Waiting to Fall (The Waiting Duet: Book 2) by Alyson Reynolds – Review by Jenni Bishop

Waiting to Fall (The Waiting Duet: Book 2)Waiting to Fall by Alyson Reynolds
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Waiting to Fall follows on from Waiting to Breathe and Olivia and Nate’s story continues in the background of this book. They are still very much in love and going strong which brings a smile to my face whenever Finn sees or hears anything remotely about their sex life.

Finn and Cora are our main characters in this story. As much as they give it to each other and there is always tension between the two, they are best friends. I loved the way they were with each other and could not wait to see what happens between them. Finn is a great friend and brother who is caring, loving, sweet and smart. Oh and did I mention sexy? Finn would do anything for those he cares about. Definitely a boy you would want to take home to mum.

Cora is also a caring, loving, sweet and funny woman who is also there for the ones she loves but she doesn’t see herself that way. What she sees someone who is broken, insecure and damaged. She doesn’t do relationships and when the quiet gets too much she turns to Finn. Finn knows the horrors she endured and has always been there for her.

After Finn and Cora hook up confusion is the name of the game. Taking things just that one step further leaves them both reeling with unsure emotions. Finn is Cora’s best friend, Olivia’s twin brother should they embark on a relationship and things go south where would that leave things? They are both afraid of ruining their friendship and Cora has issues she needs to deal with. Both are stubborn but when they are faced with life and death will they both realise what is important in life? Both are worried how Olivia will take their relationship and don’t want to hurt her but doing so may be enough to keep them apart.

This book is set at the same pace as Waiting to Breathe. It is a great story that will have you holding your breath and breaking your heart but at the same time laughing and enjoying the great connection you have found with these characters.

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