Twisted Secrets (Deadly Isles Special Ops Book 1) by Amy McKinley – Review by Stephanie Colley

Twisted Secrets (Deadly Isles Special Ops #1)Twisted Secrets by Amy McKinley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another book that wows your socks off!
Right from the start this book has you hooked!
Xander and Riley’s relationship has you gripping the pages to find out what happens next in their lives. From meeting in a coffee shop where Riley works to finding out mystery clues you will not want to put this book down till you finish. Even then you will want more from Amy McKinley!

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Bound by Secrets (Deadly Isles Special Ops Series Book 2) by Amy McKinley – Review by Stephanie Colley

Bound by Secrets (Deadly Isles Special Ops, #2)Bound by Secrets by Amy McKinley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Amy McKinley is on a roll with this series.
Seeing how Amy portrayed Kayla, a powerful woman ready to get out of an abusive relationship and trying to better herself in the process. She ends up living with a guy she use to and still has feelings for, her brothers best friend, Jaxon. They have some history that got a little messy. But past is past right??? Maybe!
While Kayla is trying to get her life together she has to dodge her horrible ex.
Jaxon’s previous job is bringing up some mystery trouble that he is trying to figure out.
All this going on can Jaxon keep Kayla safe and keep her in his lifer this time around!
Can’t wait till the next book.

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Turning Wheels(Satan’s Devils MC #1) by Manda Mellett- reviewed by stephanie dulac

Turning Wheels (Satan's Devils MC, #1)Turning Wheels by Manda Mellett
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Turning Wheels(Satan’s Devils MC #1) by Manda Mellett is the first book i have read by this author. This book
did not disappoint me. I have added Manda Mellett to my must read author pile. Turning Wheels is a fantastic read and it had me turning pages from the beginning right to the end. I was not able to put it down. I really enjoyed reading about the characters in this book my favorites were Wraith and Sophie were just amazing, The chemistry was definitely there and fun to follow. I look forward to read more books by Manda Mellett. Thank you for writing a wonderful read.



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Tally and the Angel : Book One India by Eleanor Dixon – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

Tally and the Angel : Book One IndiaTally and the Angel : Book One India by Eleanor Dixon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Tally is a thirteen year old girl who has just lost her mother, she is distraught even though she knew it was coming and her dad feels the same, but when he talks about a future without her, what he describes seems like the worse thing that could happen to Tally, he wants to leave her behind as a boarding student at her school, but she end up telling him exactly how awful it is there and why, she held back before so she wouldn’t worry her mum, so when she asks her dad to take her with him, he agrees to consider it. After this conversation, he gives her a letter and a gift from her mum, in the letter Tally’s mum tells her about what is in the box, it turns out that it is a pendant of the Angel Jophiel and that it will protect and guide her throughout her life until it is ready to be passed to someone else as it has been passed to her. All Tally wants to do is cry herself to sleep, but she is drawn to the small marble angel which looks so real, so she slips it over her head as she falls asleep and feels like she is surrounded by feathers as she sleeps.

As the time passes and she gets used to the idea of her changed circumstances, her dad tells her that she can go with him on his travels and continue her schoolwork as they go, he then tells her that he has been asked to go to India to help a colleague out and that they will leave in the morning, so Tally heads to her room to pack. As she is doing this, he thoughts go to her school friends and how she wants to rub it is]n that she doesn’t have to go to school anymore, it is at this point that the Angel Jophiel begins to talk to her and adminish her for her thoughts and this is where their companionship and friendship start, he will answer whenever she calls to him, be in out loud or in her head and he will support and guide her as she explores the world with her dad.

Once all the arrangement are made, Tally and her dad set off for India, it is Tally’s first time flying and she is more than excited and this stays that way when they land, they are met at the airport and taken to the house they will be staying in, this is where Tally meets her dad’s friend and the lady who will be looking after them. After she unpacks, Tally walks round the garden and as she is talking to her Angel, she runs into a boy called Balvan who she talks to and invites to meet her dad when she mentions going to the Taj Mahal the next day. As the four talk, they find out about a case the local police are working on surrounding children going missing around India, so they are warned to take care and not go anywhere by themselves, but Tally is fine with this and agrees to it.

