Discovery (The Orphan Train Saga Book 1) by Sherry A. Burton – Review by Kerry Baker

Discovery (The Orphan Train Saga Book 1)Discovery by Sherry A. Burton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Discovery by Sherry A Burton is the first book in the Orphan Train Saga. This book is so fascinating and amazingly accurate that you won’t be able to stop yourself from being drawn in.
I love books that, while fiction, are steeped in real life events. And this one has got to be one of the best examples I have ever read. Orphan Trains are one of those things I could vaguely recall hearing about but didn’t really know any details of. This book certainly opened my eyes to the way things actually were. The thought of all those children going through this and how they must have felt really struck a chord with me.
The story was so detailed and vivid it almost felt like I was right there on that very train. The author has such an amazing writing style that suits this type of story perfectly. The characters were so relatable and you connect with them instantly. I honestly didn’t expect to enjoy this book as much as what I did however it easily fits into the category of one of the best I have read this year. I cannot recommend this book enough!

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Discovery (The Orphan Train Saga Book 1) by Sherry A. Burton – Review by Bobbi Wagner

Discovery (The Orphan Train Saga Book 1)Discovery by Sherry A. Burton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is the first book I have read by this author and I enjoyed it. It is a well developed story that is engaging and held my attention. I enjoyed watching Cindy grow throughout the story. She pulled me right into the story with her as she learns things about her Grandmother that she didn’t know. As she finds things, it leaves her with more questions and she is determined to find the answers. This is a heartwarming story that will make your heart swell. I highly recommend this book.

Review by @bjwagner
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Discovery (The Orphan Train Saga Book 1) By Sherry A. Burton – Review by Laura Furuta

Discovery (The Orphan Train Saga Book 1)Discovery by Sherry A. Burton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Discovery (The Orphan Train Saga Book 1)
By: Sherry A. Burton
5 out of 5 stars

The story Discovery (The Orphan Train Saga Book 1) by Sherry A. Burton is a historical fiction book. It is a story that pulled me in from the beginning and I found myself lost in a book that is both interesting and emotional. The story takes you back to a time when some in society were not sympathetic to the plight of orphans and when it seems that those orphans were considered disposable, unwanted, and unloved. This book brought tears to my eyes and I found myself thinking about it long after I had finished the last page. It is a story that touched both my heart and soul. I enjoyed reading about Cindy Moore. She thinks that she is tying up some loose ends regarding her grandmother’s estate. What she finds instead are secrets and discoveries that she never expected. She uncovers her grandmother’s past as part of the Orphan Trains and the details of her grandmother’s life. This is a story that is hard to put down until you finish the last page. I highly recommend reading it.

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Discovery (The Orphan Train Saga Book 1) by Sherry A. Burton

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Discovery (The Orphan Train Saga Book 1) by Sherry A. Burton


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Genre – Historical Fiction

Page Count – 296 Pages

Cover Designer – Laura Prevost

Publishing Company – Dorry Press

Goodreads –

While most use their summer breaks for pleasure, third grade teacher Cindy Moore is using her summer vacation to tie up some loose ends concerning her grandmother’s estate. When Cindy enters the storage unit that holds her grandmother’s belongings, she is merely looking for items she can sell to recoup some of the rental fees she’s spent paying for the shed. Instead, what she finds are secrets her grandmother has taken to the grave with her. The more Cindy uncovers, the more she wants to know. Why was her grandmother abandoned by her own mother? Why hadn’t she told Cindy she’d lived in an orphanage? And how come her grandmother never mentioned she’d made history as one of the children who rode the Orphan Trains? Join Cindy as she uncovers her grandmother’s hidden past and discovers the life that stole her grandmother’s love.


Born in Kentucky, Sherry got her start in writing by pledging to write a happy ending to a good friend who was going through some really tough times. The story surprised her by taking over and practically writing itself. What started off as a way to make her friend smile started her on a journey that would forever change her life. Sherry readily admits to hearing voices and is convinced that being married to her best friend for thirty-eight plus years goes a long way in helping her write happily-ever-afters.


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The Brass Compass: A Novel by Ellen Butler – Review by Emily Walsh

The Brass CompassThe Brass Compass
By: Ellen Butler
My Rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Brass Compass by Ellen Butler was a spy like historical fiction romance, that kept me reading.

Not my first read by this author, so I knew going in I was in for something not only well written, but well researched. I was not disappointed, this book was that and more. Now I will say that there was a little too much info and filler at some points, pulling me out of the story, but it wasn’t enough to detour me, or bring my reading mojo down.

