them both. But danger isn’t far away and puts their blossoming romance to the test. Will they, and their love survive? This was the most suspenseful of the series, and I loved that about it. A worthy addition to the series, for sure. Well worth the read!



This book contains some sweet romances, great chemistry, emotion, tight-knit family bonds, fun, funny banter, and soooo much more. The stories are short enough that you can easily read one, or all, in a single sitting. I was laid low with the flu and this book was easy for my muddled mind to read and enjoy. I didn’t have to concentrate or think too hard- but the emotional content, romance and storylines all pulled me in.
Now I can’t wait to pick up my next read by Ms. Keir- I know I will be in good hands!

Thank you, Ms Keir!


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Immortal Desires Anthology by Various Authors – Review by Angela Hayes

Immortal DesiresImmortal Desires by Melanie James
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Stars

Immortal Desires is a spellbinding anthology from some brilliant authors. There are 19 stories that make up this wonderful collection, from nineteen incredibly talented authors. This is a charity anthology, so not only will you be getting some fantastic reading- but will be supporting charity in the process!
All the stories have a paranormal/supernatural theme- but each one is unique and original- and the variety is mind-boggling. From vampires to dragons, shifters to witches, and even ghosts. There is plenty of sizzle, laughs, emotion, sexy characters, intriguing stories…. and so much more.
I loved that there were stories in here from authors I know and love- such as Jennifer Theriot, Melanie James, Lia Davis, A.K Michaels, Nicole Garcia, Cora A. Murray, and Christina Escue… But there are a heap of stories by ‘new-to-me authors whose work I got to explore and enjoy- and now I have even more authors to add to my TBR. WIN-WIN!
If you are like me and love a walk on the paranormal side- then you will want to read this book! Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!
The Anthology contains:

Conjuring Darkness (Darkness Series Book #1)
By: Melanie James

Artemis’s Hunt (Sons of War Novella)
By: Lia Davis

The Dragon and the Vampire (Supernatural Enforcement Bureau Series Book #1)
By: A.K Michaels

His Dream Mate
By: Madison Sevier

Alpha Undercover (Big Bad Wolf Security)
By: Heather Hildenbrand (Holly Eastman)

Sea Dragon’s Hunger (A Fada Shapeshifter Story: Book #4.5)
By: Rebecca Rivard

By: Bella Roccaforte

The Fifth Moon’s Wolf (The Fifth Moon’s Tales Series Book #1)
BY: Monica LaPorta

Flirty Dancing (The Green Room Chronicles Book #3)
By: Jennifer Theriot (J.D Frettier)

Wet Kisses: Pisces (The Sectorium Series Book #5)
By: Susan Griscom

Spell Hell: An Undercover Witch (Witches Brew Series Book #1)
By: N.L Hoffmann

Zane (Flames of Vampire Passion Series Book #1)
By: Elaine Barris

For Haven’s Sake
By: Nicole Garcia

Vengeance Marked (The Alyx Rayer Chronicles Book #1)
By: S.J Pierce

By: C.J Hartnett

On The Run (A Sinister Elixir Novella)
By: Casey Hagen

Alpha at Home (Brothers of the Heart Series Book #1)
By: D.J Bryce

The Dark Delta (Dark Brothers Trilogy Book #3)
By: Cora A. Murray

Karma’s Vengeance
By: Christina Escue

Thank you to all the contributing authors!!!


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Hazed (The Hazed Series Book #1) by Brittany Butler – Review by Angela Hayes

Hazed (The Hazed Series Book 1)Hazed by Brittany Butler
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Hazed is the first book in the Hazed & Unfazed Series by Brittany Butler. This is based on a true story- with elements of college romance, opposites attract, drawn to the bad boy, secrets, lies, obsession, and addiction, all playing a part in this interesting book.
Taylor Thompson thought college would bring her the freedom she desperately wanted, by getting her away from her incredibly strict father and the small town she called home. Getting a job as a waitress, introduces her to Hayze Clark, the sexy, tattooed, bad-boy bartender- who turns her world upside down. What follows can be hard to read at times- it’s intense and confronting.
The characters were really well developed, but I just couldn’t connect with them like I would have liked to. It did hold my attention though, right through till the end- and the story is set to continue in the next book. I will definitely be reading the rest of the series to find out how everything plays out.
Unfazed (Book #2) and Ruined (Book #3) are both available now, so there is no waiting to be able to continue the story.

Thank you, Ms. Butler!


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Fortitude by Carrie Dalby – Review by Angela Hayes

FortitudeFortitude by Carrie Dalby
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Fortitude is a superb story by Carrie Dalby. This is historical fiction at its best, something I have come to expect from Ms. Dalby. There is friendship, danger, romance, racism, secret love, intolerance, acceptance, drama, secrets, emotion, honour, and is a social and political snapshot of the times.
The story is set during the Spanish-American War, with Buffalo soldiers, the Jim Crow (segregation) laws, forbidden love, and the hardships, violence, and intolerance of the times. We follow Claire O’Farrell on her journey- with a Creole as her best friend and an idealistic nature, her choices in life conflict with the views of society at the time. Claire is strong, brave, strong, and full of faith- even when it puts her in danger. There were some sweet scenes, as well as more heart-wrenching, emotive, intense and chilling moments- which all served to kept me flipping the pages to find out what would happen. The story was definitely thought-provoking!
I love the way Ms. Dalby is able to build vivid images with her words, bringing her story and characters to life and allowing us, the readers to fully immerse ourselves in the story. Her attention to detail is brilliant!
The characters were really well crafted- given their own complex personalities that gave them believability. I always enjoy anything historical, if it’s done well- which this book certainly was!
Looking forward to more from Ms. Dalby.

Thank you, Ms. Dalby!

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