The next few days are taken up with schoolwork in the mornings and sightseeing in the afternoons, however, when she becomes embroiled in the mystery of the disappearing children, will she and Jophiel be able to solve the mystery in time to stop the plot, or will it be too late and the flood bear down on India? This is a charming tale of friendship and how it can heal hearts, as well as having a healthy dose of mystery solving which will keep you entertained all the way through.

Reviewed by @roxsannel

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The Don (Her Three Immortals Book 1) by Hazel Storm – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

The DonThe Don by Hazel Storm
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is only for those over 18 due to its adult content.

Vanessa Maan is a woman who can bring out the beauty in those around her and her job as a hairdresser and beautician enables her to do this, but since her dad died and left her family nothing, apart from his car “Dante” she has lost faith in men, they are all either angel’s or another type of word beginning with a! However, she has her mum and her brother who love her as much as she loves them and it is the only thing keeping them going with him not being well.

When she is returning home one day, she is nearly run over by her neighbour’s son, but he is not what she remembers of him, btu when she sees who is moving into his old room, she realises that her new neighbour is hot as hell and when she is introduced to him, she feels a strange connection to him which she cannot explain, the problem is that he feels the same, but because he is Grey, the Don of the Underworld and god of excess, he knows he needs to stay away from her. Meanwhile, when Vanessa makes a trip to New York for a couple of meetings, she is caught in a snowstorm, this is where she runs into Raef, he is handsome and sexy, but he is also one of the men which her mother warned her away from, however, he treats her just like a gentleman would and takes her for coffee and dinner, plus organises a hotel for her for the night and escorts her there where they swap numbers, but unknown to her, he is also part god.

After the snowstorm passes and Vanessa makes it back to work, albeit a bit late, it isn’t the welcome she expects when it isn’t her boss who confronts her about it, it is apparently a woman whom she has employed as their new assistant manager, but she is regarded coldly and cannot understand why, but she apologises and puts it behind her and gets on with her day. As time passes, she spends more time with Raef and he helps her with some of the problems she is up against, things at work also turn from bad to worse, but she has no idea why, this is when Aroz turns up and puts a spoke into the mix, he is an angel of love with heavenly looks and wings to match and he is an angel with a mission and Vanessa is firmly in his sights.

What will happen when all three of these sexy men come into Vanessa’s life, will it be heaven, hell or something in between? This is a steamy romance with as much trouble as there is lust, where making choices may just be the hardest thing on earth to do.

Reviewed by @roxsannel

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Lighting the Path: Leaning into a Hopeful Future as a Special Needs Parent by Marcia Nathai-Balkissoon – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

Lighting the Path: Leaning into a Hopeful Future as a Special Needs ParentLighting the Path: Leaning into a Hopeful Future as a Special Needs Parent by Marcia Nathai-Balkissoon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is an inspiring collection of experiences, thoughts, feelings and emotions centred around life with a special needs child. It is a life of struggle, hardship, ups and downs but overall rewards as you see them flourish despite their many challenges they face. Marcia Nathai-Balkisson talks about all these things and more, as she explores life before and after the birth of her second child Emma in Trinidad and Tobago, where she lives with her husband, Emma and her first born some Brian. She talks about the challenges she has faced and how she has overcome some and is working on overcoming the rest, as each chapter focuses on a different subject, it is a compendium of information, hints, tips, experiences, and advice, with a checklist at the end of the important things to be taken away from that particular chapter, but it is not just for those in the same situation as she is, there are things within this book that anyone can take on board and use in their own lives.

