Finding Juniper (The Smoke Series #3) by Sadia Ash – Review by Jana Teppih

Finding JuniperFinding Juniper by Sadia Ash
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Finding Juniper is the third book in Sadia Ash’ Smoke series that also concludes it. I did not know that it was the third and final book when I picked it up and started reading it thinking that it is a standalone … major mistake so do yourself a favour and be smarter than me and start from the beginning! I had to put this one down and go and start with book 1!
As I said, this is the conclusion of Juniper and Kyle’s epic love story. The writer gives it to us from both of their point of views and man, if you thought that the writing was engaging in the first two books, you will see how much further the writer has evolved through the series!
Finding Juniper will pick up where the second book ended where Juniper was over and done with Kyle and it seems that this is the end to their story even though both of them still love each other … Still, when you have gone through all that those two had and you had overcome so much then you know that it simply cannot just finish like this and you simply keep your fingers crossed and wish for second chances! And you are not disappointed, Sadia Ash gives us a finale that will stay with you for a while!

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Full Glasses and Burju Shoes by Blake Blessing – Review by Jana Teppih

Full Glasses and Burju ShoesFull Glasses and Burju Shoes by Blake Blessing
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Full Glasses and Burju Shoes is a heart-breaking story by Blake Blessing. It was my first read by this writer and I know it will not be last. The story put us on the front seat of pulling us into what it means to come back into the civilian life after having been in military, what it means to the families and loved ones …
Full Glasses and Burju Shoes is the story of Perrin Michaels and Emiliano “Emil” Espocito. Perrin is young and living her life with glasses full so that she can try to leave her demons behind … Emil is a war veteran suffering from PTSD and finding it hard to adjust to civilian life and finding purpose … They seem so different and it becomes real clear later into the story how young Perrin really is compared to Emil. On the surface they should not work, they should not be able to find anything common but when you dig deeper and the more the story unfolds you actually realize that they balance each other out … the differences actually are the ones pulling them together …
The writer has given us a story that will haunt us for a while … it is a story that shows us that we can find light in the darkness when you lean on each other … she makes us cry and laugh and rage and hate and love and look at our lives and reminds us to be grateful for what we have!

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Tapped (The Night Moves Series) by Tarrah Anders – Review by Jana Teppih

TappedTapped by Tarrah Anders
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Tapped is a beautiful story of second chances by Tarrah Anders. It is not the first book I have read by the writer so I knew I would be treating myself to a great read when I picked up a copy of Tapped. Tapped is the third book in the Night Moves series but it can be read as a standalone!
Tapped is a story of Janae and Kai who were sweethearts in high school and now, eleven years later Kai suddenly turns up as Janae’s new co-worker at the club she is working at … you can imagine what happens next as both of them have lived their lives during the years in between … Their chemistry is a killer, the banter is off rocker and the sizzle factor of the sensual dancing …. Vow! I loved how the writer gave us a story with no judgement and your typical stereotypes that one associates with the industry that these two represent …
The writer introduced a very intriguing character in Tapped that I hope will get his own story! I can see another great read in our future!

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Building Storm: (A Hawke Family Novel) (Hawke Family Book 4) by Gwyn McNamee – Review by Jana Teppih

Building Storm: (A Hawke Family Novel) (The Hawke Family Book 4)Building Storm: (A Hawke Family Novel) by Gwyn McNamee
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Building Storm is the conclusion of Gwyn McNamee’s Hawke Family Series AND as the writer states herself, it should NOT be read as a standalone and the series should absolutely be read in order to get the full understanding of the plots and characters and to enjoy it the fullest! I have read the series in the order and I can confirm that every story builds upon the previous one so do yourself a favour and listen to us!
Building Storm gives us Storm Hawke and Landon McCabe’s story. It is a story of profound loss and finding light in the dark when you have settled in for it to last for eternity. Their story makes you cry and rage and curse and … and it also gives us hope and once you have hope, you are able to carry on … I loved how the writer is giving us in each of the stories in the series that sibling’s story in its own rights … it would be so easy for one story to bleed into the other and …
The writer has given us a beautiful conclusion of the series and I am a bit sad to leave the Hawke family behind but I have no doubt that they might pop in suddenly in writer’s other stories as I do not believe that she will be able to leave them completely behind!

