The Crocodile Makes No Sound (The Lord Hani Mysteries Book 2) by N. L. Holmes – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

The Crocodile Makes No Sound (Lord Hani Mysteries #2)The Crocodile Makes No Sound by N.L. Holmes
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Lord Hani is back and it is four years later, the rule of King Akhenaten is well and truly established and he continues in his role as a scribe for the Royal Hall of Correspondence and a diplomat for foreign affairs, since his last investigation concluded, Lord Hani has been trying to keep a low profile since the King changed the religious regime in favour of Aten over Amen-Ra, where he closed all the temples and made those employed by them redundant, this did not go over well in the community around those temples.

This has deeply affected Lord Hani’s family as they were some of those made jobless, including his brother in law, who disappeared and went into hiding because of this being a firebrand in the side of the royal family and because of this, Lord Hani is under close surveillance, this does not stop a request from the Beloved Royal Wife for him to meet with her. Although, Lord Hani is worried about what will happen if he goes, he responds to the summons and meets with the Beloved Royal Wife, this is where she tells him that she is being blackmailed by someone and she asks him to investigate.

Meanwhile, the King of the vassal state of A’amu is waiting for an audience with King Akhenaten and Lord Hani is asked to permit him and his party to stay at his residence rather than the palace as the wait fir the appointment could be a long one and the party are getting restless and they already know Lord Hani from a previous investigation where they met. This is not ideal, but Lord Hani knows that he cannot refuse the request, so he agrees and makes his family aware of the change in the situation and requests that they don’t talk about anything politically outrageous in the company of their guests.

As Lord Hani leaves his home to investigate the blackmailer, he finds that the information is not easily forthcoming and again is showing that the most part of his superiors cannot be trusted and that danger is again creeping in on him and his family. Will he be able to investigate before the danger becomes too close to home, or will he be able to find the evidence needed, unearth the culprit and keep his conscience in tact? This is another thrilling instalment in this series of historically based mysteries where twists and turns abound as you draw your conclusions along with the characters until the end is reached.

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