Reign (The Larussio Legacy Book 3) by Via Mari – Review by Jana Teppih

Reign The Larussio LegacyReign The Larussio Legacy by Via Mari
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Reign is the third book in Via Mari’s Larussio Legacy series. I think I have read everything she has written and I love how her different universes co-exist and that we meet up with old ‘friends’ again and again. Reign is the next step in Gio and Serena’s story! Via piles on the suspense and danger mixed with passion and steamy romance! She has such a way with painting the picture so that at times you bite your nails and need a fan to cool yourself off! Serena is as independent as ever and deep in love with Gio. Gio as dominant as one can get and over his head in love with her and he is determined to keep her safe! I wonder what comes next as you can just see so much that still needs to be told!

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VANISHING DAY (A Logan McKenna Mystery Book 4) by Valerie Davisson – Review by Jana Teppih

Vanishing Day: Logan Book 4 (The Logan McKenna Series)Vanishing Day: Logan Book 4 by Valerie Davisson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Vanishing Day is the fourth book in Valerie Davisson’s Logan McKenna series. You probably could read it as a standalone as there are enough references so you would be able to follow the underlying storyline but I would suggest you start from the beginning!
This time, it gets very dicey! Logan gets on the way of an abusive husband of her young next door neighbour Lori who has escaped him with her little daughter and as she knows what he is capable of then she has information that she uses for leverage… In this story the writer is excellently addressing the sensitive issue of domestic/spousal abuse and if you are even slightly familiar with it then you know that it is not as ‘easy’ as Lori might hope thinking that this information might keep her and her daughter safe … There are twists and turns and at times you are gripping the edge of your seat and then … finally … you get to the end and release a sigh!
In addition to the main story line, Valerie gives us further insight into Logan’s relationship with her boyfriend Ben and their circle of friends. As always, we get the beautiful detailed descriptions of Oregon coast so you can simply close your eyes and picture it (for me, I felt like I was back there …). I wonder what ends up next on Logan’s plate.

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THE PATIENCE OF KARMA (A Madeline Dawkins Mystery #5) by Cynthia Hamilton – Review by Jana Teppih

The Patience of KarmaThe Patience of Karma by Cynthia Hamilton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Patience of Karma is the fifth book in Cynthia Hamilton’s Madeline Dawkins’ series and like every other book in the series it can be read as a standalone. My suggestion though is to read the series in the order as you will learn more about Madeline and her partner Mike with every book and every book builds upon the previous one when it comes to their story …
In The Patience of Karma we will have two cases that the team takes upon themselves to solve – one with an uncle looking for his presumed dead nephew as his niece needs a kidney transplant and he is their last hope; the other case seems to be open shut case of cheating but nothing is ever as it seems … the closer they get to solving the cases, the more surprises we encounter, the more invested we get in the outcome … add this Mike and his past that comes knocking and we have a story that throws a punch!

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Self Made (Freshwater BOOK 2) by Belinda Williams – Review by Jana Teppih

Self Made (Freshwater Book 2)Self Made by Belinda Williams
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Welcome back to the beachside Sydney in Belinda William’ Self Made that is the second book in her Freshwater series! It is a quick read that takes you down under and I have to say, there is something about those Aussie writers and their stories … We are getting Jessica Binks, the online fitness brand guru, and Ant Monticello, comedian and co-host of an evening current affairs show this time around. SHE has to get HIM into ripped with three months and obviously it all takes place under the eyes of the whole country … Belinda takes us on a ride filled with chemistry and laughter … you will root for both of them while wondering along with Jessica whether Ant really should change and what will happen when Ant stops trying to be the man he thinks Jessica wants him to be? There are also a number of other supporting characters that make the story even more enjoyable! I cannot wait to see who gets their turn next …

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Secure Heart (Chase Security Series #3) by R.L. Dunn – Review by Jana Teppih

Secure Heart (Chase Security Series Book 3)Secure Heart by R.L. Dunn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Secure Heart is the third book in R.L. Dunn’s Chase Security Series and I was absolutely delighted to discover that it was about Julian that I got so intrigued by in the previous book! He is the embodiment of his call name “Smooth” and I can only imagine the pressure that comes with that and I absolutely admired how he carried it. I was also delighted to get to San Diego branch of Chase Security (the one missing now is the New York branch and I hope that we will get there soon with Tighe and Lissa!) and meeting the crew there!
In the center of the story is Holly D and her four-year-old daughter Sadie and when two broken people meet and the stars align, magic happens … the pain that Holly carries, the pain that Julia carries, the maturity that the four year old Sadie expresses … it has been a while since I cried as much as I did when reading Secure Heart …
The human depravity is something that the writer excels at writing about, the feeling of reality that it evokes and the pain we feel when we read the stories … I bow my head to her talent and I hope that she will keep the stories coming our way!