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Shadow’s Keep: A Novel by Meghan O’Flynn – Review by Jana Teppih

Shadow's Keep: A NovelShadow’s Keep: A Novel by Meghan O’Flynn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Shadow’s Keep is another mind-bending novel by Meghan O’Flynn. I had read her Ash Park series and The Jilted so I thought I was prepared for it … but I wasn’t … I was not prepared for the depth of darkness and creepiness that had soaked into the fibre of the story … the backwoods mentality … the southern mysticism … the power of white men in small communities … the bodies piling up …
Shadow’s Keep is a true Meghan O’Flynn story – small clues that seem insignificant, the twists and turns, the confusion when you look up with tears in your eyes and ask yourself ‘How on Earth is it possible??” and it is … The details that make the big picture, the story flowing from one shocking moment to another and weaving a fabric that feels like it is getting tighter and tighter and you can barely breathe and …
I read the last day chapters two times and I cried … both times … the pictures the words painted … my heart was breaking and nothing could put it back together … A complete masterpiece!

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Climbing The Walls (Hart & Cole Book 1) by Sacha T. Y. Fortuné – Review by Jana Teppih

Climbing The Walls (Hart & Cole Book 1)Climbing The Walls by Sacha T. Y. Fortuné
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Climbing The Walls is the first book in Sacha T.Y. Fortune’s Hart & Cole series. It is my first encounter with the writer and if I am not mistaken, it is her debut book and if that is the case then be prepared for some greatness coming our way in future! She warns us that we should read the stories in the order they are published for the optimal enjoyment as they are linked and we meet the same characters in all of them, just that the focus is on different ones in each of them.
Climbing The Walls is the story of Nicole and Kristopher. Their story is of raw emotions and the baggage that both of them bring along into their marriage. As the story is told alternatingly from both of their point of view then at no point do one need to wonder how and what anyone is feeling! It also shows us how we interpret people and situations through the lenses of our past. The story is gripping and keeps you hooked until you come to the end! It is the story of a marriage and parenting and relationships and … The writer has filled the story with love and heartache, hope, fear, passion, regret, desperation … and even though there is no real cliffhanger, you find out whose the next book is about and you know that you need to pick up a copy when it gets published!

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The Memory of Us by Lisa Sorbe – Review by Jana Teppih

The Memory of UsThe Memory of Us by Lisa Sorbe
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Memory of Us is the mind-blowing story of second chances by Lisa Sorbe! I have read EVERY SINGLE ONE of her books and I have to say that she gets better with every one! The opening scene sets the stage to a story that keeps you at the edge of your seat from the beginning to the end!
The Memory of Us is the story of Elena Everhart and Weston Brooks. Elena always had a plan what she was going to do to achieve her dreams and she was following it … except for Weston … she had not counted for him and the feelings he evoked in her … their chemistry … their history … what a rollercoaster! They leave you raw and aching and you keep your fingers crossed that they will get their second chance! The writer excels at getting us into Elena’s head and showing us what goes on inside … they layers … she is so different from what she portrays outside! I loved that the writer uses only one voice when telling the story – Elena’s – it really helps us to feel the depth of her feelings and her grief!
The Memory of Us is a book you do not want to miss and I promise you, you will become a fan and will go and read also the other books she has published!

