Full Glasses and Burju Shoes by Blake Blessing – Review by Jana Teppih

Full Glasses and Burju ShoesFull Glasses and Burju Shoes by Blake Blessing
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Full Glasses and Burju Shoes is a heart-breaking story by Blake Blessing. It was my first read by this writer and I know it will not be last. The story put us on the front seat of pulling us into what it means to come back into the civilian life after having been in military, what it means to the families and loved ones …
Full Glasses and Burju Shoes is the story of Perrin Michaels and Emiliano “Emil” Espocito. Perrin is young and living her life with glasses full so that she can try to leave her demons behind … Emil is a war veteran suffering from PTSD and finding it hard to adjust to civilian life and finding purpose … They seem so different and it becomes real clear later into the story how young Perrin really is compared to Emil. On the surface they should not work, they should not be able to find anything common but when you dig deeper and the more the story unfolds you actually realize that they balance each other out … the differences actually are the ones pulling them together …
The writer has given us a story that will haunt us for a while … it is a story that shows us that we can find light in the darkness when you lean on each other … she makes us cry and laugh and rage and hate and love and look at our lives and reminds us to be grateful for what we have!

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