Lake Of Flowers (The Lord Hani Mysteries Book 5) by N. L. Holmes – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

Lake of Flowers (Lord Hani #5)Lake of Flowers by N.L. Holmes
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Lord Hani is yet again called upon to conduct an investigation for the royal household and since he has had his promotion and been honoured by the royal family, he knows that he cannot say no, but he desperately wants to. This time, he has been tasked to investigate some thefts from the household of the King and although the items are returned after they disappear, answers are still demanded and sought, so although this keeps him closer to home, his heart is worried about his families future.

As he begins this latest investigation, he finds out that people who work at the palace have been killed and that it looks like it was murder, however, when Lord Hani digs deeper, he finds that he victims were all involved in a cover up relating to the Crown Prince’s birth and the unusual circumstances surrounding it, this is where Lord Hani’s anxiety ratchets up a notch when he begins to fear for the life of his daughter and her friend who were also involved.

As the plot thickens and more information and evidence is uncovered, Lord Hani finds that the more he investigates the thefts from the King’s household, the more it is connected to an attempt which is made on the king’s life and the revolutionaries behind it and again Lord Hani is caught in the middle. As the revolutionaries and believers of the old religious regime of Amen-Ra become more daring, the government attempts to clamp down harder on them, but civil war is on the brink of breaking out when it is revealed that the revolution goes as high up the hierarchy as the Queen.

Can Lord Hani escape from between the radical revolutionaries and the government as the investigation progresses, or will he have a crisis of heart and conscience before a conclusion is reached? This is a thrilling rollercoaster ride of emotions as you can see all the players constructing around each other, leaving those in the middle to try and escape while still holding onto the things most dear to them as investigations lead to evidence of secrets and truths which could affect the whole kingdom.

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