Venganza: The Fuentes Legacy by Greta Cribbs – Review By Chantelle Smith

Venganza: The Fuentes LegacyVenganza: The Fuentes Legacy by Greta Cribbs
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Venganza is the prequel to Primogénito. Once again this author has pulled out all the stops again to make this read an even better than the last, and just as captivating. I found I just couldn’t put the book down, I read it one sitting and found myself completely and utterly drawn in to what was happening with the characters, this gave us a better insight into Damien and his story, as well as part of Damien & Jenn’s story, but more than that the whole general storyline of all involved was just as captivating in this read than in Primogénito.
This book was thrilling, suspenseful, dark, mysterious, emotional, heart-breaking and shocking.
This book was filled with twists and turns that you never expected, that left you on the edge of your seat, wanting to know what was going to happen, but it also left you reeling after what you were reading.

This was an incredibly gripping, mysterious and suspenseful read that I’m glad I got the chance to experience and will look forward to seeing what else this author can bring.

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