The Girls across the Bay (The Knox and Sheppard Mysteries, Book 1) by Emerald O’Brien – Review by Jana Teppih

The Girls Across The Bay (Knox and Sheppard, #1)The Girls Across The Bay by Emerald O’Brien
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Girls Across The Bay is the opening to Emerald O’Brien’s Knox and Sheppard series! I fell in love with her writing when I read the opening to another series of hers, the Avery Hart Trilogy! I was fascinated with her style of storytelling, the intricate connections, the subtle hints, the mixing of past and present so I thought I would be ready for The Girls Across The Bay but I wasn’t … she took it up by at least a notch and I cannot wait to see where she will be taking the series to!
Knox and Sheppard are two sisters by choice, Madigan and Grace, and they have seen and experienced way too much for their age … I loved how the writer gave us the story from each of their point of view, the inner dialogues, the building of the foundation to the universe that she placed them into … across the bay … these two work together to solve a mystery that has a dark connection to their past and I promise you that when you find out ‘who did it’, you will be as surprised as ever!
I cannot wait to see what comes next for Madigan, Grace, Mac and John …

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Irresistible Heroes – Heroes of Your Heart by Various Authors – Review by Jana Teppih

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Irresistible Heroes is a collection of stories that will steal your heart! Tamara Ferguson, Natalie Ann, Suzanne Jenkins, Cynthia Cooke, Alicia Street, Alyssa Bailey, Stephanie Queen and Patrice Wilton came together to give us a present that makes the current hot summer nights scorching!
I have read everything Tamara Ferguson has ever written and almost all that Stephanie Queen has written so there was no doubt in my head whether to pick this collection up or not AND of course, neither of them let me down!
Tamara Ferguson’s Two Hearts Unlikely Heroes took me back to Crystal Rock, Wisconsin, with Captain Samantha Coldwell and Captain Ben Nash. It brings the terrorists to the wounded warriors’ center and I loved meeting up with familiar faces! I promise you that you will enjoy this unlikely heroes story!
Stephanie Queen’s Never Gone By is the opening to another of her fine series called The Zero to Hero and I cannot wait to see what comes next! There are so many heroes she could have chosen among and I am very pleased that she decided to open with Joe and let’s not forget about our Hollywood costume designer turned starlet Mae!
I used the opportunity to discover new writers and I can say that She’s Having a Baby by Suzanne Jenkins will leave you grabbing your tissues when she packs into the opening of her new series taking place in San Diego family, duty, action, love, loss, heartache and new beginnings! It was not only our leading couple but a whole family of heroes aka supporting cast!
This collection has something for everyone so I warmly recommend you to pick up and spend a cool weekend inside or a breezy day outside with it!

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Shattered Melody: A romantic suspense novella by Amy McKinley – Review by Jana Teppih

Shattered MelodyShattered Melody by Amy McKinley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Shattered Melody is a short suspense read by Amy McKinley whose Gray Ghost series I have fell in love with a while ago so when Shattered Melody popped up on my radar, I picked it up and I didn’t regret it! You can read it as a standalone though the main squeeze Reese Miller is part of the Gray Ghost family …
Shattered Melody is the story of Emma Dawson who has isolated herself after her stalked killed her fiancé 3 years earlier. She thinks that not getting close to anyone and simply living for her music, she will be safe … it also means that she is highly suspicious of everyone so when Reese moves to a cottage not far from hers and the attraction between them cannot be denied she starts wondering if Reese is her knight in shiny armour or the one she needs to be afraid of …
As said, the story is fast and furious and you will absolutely love it and I promise you after getting a taste of Amy’s writing, you will want more so go and pick up her Gray Ghost series so you can meet the guys Reese is close to!

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Children Of The Future by Jane Suen – Review by Jana Teppih

Children Of The FutureChildren Of The Future by Jane Suen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Children of the Future is the debut mystery by Jane Suen. It is funny how I went back to the ‘beginning’ after having read couple of her later stories and you can see how a writer has grown with each book they have created. When you read the synopsis for the story, you ask yourself if this is an episode of X-Files where instead of Mulder and Scully we have Telly and Billy …
The writer takes us to a little town called Rocky Flats where 25 kids and 3 teachers have disappeared … who or what took them? You will need to follow the clues that the writer has given us and I promise you that whatever you think you know, you are completely wrong and you will get a profound aha moment when it all gets revealed …
You need to take your time when you start with the story, it is Jane Suen’s debut novel and it might seem as if it is her inexperience that you think you are encountering in seemingly unnecessary information and replays of earlier scenes and maybe it is so but at the same time if you slow down and get into the feel of the little town and its people you wonder that maybe it is all on purpose …

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Wayward (Billionaire Bodyguards Book 1) by Via Mari – Review by Jana Teppih

Wayward (Billionaire Bodyguards Book 1)Wayward by Via Mari
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wayward is the opening book of Via Mari’s new series called Billionaire Bodyguards. I have read most of her writing and I was delighted to see that she added another exiting and sexy series into the universe she had created with Prestian Series and The Torzial Affair series! You can read this book as a standalone and as an opening to a new standalone series but I recommend also to read the other two series as you will enjoy learning more about the connections and relationships and …
Our leading pair is Jay and Sasha – Jay is the head of the elite bodyguard/security team that protects two of the wealthiest men in the world and we met him first in the Prestian series, Sasha is this regal Russian ballerina with unexpected mafia connections that might put everyone in danger … we met her earlier in the Torzial Affair!
The writer is sending Jay and Sasha on a journey that leaves us at the edge of our seat, keeping our fingers (and toes) crossed and hoping that Sasha realizes in time who she has in Jay as we all want her to find happiness … and Jay, what an alpha male … can he see beyond the surface and is he strong enough to battle Sasha’s demons … we have plenty of passion and tension and suspense and I cannot wait what the writer has in store next!