I fell into this story right away, and as I read on the more I get pulled in. The suspense, mystery and the spy games made it gripping and fun. I love the strong female MC, for the this book is set in, she was beyond her time and I fully enjoyed her character. I loved the romance as well, it was a nice touch and again, fun. This book was just one of those books, that was just a joy to read. It was strangely soothing to me, and I think that has to do with the steady plot flow and smooth tones, with a haze of darkness.

Overall this book is a must read, it was a good mix of history, romance, action and spy mystery; and it gets my super high recommendation and my stamp of approval.

Happy Reading

-Review by @eawalsh

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The Brass Compass: A Novel by Ellen Butler

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The Brass Compass: A Novel by Ellen Butler Books

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Genre – Historical fiction, Thriller & Suspense

Page Count – 338 pages

Cover Designer – Jennifer Givener

Publishing Company – Power to the Pen

Goodreads –

A beautiful American spy flees into the night. On her own, she must live by her wits to evade capture and make it to the safety of the Allied forces.

Lily Saint James grew up traveling the European continent, learning languages as she went. In 1938, her mother’s abrupt death brings her back home to Washington, D.C., and after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Lily comes to the attention of the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). Her knowledge of German, French, and Italian makes her the perfect OSS Agent, and her quick thinking places her as a nanny in the household of an important German Army Colonel, where she is able to gather intelligence for the Allies. After her marketplace contact goes missing, she makes a late-night trip to her secondary contact only to find him under interrogation by the SS. When he commits suicide, she flees into the frigid winter night carrying false identification papers that are now dangerous and a mini film cartridge with vital strategic information. In order to survive, Lily must make it out of Germany, into the hands of Allied-controlled France, through a path fraught with peril.

This award-winning novel reveals the extreme dangers WWII agents faced when Lily St. James, the heroine of The Brass Compass, parachutes behind enemy lines, destroys rail lines, and infiltrates a high-ranking Nazi household. The Brass Compass is the latest story to celebrate the uncompromising intelligence and composure displayed by real operatives. From Greta Garbo in the film “Mata Hari” to Kristin Hannah’s The Nightingale, audiences will be riveted by the tough-and-tender ways women approach espionage and how these fictions reflect reality.


Ellen Butler is an international bestselling novelist writing critically acclaimed suspense thrillers, and award-winning historical fiction. The Brass Compass was inspired by the brave women who served in the OSS, British Special Operations Executive and French Resistance. Ellen is a member of The OSS Society and her fascination with WWII history originally piqued when her grandfather revealed his role as a cryptographer during the war. The Brass Compass is her debut into the historical fiction genre. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Public Administration and Policy, and her history includes a long list of writing for dry, but illuminating, professional newsletters and windy papers on public policy. She lives in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, D.C. with her husband and two children.


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Misfortune of Vision (Druid’s Brooch Book 4) by Christy Nicholas – Review by Emily Walsh

Misfortune of Vision (Druid's Brooch #4)Misfortune of Vision
By: Christy Nicholas
My Rating: 4 of 5 stars

Misfortune of Vision (Druid’s Brooch #4) by Christy Nicholas was an engaging, intriguing read, that had me left wanting more.

Every time I read a book in this series, I love it even more. As they don’t follow a conclusive timeline you can read them out of order. This book was just as detail oriented, compelling, mysterious and solid. I loved how the MC was older, mature and experienced. It was a risk, and for me it was a well placed one that enhanced not only this story, but this series. Taking place in 1177, this story has that rare look into the past, and you can tell that care and research went into making this read as authentic as possible. The added touch of religion against our MC, really brought home how powerful the church was then, and it’s influences.

Overall this book, this series, is worth the read, and it gets my super high recommendation and my stamp of approval.

Happy Reading

-Review by @eawalsh

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Fortitude by Carrie Dalby – Review by Emily Walsh

By: Carrie Dalby
My Rating: 3 of 5 stars

Fortitude by Carrie Dalby was a pretty okay read, that shed some light onto a dark dangerous time.

Not my first read by this author so I knew going in that the writing would be smooth and the plot well researched. This book was such, though I do have some things that aren’t sitting quite right, and that’s mainly the ending. I wasn’t satisfied, or felt like it tied anything up like an ending should. Now it wasn’t bad, I just felt that, it didn’t quite fit with the overall story.