The book starts with the story of Emma’s birth and the defects they found which led to the need for open heart surgery as she grew and the complications which arose because of it, leaving her brain damaged, her mobility and motility reduced, as well as experiencing pain, spasms and a high sensitivity to touch. The book progresses through Emma’s life, explaining her challenges between that age and the age of nine when the book was written. It then moves on to explain how important it is to acknowledge what happened, acknowledge how it made you feel at the time and acknowledge what changes have had to be made and what needs to be done now. The next talks about coping with the situation and the need to take it day by day, task by task and finding what the single most important thing to achieve on that day is, how important self care is to staying healthy in order to be able to support your family and yourself, how to relieve stress and how essential it is to start the day in the right way, it also explains how these things can impact on the child and their stress levels if not done properly. There is also a section on planning for the future, both immediate and in the years ahead, this includes financially, personally and familially, some of which is expanded on further into the book.

One key thing is on how to recognise isolation and loneliness, how to recognise the signs of it and how to reduce it, it talks about relationships with family and friends, how they can grow and diminish, as well and what it takes to maintain them, how to deal with your feelings and how important connections can be, even if they are only on the internet and especially within support groups, as well as the importance of sharing your story with them. It also looks at how to create your vision for the future, how to connect it with your emotions and then the importance of looking back on it and updating it on a yearly basis to see just how far you have come, even if you don’t realise it at the time. The next section focuses on spirituality and how this can support you in your darkest times, as well as the need for research into what interventions can be done at home to improve the development of your child, as well as finding the right medical professionals and therapists who you can fully work with knowing they see things from your perspective, trusting your intuition and being your own advocate when you go to speak with them. Learn all you can about other children with the same medical and developmental issues, but don’t forget about any other children in the family and ensure that you still take time to show them you love them in the way best suited to them, keep looking at their development and help them as much as your special needs child and prepare for their future just as much as the other child too.
Another important thing is to keep your own and your families health at optimum levels and take the same care that you would with your child, look at nutrition, sleep and emotional resilience, as well as financial security and how to keep a balance between work, play, caring duties and your own physical and mental health, make shared decisions and compromise where you need to, do not neglect yourself or your partner and celebrate what you have achieved regularly. Make sure that the little milestones are recorded and acknowledged, celebrate how far you have come, this will help in the future when the challenging times rear their heads, which will happen.

All in all this book is full of useful information and experiences, but it does not replace medical or legal advice.

Reviewed by @roxsannel

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Dragons by Ty Drago – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

DragonsDragons by Ty Drago
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Andy Brand is an eighteen year old boy who is kidnapped and ripped away from his family and friends and wakes up in a twelve by twelve room, dressed in an orange jumpsuit and the ugliest white shoes he has ever seen, there is nothing in there but a cot bed, a sink and a toilet, there isn’t even a window, but there is a vent where the fresh air is circulated through. At first he feels like it is a dream, however, when reality dawns on him, he is trapped, but as he looks more closely at his surroundings, he realises that they are a new kind of technology he has only read about and that everything in the room is made of this material, but the thing that scares and weirded him out the most is the Voice which answers some of his questions and asks some questions of him. When a piece of paper is dropped through a gap in the ceiling and the Voice asks him to burn it, he knows suddenly what they want him for, but he cannot tell them anything, he has to stick to his family’s motto, Conceal and Protect, this applies to all his life lessons and it is something he refuses to back down on and instead he pleads ignorance.

Andy is not sure how long he has been in this room, however, when the voice states quite clearly that he will not be fed unless he complies with their request, Andy goes hungry, he refuses to give in to their demands and over the next day, he only drinks the tap water and answers nature call until they eventually give in and put some food into his room. Once the Voice realises that he will not cave in to their demands, they pretty much leave him alone, this is when he hears a voice calling out to him from the vent in the corner, she introduces herself as Miranda and they soon strike up a friendship as the talk over the next few days. At some point they are both taken separately for tests, but from talking to her, it seems that Miranda is having a completely different experience to him, but he still tries not to give his captors what they want, that is until Miranda is threatened.

