Love, