Whisper Creek by Valerie Davisson – Review by Char Wahtomy-Alba

In this book Logan has accepted the proposal of her long-term boyfriend, Ben. On top of that great news she has also become YouTube famous when one of her students puts her music on the video platform for the world to hear. It has amassed millions of views which in turn has started to generate her money. Afraid that it will destabilize the monetary dynamic she and Ben have, she decides a trip to Oregon will help clear her head. While in Oregon at The New School she is roped into playing her violin in the staff talent show. When everyone has done their act and are getting congratulated all around she takes her friends dog out for a bathroom break and discovers a body. Who hated this woman enough to want her dead? When several of her friends and co-workers at the school become prime suspects she dons her detective hat to clear their names. Is Logan going to be a help or a hindrance?

Another great book in the Logan McKenna series. From the very first book she has quickly become one of my favorite characters to follow. I don’t know how many books the author plans on writing for this series, but I will be sad to see it end!

When Silence Screams by Mark Edward Langley – Review by Colleen Noyes

When Silence Screams (Book 3 of the Arthur Nakai Mysteries)When Silence Screams by Mark Edward Langley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

When silence screams (The Arthur Nakai Mysteries Book 3) was my first book by Mark Edward Langley and I plan to go back and read the first two. It took about 18-20% of the story to really get into, but it was worth sticking with it. Private Investigator Arthur Nakai sets out to find a missing girl named April, but what he uncovers is so much more than he expected. He is brought into an underground world of terror. The authors writing style for the most part flows very well. A couple of things that hurt with the flow were his odd use of using the first and last name of some characters some times and other times not ie. He often says Glenda James or April Manygoats and it became slightly repetitive. I also noticed he did this mainly with just the female character.

One of the things that I enjoyed most were the small history lessons the author gave involving Native American history. He did a brilliant job of incorporating them into the story in a smooth way that enhanced the story instead of taking away from the story. I found myself very enthralled with each aspect. This story does have some graphic scenes involving being held captive so could be a trigger for some. Overall, this is a story I enjoyed and an author I will add to my must read list. If you like suspense/mystery books with a strong male lead who at the root is a good guy you will love this book.

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Family Secrets by Shawn McGuire – Review by Char Wahtomy-Alba

Jayne O’Shea is back in Whispering Pines after 16 long years. She was deemed the one in her family to pack up her grandparents home after her grandmother passes. She thinks it will be a quick trip lasting no more than a few days, but that l goes out the window when she discovers that the home has been vandalized. She is also in for a treat and will need to put her detective hat on to do some investigating when her dog finds a corpse on the family property. Who was this girl and who would want to harm her? The local Sherriff doesn’t want her snooping around, but he doesn’t seem at all interested in finding the culprit. Is he covering for someone or in the worst case himself?

This was a captivating book and kept me hooked. The character building and development of the story was great. I can’t say that I am a huge fan of books that end on a cliffhanger, but I am invested in finding out who is behind the murder and any other mysteries Jayne may uncover.

Murder Among Friends by Linda Burson – Review by Dahnielle Hibbert

Murder Among FriendsMurder Among Friends by Linda Burson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The change in character point of views and tenses had me slightly confused as the story did not flow as well as it could have. That said the story itself is great and Author Linda Burson has a knack for creating suspense, mystery, intrigue and even romance. While I do not often enjoy books that contain affairs, I did appreciate the way the author justifies the relationship between two of the main characters. I absolutely love how she describes the parents and their different aspects of their relationships with their children. We truly need more parents like Zach, Leah and Grant and more aunts like Cammy. Really appreciate the details the author added to give you the sense of watching the story unfold.

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Murder Among Friends by Linda Burson – Review by Char Wahtomy-Alba

Camille is looking to take a break from her highly stressful PI job and decides to stay with her brother and his family. He had been trying to get her to live with his family for years and she is finally ready to take him up on his offer. When a neighbor goes missing her brother and his partner take on the case. She can’t just sit by and not help can she? This was a great book that kept me on the edge of my seat. The equal parts suspense and romance balanced out this book very well and the writing style of the author was great. The characters came to life and they felt so real. I will definitely be finding more books by this author.