It is at this point that Andy shows his true colours and lets his blazing personality out to play, however, this causes some consternation and he is drawn into a world that he didn’t expect and a plan which he cannot escape from, he is told that he is needed to help a group of people, however, even though it appears that he is not trusted, he does begin to connect with a few people around him, however nothing is quite as it seems, will Andy be able to carry out his part of the plan and still live to tell the tale, or will the truth behind his unease come to the fore and play out in front of his eyes? This is a sci-fi novel which will keep you trying to work out who is telling the truth and who is lying as the unpredictability of the people around Andy ramp up the tension around him as they try to bend him to their will, but the only way to see whether they succeed is to read to the end and find out.

Reviewed by @roxsannel

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Terrifying Love: A Halloween Anthology – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

Terrifying Love: A Halloween AnthologyTerrifying Love: A Halloween Anthology by Serena Nova
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This anthology is a collection of romances with dark elements throughout, there are seven short stories and a poem at the beginning of each, it is a collection which ranges from love which has been twisted by the eye of the beholder to a tale of true love and a curse.

The first story is about a girl who escapes who escapes from her kidnappers and runs into Willow and Evan who come to her rescue and agree to take her home, but what information they manage to get from her shows them that they may be in over their heads, especially when it looks like the kidnappers are possibly following them. Are the three in over their heads, or will they figure out the who and why before they get to the where and when?

The second story is one in which a dancer, Binx has an audition for a top dance company at the local theatre, but when she goes to get her normal order for breakfast she runs into a man, she thinks nothing of it until she sees him again as she leaves, she gets a bit of a creepy vibe. The next day as she heads to work, she finds out that someone she knows has been killed just outside, as she waits to hear about her audition, more unusual things start to happen, but are they going to lead to something good or bad?

In story number three a Queen is left by her King as he wages war on those around their homeland so he can expand their borders, however, she feels saddened and abandoned every time he leaves, when she asks advice from her maid, she is shocked, but considers it, but will she risk everything her mother worked to achieve, just to find love outside a loveless marriage, or will the consequences of such a decision be worse than she could ever imagine?

In story number four, a popular urban legend is explored in a new way as a woman is taken from the life she knows and detests into one where she finds the place she belongs, however, when that peace is destroyed she enacts a vengeful curse on those who have taken her loves, her life and her child’s life away, but how far will this curse reach and is there any way to break it?

In the fifth story Kayla is a Huntress and one who is feared by all other supernatural creatures or Myres all because of one fateful Halloween night when she was turned into a Vampire and now she is hunting someone in particular on this Halloween night, she is looking for a Witch, anyone will do but time is running out and she has to make promises she wouldn’t normally keep in order to get the information she needs to find one. Will she find her Witch and be able to fulfill her mission in time, or will fate intervene again on Halloween and ruin all her best laid plans?

The sixth story is set in a bank where Anna works and works hard, however, just as things are starting to look up in her life, it all comes crashing down around her when a colleague passed away unexpectedly, the only thing keeping her going is the cute female security guard she has a crush on and who is the only thing now keeping her there, but will she be able to change anything around her and give in to this possibility of romance, or will she end up crashing and burning?

In the final story, Rebecca is being interviewed about a shocking experience she just had involving a spade and a patio, she is shaken to the core and nervous to speak about how she saw the light and tried to escape the darkness around her, but what happened to make her into the scared woman she is during the interview and was it orchestrated by the light or the dark?

This collection keeps you on your toes while you explore the light and dark sides of love.

Reviewed by @roxsannel

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Secure Decision (Chase Security Series Book 5) by R.L. Dunn – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

Secure Decision (Chase Security Series Book 5)Secure Decision by R.L. Dunn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a book only for those over 18 due to its themes of an adult nature and adult contents.

