Self Love by T.L. Clark – Review by Sarah Oakes

Self LoveSelf Love by T.L. Clark
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A great read about finding yourself. Molly is a florist struggling to find love. After a fiasco booking at a wedding and its events after with an old work colleague, she decides to focus on herself. As her florist business grows, she decides to lose some weight to find love and rediscovers herself along the way. But will she find love and happiness in the end?
A great read. Well developed plot with twists and turns. Well developed characters like Molly going after what she wants despite the criticism of others or Wendy as a caring friend trying to help others. Molly’s struggles with being tired of being alone and her weight and finding love were beautifully written and relatable.
I loved the visual detail throughout the novel with the colourful flowers or the interior details of Molly’s house full of details or the wedding scenes full of people and life but also claustrophobic at the same time. The first person narration helped to display Molly’s thoughts and feelings.The only issue I would raise is that the narration broke the fourth wall and felt more like a blog post than a novel If this was addressing the audience was reduced, it would be five stars. Overall, a great read and I would give it four stars.

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