Born to Fall (Can’t Resist You – Book 2) by Brittany Anne – Review by Alexandra Leith

Born to Fall (Can't Resist You, #2)Born to Fall by Brittany Anne
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A beautifully written dystopian romance series. Born to Fall is book two in the Can’t resist you series by Brittany Anne. This book picks up where book 1 left off except it is focused on Julia and Derek. **Read book 1 first**

Julia has been freed of her enslavement to her husband aka slaver, but her pain and fear still lingers. Derek is one of the leaders of the resistance. He has a lot of responsibility and work to do to help free the brain washed people that lived under the UNR’s rule. However, he is attracted to Julia and he wants to help her. He just doesn’t know if he can. Julia is attracted to Derek too but with the hurt and mistrust that she still has she isn’t sure if it could ever work.

I absolutely loved this book. We got to see more what living in a UNR community looked like and the damage it caused. We get the chance to see Julia in a compelelty different light and we get to know Derek too. This series is chilling because this could be a future realty. It is a what if series and that is terrifying. I cannot wait for book 3

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