This installment of the Chase Security International series is the story of We “Alamo” Crockett, he is a medically trained ex Navy Combat Medic who has now transferred that to being a Paramedic and the head of the newest Chase Centre for Training in Virginia and is working all hours of the day to prepare for the Centres opening while meeting all the new employees and running the orientations and overseeing the security of the plot of land which the Centre is built on. When he receives a call regarding a friend, he immediately accepts him in a role at the facility, knowing that it will help the both of them as he is on point with his work no matter what is happening around him and Wes needs someone he can fully trust to take on some of the responsibilities associated with running the Centre.

As he is going into the centre of town to drop off some paperwork, he finds that a car has been in an accident on the property and is currently wrapped around a tree with a woman with a head full of blonde curly hair bleeding and injured within it, that woman is Eleanor West, the new Director of the Equine-Assisted Therapy Programme and she is heading to the Centre for her first day on the job, however, when she sees a cow in the middle of the road, she screeches to a halt to try and avoid it, however, she hits the tree instead because of the rain slicked road surface. As Wes is tending to her, bandaging her eyes, hooking her up to a drip and talking to her the whole time while waiting for the emergency services he has called to aid him, they don’t know who the other is, however, they soon realise it when she is taken to the hospital for treatment. She is clearly terrified and uncomfortable with certain aspects of the treatment, however, she feels comfortable with the man who rescued her and he looks after her as best he can and this includes taking her to stay in a room in his home overnight so he can check in on her concussion and other injuries. As she recovers, Eleanor continues to feel comfortable with Wes, however, she feels like she doesn’t stand a chance because of her looks and some of the snide remarks she begins hearing when she goes to settle into her accommodations thanks to the rumours which start flying around after her stay in the boss’s home, what she doesn’t know is that Wes is feeling the same way about her, with her curves, wit, dedication to her job and personality, he is finding it hard to resist her charms.

As the week progresses and the Centre is closer to opening up, tensions mount when the snide comments and rumours cause friction within the therapy team as they don’t believe she can do the job, however, when she takes charge of the situation and makes changes to the team, she proves that she can and will do what is needed for both the horses and the future patients. Meanwhile, a gruesome discovery is made on the property line and this leads to an investigation and stress of a completely different kind when it appears that the curvaceous blonde he is developing feelings involved appears to be attached to it and as the two become closer, Eleanor has to make the decision whether to share her past with Wes or to just tie up loose ends and do what she always has done and run away. Will Eleanor be able to overcome her anxiety and body image issues to open herself and her secrets up to a possible future with Wes and can he keep his feelings for Eleanor separate from the investigation into the discovery of a web of secrets and lies surrounding the Centre? This is a romantic suspense with plenty of heart, it will draw you in and keep you reading to the conclusion to find out which of the possibilities come to pass.

Reviewed by @roxsannel

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Mariekkela: From Finland, with Love by Stu Ledwith – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

Mariekkela: From Finland, with LoveMariekkela: From Finland, with Love by Stuart Ledwith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Dr Stu Ledwith is back to tell the story of another soul he has encountered, only this time it is from a dream he had every night between the ages of ten and seventeen, it was a very vivid dream of a young soldier as he spent time with the woman he loves, that is until he is shot by another soldier and dies. He never thought much about this dream until recently because of the pandemic changing the life around him and allowing him the time for meditation and self-reflection. It has allowed him to focus on it and allow the soul of Mariekkela to approach him and tell her story.

The dream always followed the same path, he is a Finnish soldier fighting in the Finnish-Russian war and he is spending time with Mariekkela and some others in a sauna near a military checkpoint, then one day, the sauna is attacked by Russian soldiers when he is killed while trying to retrieve his rifle. This book tells of Mariekkela’s life after the attack and how she dealt with her fiance’s death, it is not a book for the faint of heart, however, reading the story puts life in perspective as you see the conditions of life at the time and time and how those around her rallied around and helped her is an emotional but rewarding read which will make enchant and engage you until the end.

Reviewed by @roxsannel

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