The Crocodile Makes No Sound (The Lord Hani Mysteries Book 2) by N.L. Holmes – Review by Jana Teppih

The Crocodile Makes No Sound (Lord Hani Mysteries #2)The Crocodile Makes No Sound by N.L. Holmes
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The Crocodile Makes No Sound is the second book of N.L. Holmes’ Lord Hani Mysteries. I am blown away by the research that the writer has done and I am eternally grateful for the list of characters at the beginning of the story as I found myself going back there constantly as I tell you it is not so easy to remember the names and backgrounds as one would think! You can read the story as a standalone as it has its own storyline and what is amazing is that Lord Hani is an actual person and so many elements in the story are ‘real’, the whole story itself is fiction.
I suggest you take time when you start reading as then you can fully appreciate the details that the writer brings into her storytelling, it is like a colourful tapestry that you need to look at long and hard to truly see all the colors and connections and … the way she has with words, oh my, I have no words …
If you love history and especially Egyptian history AND mysteries then this book is for you and it pulls you in and you cannot leave it until you come to the end to see whether Lord Hani manages to resolve a conflict without too many losing their lives …

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