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Pharaoh’s Forgery (Karina Cardinal Mysteries Book 4) by Ellen Butler – Review by Jana Teppih

Pharaoh's Forgery (Karina Cardinal Mystery Book 4)Pharaoh’s Forgery by Ellen Butler
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Pharaoh’s Forgery is the fourth book in Ellen Butler’s Karina Cardinal Mystery series and we are going on a short girls’ holiday to Mexico with Karina … or so we think! It is always a pleasure to meet up with Karina and her kooky circle of friends and the enemies, the enemies tend to take the cake, every time!
Karina is going to Cancun for some sun and margaritas while also dropping off a package to Mrs Thundermuffin and you can guess what she does … Karina opens the Pandora Box and off we go onto a crazy ride with kidnappers and murderers and conmen. It is really good that Karina has friends in right places as she really needs some help to get herself and her fellow lobbyist Rodrigo back home in one piece! I loved how the writer had used her extensive research into the Brazilian National Museum fire to bring alive the story so that we were biting our nails at times and probably praying to ourselves ‘please, please, please …’

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IRRESISTIBLE – FALL INTO ROMANCE (Irresistible Romance Book 5) Anthology – Review by Jana Teppih

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Irresistible – Fall into Romance (Irresistible Romance Book 5) is an amazing anthology that brings together some very talented authors. Most of them have been joining forces in other different anthologies so the only one I had not met before was Angela Stevens. It is always great getting a chance to meet someone new and that is one of the reasons why I love Anthologies. There are so many writers I have discovered through them!

The fearless eight of this anthology are my absolute favorite Tamara Ferguson (I think I have read everything she has written) and ten Natalie Ann, Suzanne Jenkins, Cynthia Cooke, Alicia Street, Jen Talty, Patrice Wilton and the newbie (for me) Angela Stevens. They have put together a collection that keeps the heart beating on the true love … You start reading the story and close your eyes and it start playing in front of your eyes like a movie, like a Hallmark move …

I will share my thoughts about my favorite one which was Tamara Ferguson’s Two Hearts’ Truce. It is another instalment in her Two Hearts Wounded Warriors Romance series and that fits perfectly into her Crystal Rock Universe. It brings together, again, after so many years, Jeff and Amanda and hopefully now they are ready … Their story fits also into the craziness of what we have read in her other stories in the series AND we meet some of them again. I love it, it feels like visiting home and meeting up with people you have not seen or heard of for a while.

I have always loved the care that Tamara takes when telling the heart breaking stories of her heroes and heroines … there is this feeling deep inside when I pick up her book, the anticipation … the apprehension … the hope …

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That Incredible Kiss (Kissed By Fate 3) By Tamara Ferguson – Review by Jana Teppih

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

That Incredible Kiss is the third book in Tamara Ferguson’s Kissed By Fate series and I have been waiting for it for such a long time! I absolutely love her Crystal Rock and Dragonfly Pointe universe and this book is a great addition to it!
This Kiss, I mean book, is Ashley and Brian’s story and it folds over so many years, 10 years to be exact! They are graduating from high school and decided their next steps and finally acknowledging what they feel for each other when they world gets blown apart … it stays apart for 10 years until both of them have returned to Crystal Rock. It is finally time to figure out what the heck happened 10 years ago and go forward … hopefully together … with Spook in that amazing house by Stone Lake …
Dig in and it would be smart to read the stories in order though I would say that it is not only this series you should read but also the other ones (Tales of Dragonfly especially) as they all seem to come together now … or is it so …

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The Crocodile Makes No Sound (The Lord Hani Mysteries Book 2) by N.L. Holmes – Review by Jana Teppih

The Crocodile Makes No Sound (Lord Hani Mysteries #2)The Crocodile Makes No Sound by N.L. Holmes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Crocodile Makes No Sound is the second book of N.L. Holmes’ Lord Hani Mysteries. I am blown away by the research that the writer has done and I am eternally grateful for the list of characters at the beginning of the story as I found myself going back there constantly as I tell you it is not so easy to remember the names and backgrounds as one would think! You can read the story as a standalone as it has its own storyline and what is amazing is that Lord Hani is an actual person and so many elements in the story are ‘real’, the whole story itself is fiction.
I suggest you take time when you start reading as then you can fully appreciate the details that the writer brings into her storytelling, it is like a colourful tapestry that you need to look at long and hard to truly see all the colors and connections and … the way she has with words, oh my, I have no words …
If you love history and especially Egyptian history AND mysteries then this book is for you and it pulls you in and you cannot leave it until you come to the end to see whether Lord Hani manages to resolve a conflict without too many losing their lives …

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DEADLY WEAPON (Jake Wolfe Book 5) by Mark Nolan – Review by Jana Teppih

Deadly Weapon (Jake Wolfe #5)Deadly Weapon by Mark Nolan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Deadly Weapon is the fifth book in Mark Nolan’s Jake Wolfe series and Jake and Cody are back to save the world! They are in Alaska for some hard earned time out, fishing salmon and taking in the awesomeness that is Alaska. Jake has turned off the rest of the world so it is just him, Cody and his friend Tuktu … but obviously, like always, something goes wrong and their services are needed … this time to stop rouge operatives who are working on a weapon of mass destruction. You can read the story as a standalone as the writer gives us a story in its own rights in each of the books but as there are characters that you meet from story to story and you will want to be part of the journey that Jake and Cody are on then I suggest you start from the beginning … I promise you will fall in love with both Jake and Cody and even if you are not so fond of dogs, you dream of having a dog like Cody so in this story I am really excited about Cody’s puppies!
The story pulls you in from chapter 1 and you are thrown up in the air on a halo that takes you on one heck of a ride filled with action and danger and assassins while dodging hidden agendas and explosions … I love how the writer utilises the multiple POV’s as it helps us to go even deeper into the storyline, the extensive research he does for each of his Jake Wolfe books is mind blowing so that means every story I read I constantly keep pinching myself and I find myself wondering what if … Thank you for these tense suspense filled hours and I cannot wait to see what is next in store for Jake and Cody (and Sarah and Skye)!

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