Let’s get into it shall we. Well written and engaging, I was pretty hooked on this book, but I wasn’t fully absorbed. From the synopsis I thought the plot would be fast moving and thriller like. But this turned out to be a completely different type of story. The start was slow, but the easy flow of the writing made it enjoyable. I just felt there was a disconnect somewhere, and I don’t know if it was the misguidance of the synopsis, or the MC herself. I guess the best word would be flat, there were some flat areas that drew me out of the story.

Now don’t get me wrong, this is a very well researched and compelling story, and I loved the friendship and message. I’m just on the fence about it a little bit. But as you know reading is subjective and what I didn’t like, you might. So just because I had some issues, and as I said this isn’t a bad story, doesn’t mean you will as well. So please take my recommendation and my stamp of approval, that you will find the message and selflessness, as endaring and captivating, as I did.

Happy Reading

-Review by @eawalsh

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FORTITUDE by Carrie Dalby

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FORTITUDE by Carrie Dalby – Author Page
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Genre – Historical Teen / YA, Southern Gothic coming-of-age
Page Count – 204 pages
Cover Designer – Ashley Byland
Publishing Company – Bienvenue Press
Goodreads –

It was in April 1898 when I, Claire O’Farrell, made a decision that ultimately changed my life forever.
I had never been one to follow society’s “rules”. My oldest friend was a Creole at a time when that simply wasn’t done. Then, I made an even bolder decision by serving as a nurse for the Buffalo Soldiers during the Spanish-American War. By doing so, it was evident to all that I held little regard for the Jim Crow laws.
My choice of working in that camp hospital put me in immediate danger, but after I gave my heart to one of the soldiers there, I found myself caught in the racial violence besieging the area.
When the consequences of my past decisions followed me home, I had no choice but to cling to my faith and pray that I find the path I was meant to travel.


While experiencing the typical adventures of growing up, Carrie Dalby called several places in California home, but she’s lived on the Alabama Gulf Coast since 1996. Serving two terms as president of Mobile Writers’ Guild and five years as the Mobile area Local Liaison for SCBWI are two of the writing-related volunteer positions she’s held. When Carrie isn’t reading, writing, browsing bookstores/libraries, or homeschooling, she can often be found knitting or attending concerts.

Carrie’s two young adult novels are FORTITUDE (listed as a “Best Books for Kids” by Grateful American Foundation) and CORRODED. Her current project is a historical Southern Gothic family saga series for adults, The Possession Chronicles. The first book, PERILOUS CONFESSIONS, released in January 2019 by Bienvenue Press.






Age of Saints: Druid’s Brooch Series: #7 by Christy Nicholas

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Age of Saints: Druid’s Brooch Series: #7 by Christy Jackson Nicholas, Author
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Genre – Historical Fantasy
Page Count – 161 pages
Cover Designer – Cora Graphics
Publishing Company – Tirgearr Publishing…/Nicholas_Chri…/index.htm
Goodreads –

A daring escape, a brother’s duty, and a tragic mistake.
On his deathbed, Conall’s father makes him promise to always take care of his little sister, Lainn. With her laughter, she can sing the bees from their hives and make the morning sun sparkle in the winter. He loves Lainn with all his heart, and will do anything to protect her, even without a promise to his father.

He failed.

Between an abusive step-father, a powerful Faerie Queen, and a maddened Fae Lord, every decision Conall makes seems to be the wrong one. Starvation, imprisonment, madness, and disfigurement plagues them. Even when he tries following his heart, it turns to disaster.

Can Conall correct his mistakes and save Lainn’s life and soul?

Will it cost him his own?



Celtic Fairies, Fables, and Folklore! Bestselling author (top #100 Amazon Canada, #1 in Paranormal Fantasy, Amazon Canada)

Christy Nicholas, also known as Green Dragon, is an author, artist and accountant. After she failed to become an airline pilot, she quit her ceaseless pursuit of careers that begin with ‘A’, and decided to concentrate on her writing. Since she has Project Completion Disorder, she is one of the few authors with NO unfinished novels. 

Christy has her hands in many crafts, including digital art, beaded jewelry, writing, and photography. In real life, she’s a CPA, but having grown up with art all around her (her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother are/were all artists), it sort of infected her, as it were. 

She wants to expose the incredible beauty in this world, hidden beneath the everyday grime of familiarity and habit, and share it with others. She uses characters out of time and places infused with magic and myth. 

Combine this love of beauty with a bit of financial sense and you get an art business. She does local art and craft shows, as well as sending her art to various science fiction conventions throughout the country and abroad.


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