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Written in the Stars (Fallen Eagles MC Book 2) by T. Birmingham – Review by Jana Teppih

Written in the Stars (Fallen Eagles MC Book 2)Written in the Stars by T. Birmingham
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Written in the Stars is the second book in T. Birmingham’s Fallen Eagles MC series and I absolutely loved it! I have to say that I have loved EVERY SINGLE book I have read by this writer! I guess you could read this book as a standalone but I implore you, do not! You need to read the first book as it ‘sets the scene’ and you will the people from the first book again in the second and so on!
When I picked up Written in the Stars, I knew that I will need (internal need not someone telling me to read) to finish it in one sitting, I knew that I would not be able to fall asleep if I left off before the end … so I read it during the weekend and I am telling you, give yourself a present and spend a weekend with the series! Written in the Stars is the story of Davis “Eagle” Landon, a businessman and president of the Fallen Eagles MC and someone who gives so much back to the community and all the veterans, and Winter Markham, business owner and one of the Markham sister and who carries the world on her shoulders despite of the wonderful friends and family … Eagle has been attracted to Winter forever and finally, both of them let the sparks fly … mix into it a serial killer and a copycat and you will be glued to the edge of your seat and you forget to breathe at times … so well is the story written, so vivid are the details and the relationships, so intense are the emotions … I cannot wait for the next book in the series and knowing from reading most of T Birmingham’s writing, it will be another smashing story that will not leave you alone …

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Heart of a Hunk: A Limited-Edition Collection of Bad Boy, Billionaire and Hunky Romance Heroes – Review by Jana Teppih

Heart of a Hunk: A Limited-Edition Collection of Bad Boy, Billionaire and Hunky Romance HeroesHeart of a Hunk: A Limited-Edition Collection of Bad Boy, Billionaire and Hunky Romance Heroes by Nicole Morgan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Heart of a Hunk: A Limited-Edition Collection of Bad Boy, Billionaire and Hunk Romance Heroes is a hot collection of 24 holiday romances by various writers! I have read some of the writers before so I knew that I will have some good time ahead of me when I needed to have something short and sweet (and hot) to read during holidays!
The stories are not connected so I can start wherever you want and obviously I started with the writers that I had fallen in love before – Tamara Ferguson and Allyson R. Abbott (and then went for Kris Jayne and Stephanie Queen and Jane Blythe and …). I love picking up collections time to time as it is a great way of being introduced to new writers! I will touch more upon Tamara Ferguson and Allyson R. Abbott’s stories in more detail though I do think that every one of the stories has something to give!
A Kiss Under A Blue Christmas Moon by Tamara Ferguson was a sweet story that took us back to Crystal Rock, Wisconsin, where we meet Mia Michaels and Noah Erikson and we keep our fingers crossed for Christmas miracle! This couple had their chance for happiness torn away from them six years earlier when Noah left for the Air Force. Neither of them has been able to move on so join them in the magical small town where other miracles have happened!
Foxxy Christmas by Allyson R Abbott is another one of her heartwarming Christmas stories providing us with a dash of suspense, revenge, drama and romance … and let’s not forget about destiny! What should happen will happen … or will it now? The story has quite a few triggers so be forewarned, if you feel through the story you get a raw emotional read that doesn’t leave anyone unmoved!

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Wish Upon a Bollywood Star by Pamela Q. Fernandes – Review by Jana Teppih

Wish Upon a Bollywood StarWish Upon a Bollywood Star by Pamela Q. Fernandes
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wish Upon a Bollywood Star is a book by Pamela Q Fernandes that plays like Bollywood movie. I grew up with Bollywood movies back in Soviet Union so I could simply close my eyes and picture it all in my head … the head moves and hand gestures and at times I could hear the music in the background! I had read Painting Kuwait Violet before and absolutely fell in love with Pamela’s writing – she is amazing with her words – they paint a picture and you get inside of a foreign culture without leaving your armchair. I have to say though that Painting Kuwait Violet left such a powerful impression on me that Wish Upon a Bollywood Star had to work hard!
Wish Upon a Bollywood Star is the story of a Bollywood playboy Vir Seth and a PR assistant Soumya Ninan who he manages to anger to the extent that she goes for a revenge that seems to backfire or so you think … the writer gives us a whirlwind engagement that gets out of control and in the end it is no longer a game! Come along on the journey through Hindu traditions and Bollywood lights and see how the game ends!

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