Bird In A Snare (The Lord Hani Mysteries Book 1) by N. L. Holmes – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

Bird in a Snare (The Lord Hani Mysteries #1)Bird in a Snare by N.L. Holmes
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Lord Hani is an Egyptian scribe for the Royal Hall of Correspondance where his duties include correlating, translating and transcribing correspondence from around the Two Lands, he is also a diplomat in the foreign service where he undertakes tasks assigned to him by the King Akhenaten. His latest assignment is to spend time with a lord from Syria who is visiting the capital so that they bonds between their two lands can be strengthened and although it isn’t something he enjoys, he has taken the diplomat hunting so that he can guage his opinion of the man. After the diplomat has left, Hani reports to his superior on his oservations and is then given a new assignment based on them to visit another Lord in another part of the kingdom, hwoever, as he is travelling, he receives the news that the diolomat has been killed and that he now has to change direction and investigate the murder.

As Hani prepares for this investigation, he enlists the help of his secretary so that he can enure that he misses nothing in the interviews he has to carry out, hwoever, as he gleans more information from those in and around the murder, the waters muddy and he begins to feel that this murder may be more than meets the eye. The more that Hani investigates and the more information he finds out, the less at ease he feels, who can he trust with the evidence and how far up the hierarchy does the corruption go?

Will Lord Hani’s investigation lead to the prosecution of those guilty of the crime, or will danger surround him like a bird in a snare before he can complete his assignment? This is a mystery based in a historical land where nothing is as it seems and danger lays around every corner, but which will keep you intrigued throughout until you can figure out the culprit is in the end.

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