Swindler’s Revenge (Karina Cardinal Mysteries Book 5) by Ellen Butler – Review by Char Wahtomy-Alba

This is the first book I have read by this author and it was a great first book. I realized after I was a few pages in that it went to a series, but I didn’t feel like I had missed out on a lot. It does make me want to go back and read the other adventures from the first book.

In Swindler’s Revenge Karina Cardinal has her Saturday morning interrupted by the FBI. They are looking for her ex boyfriend Mike Finnegan as he supposedly took a $1.2 million bribe. She doesn’t believe he would do something like that, but the FBI believes they have the right man. Mike believes he was framed and thinks he knows who is behind it, but how can he prove he didn’t do what he is accused of? Karina believes that Mike is genuinely a good guy and jumps in feet first to help him out of this jam. How much danger is she putting herself in to help out a friend?

Notebook Mysteries – Decisions and Possibilities by Kimberly Mullins – Review by Char Wahtomy-Alba

I had fun reading this book about a strong willed young woman. The character didn’t let herself be bullied or get discouraged when being told no. Emma was a very likeable character and a nice refreshing heroine of sorts doing things that may have certainly been punishable during the time period this book is set in. When Emma kept getting rejection after rejection when applying to business school I felt her frustration through the pages. Having been born in the 20th century with all the rights we as women have I couldn’t imagine growing up in the time this book is set. I do highly recommend this book for anyone that likes to get lost in another world for a while.

Notebook Mysteries ~ Decisions and Possibilities by Kimberly Mullins – Review by Alexandra Leith

Notebook Mysteries ~ Decisions and PossibilitiesNotebook Mysteries ~ Decisions and Possibilities by Kimberly Mullins
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Notebook Mysteries, Decisions and Possibilities is the second installment the Notebook Mysteries series. This is a YA Historical Mystery set in the 19th century where Emma has turned 18, graduated business school and has established her own career.

I aboslutley loved this book. Not only is it filled with action and mystery but Emma is an amazing lead character. She is so different from the regular women of the 1800’s. She is fierce, intelligent, independent and strong. She loves solving mysteries, her family and friends.

This book kept me intrigued from beginning to end and I could not put it down. I also loved that at the end there are recipes from the book. I cannot wait to try some of them and for book 3 Notebook Mysteries, Changes and Challenges to be released.

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~ ♦ ~ ♦ ~ ♦ ~ COMING SOON ~ ♦ ~ ♦ ~ ♦ ~ Whisper Creek by Valerie Davisson

~ ♦ ~ ♦ ~ ♦ ~ ♦ ~ COMING SOON ~ ♦ ~ ♦ ~ ♦ ~ ♦ ~
Whisper Creek: A Logan McKenna Mystery Book 7 by Valerie Davisson
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Genre – Crime, Mystery, Thriller, Suspense

Cover Designer – Kim Peticolas


Logan McKenna is troubled by good news. After accepting her long-time boyfriend’s proposal, the talented musician worries her unexpectedly profitable viral music video will throw their happy relationship out of whack. Needing space to clear her head, she travels to Oregon for a regular consulting gig…and stumbles onto a dead body.

Determined to protect her friends who are prime suspects in the case, Logan puts her own life on hold and chases the truth. But with the police distracted by festering secrets and false accusations, the musician-turned-investigator fears even her well-honed instincts can’t safeguard the innocent.

Will Logan’s unflinching loyalty put a murderer behind bars or trigger another killing?

Whisper Creek is the thrilling seventh book in the Logan McKenna Mystery series. If you like dynamic heroines, page-turning suspense, and satisfying twist endings, then you’ll love Valerie Davisson’s danger-laden tale.


Boy On Hold by JD Spero – Review by Lucy Vincent

Boy on HoldBoy on Hold by J.D. Spero

This book wasn’t a typical book I thought I would find myself reading, but when I picked it up off my e-shelf and started reading, I was immediately enthralled. The details are immaculate, the plot is fantastic, it’s truly a wonderful book. The story of Little Hen, his family, and other members in their community is wonderfully written. While it wasn’t a debut novel, it was the first in a series, and I intend to finish this series as we’re pulled along the story of the Trout family and the community surrounding it.

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