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The Matchmaker’s Match (Man’s Best Friend Book 3) by Nicole Flockton – Review by Jana Teppih

The Matchmaker's Match (Man's Best Friend, #3)The Matchmaker’s Match by Nicole Flockton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Matchmaker’s Match is the third book in Nicole Flockton’s Man’s Best Friend series where the matchmaker meets his own match after a one night stand and a string of bad decisions … who knew that this one night stand will become a turning point that will have an impact on the rest of his life? You can read this story as a standalone but be not surprised if you find yourself reaching for Ethan’s story at the minimum!
Our matchmaker is Lincoln Forest who helped his best friend Ethan to meet the woman of his dreams and who also manages to have a one night stand with the said woman’s best friend Meredith! Can you imagine coming face to face with your one night stand at the rehearsal dinner and you can imagine how both of them are beyond socked! Throw into the mix Meredith’s health scare, four legged cuties, misreading of situations and you get yourself a beautiful story that makes you feel warm and fuzzy and you will find yourself finishing the story in one sitting!

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Never Let Me Go (Bayou Devils MC Book 6) by A.M. Myers – Review by Jana Teppih

Never Let Me Go (Bayou Devils MC #6)Never Let Me Go by A.M. Myers
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Never Let Me Go is the sixth book in A.M. Myers’ Bayou Devils MC series and I have been waiting for it for a looong time! I fell in love with the Bayou Devils MC when I read the opening to the series Hopelessly Devoted and I have been hooked on their stories ever since! You can read the story as a standalone but why should you? You will get so much more out of it when you know the backstories to the other ‘brothers’!
Never Let Me Go is Juliette Shaw and Sawyer “Moose” Michelson story. Sawyer is the ultimate bad boy with a big heart that keeps hooking up with the girls that are no good for him. Juliette has just woken up from a weeklong coma after a horrific car accident and having lost 5 years’ worth of memories and her father, the last family she had. There is a lot of drama and a lot of passion and you keep your finger crossed that Juliette finds out who is the bad guy in her life and that she gets her happily ever after! You will not regret picking up a copy and spending a day with Juliette and Sawyer and all his ‘brothers’ and Juliette’s best friend Mercedes!

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Murder Creek by Jane Suen – Review by Jana Teppih

Murder CreekMurder Creek by Jane Suen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Murder Creek is a murder mystery by Jane Suen. I have read quite a few books by this writer and I knew that I’d be in for a treat – the writing was smooth and the characters were intriguing and the story was compelling! On top of it all, Murder Creek is a standalone so if you are a lover of mystery stories then you don’t need to be concerned with whether there is a backstory etc. and you can simply grab a copy and enjoy yourself!
Jane Suen gives us Eve Sawyer who has a bit of sixth sense going on and she gets drawn to the unsolved disappearance of Lacey Walken. Eve is stubborn and even though Lacey disappeared years ago, she is determined to figure out what happened to her! We follow the clues along with Eve and meet all the additional characters that make as look up and ponder “I wonder what they are hiding”… The deeper Eve digs the more dangerous the situation turns and you will be biting your fingernails and hoping that she solves it before she becomes an unsolved case herself!

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Girl Trap (A Madeline Dawkins Mystery Book 3) by Cynthia Hamilton – Review by Jana Teppih

Girl TrapGirl Trap by Cynthia Hamilton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Girl Trap is the third book in Cynthia Hamilton’s Madeline Dawkins’ series and I absolutely loved the opening! You need to read the books in order to fully understand who Madeline is and how she has become the woman she is now!
In this story Madeline and her partner Mike are working on two cases at the same time. They solve both of them but it takes its toll and the writer leaves us at the edge of our seat at the end of the story, impatiently waiting for what is coming next! The story takes place just over one and half day and we are on such a crazy rollercoaster of human trafficking and mental illness and at times it feels so real that you forget that you are reading a book! Some would say that they want to escape the reality when picking up a book but the way Cynthia Hamilton tackles the darker side of our society, you forgive her and voluntarily join the journey!

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The Good Neighbors by Kiersten Modglin – Review by Jana Teppih

The Good NeighborsThe Good Neighbors by Kiersten Modglin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Good Neighbors by Kiersten Modglin is a mind-bending suspense story that will blow your mind when you get to the end! You get a whiplash from all the twists and turns and they all make sense in the end! It is my first read by this writer and I know I will be going back to her when I feel like needing something nail-biting that I can drown in!
It all starts so innocent! Newlywed Harper and Bryant leave Chicago to move into their first house in a small town where they meet their ‘perfect’ neighbours Tory and Jason. Harper gets a vibe off them but is not really able to pin point it … the further you get into the story you start asking yourself whether they are good or bad or stalkerish or simply crazy … I promise you that you will not be able to put the book down once you start so make sure you have enough time planned to do so!

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