Flirty Dancing: A Spicy Romantic Comedy About the Afterlife (The Green Room Chronicles Book 3) by J.D. Frettier – Review by Tracy Manderson

Flirty DancingFlirty Dancing by J.D. Frettier
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Flirty Dancing by J.D. Frettier

5 out of 5 stars

Flirty Dancing is the third book in the green room chronicles written by J.D. Frettier and it’s an amazing short story. The plot is great and unorthodox. The characters were well written and hilarious as well as strong willed.

Kitty Eatin loved the stripper pole and it was her way of life. So, she never in her wildest dreams would she have thought it would cause her death. But when the Reaper comes knocking, like many badass woman before her, she lands in Purgatory aka the infamous Green Room where new and exciting experiences and friendships await.

Have you ever wondered what happens when you die? Is the verdict out on whether you’ll go to heaven or hell? What if there were another option? Well we get the green room…

We get to see our favorite characters from the first two books and see how they help Kitty with their cutting-edge technology and hope this will be the solution to Kitty’s happy-ever-after, she finds herself enlisting the help of a ghostologist and a scientist to reconnect with the love of her life. What can go wrong? You will have to read this book to find out….

I highly recommend this book/series….



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