DEADLY WEAPON (Jake Wolfe Book 5) by Mark Nolan – Review by Jana Teppih

Deadly Weapon (Jake Wolfe #5)Deadly Weapon by Mark Nolan
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Deadly Weapon is the fifth book in Mark Nolan’s Jake Wolfe series and Jake and Cody are back to save the world! They are in Alaska for some hard earned time out, fishing salmon and taking in the awesomeness that is Alaska. Jake has turned off the rest of the world so it is just him, Cody and his friend Tuktu … but obviously, like always, something goes wrong and their services are needed … this time to stop rouge operatives who are working on a weapon of mass destruction. You can read the story as a standalone as the writer gives us a story in its own rights in each of the books but as there are characters that you meet from story to story and you will want to be part of the journey that Jake and Cody are on then I suggest you start from the beginning … I promise you will fall in love with both Jake and Cody and even if you are not so fond of dogs, you dream of having a dog like Cody so in this story I am really excited about Cody’s puppies!
The story pulls you in from chapter 1 and you are thrown up in the air on a halo that takes you on one heck of a ride filled with action and danger and assassins while dodging hidden agendas and explosions … I love how the writer utilises the multiple POV’s as it helps us to go even deeper into the storyline, the extensive research he does for each of his Jake Wolfe books is mind blowing so that means every story I read I constantly keep pinching myself and I find myself wondering what if … Thank you for these tense suspense filled hours and I cannot wait to see what is next in store for Jake and Cody (and Sarah and Skye)!

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