The North Wind Descends (The Lord Hani Mysteries Book 4) by N. L. Holmes – Review by Roxsanne Lesieur.

The North Wind Descends (The Lord Hani Mysteries #4)The North Wind Descends by N.L. Holmes
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Lord Hani returns and has been enjoying his role as a scribe working from his home, rather than going on long trips away like when he was a foreign diplomat, however, he has had a tumultuous few years doing it and although he has tried, he hasn’t had the easiest time keeping his feelings towards the King’s regime private, however, when he is summoned to his superiors office, he has a feeling that things are about to get dangerous again. The meeting goes in a different direction than he expected though when he is told he has a new assignment in Kumidi, but he also receives the news that the King Akhenaten wants to honour him with a title and a promotion, Lord Hani is speechless and so just about manages to accept his assignment and give his thanks for the notification of his new honours and status. When he returns home to spread the news, it is received in good spirits, although, it is also accepted with apprehension because of the past few years and how the change of regime has affected his family and friends, however, when the day comes, they all rally round to congratulate him and celebrate.

It is not long after this that he heads north to make a start on his assignment, he is hoping that it will be straight forward, however, when he receives news that there has been a murder of a foreign diplomat where he is being sent, that becomes the priority in his investigations as he doesn’t want to offend the other dignitaries and cause any more of a problem. When he arrives, he begins investigating immediately and interviews the commissioner who is based there, as well as the rest of the murdered diplomat’s party, he finds that the information given is not much and he gets even less from the servants, that is until a key piece of evidence is stumbled upon by accident.

This leads to Lord Hani finding that an event from his past is connected to this event in the present in the most bizarre and shocking way, so he has to somehow find justice for both, but will he be able to do this and keep his conscience in tact at the same time? This is another historical mystery which keeps you hooked throughout as past and present collide to reveal another tangled web of intrigue which has to be unravelled for the truth to be found and you will be carried along on the tide of the investigation until its conclusion as well.


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