Seraphina’s Awakening (Seraphina, #1) by Sheena Hutchinson – Review by Jana Teppih

Seraphina's Awakening (Seraphina, #1)Seraphina’s Awakening by Sheena Hutchinson
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Seraphina’s Awakening is the opening to Sheena Hutchinson’s Seraphina series. Don’t ask me why I started the series with book three, I must have been dreaming or something so do not make the same mistake and do start with the first one! It did send me back to the beginning though! What else you do when you encounter a fantasy/paranormal romance that is filled with mystery and has such a vivid imagery that you can simply close your eyes and BAM, it is there, in front of you!
Seraphina’s Awakening is a quick read that keeps you engaged from page one! We meet Seraphina who seems to be a normal girl in her mid-twenties living a boring life outside though inside she feels as if she is lost and something is missing in her life… she has had crazy dreams for years that feel life visions and then … one night things change and enter Nate and she steps into a supernatural world where she needs to find her way battling evil and trying to fulfil her destiny!
I promise you will fall for Seraphina and Nate and all the supporting character and you will reach for the next book in the series!

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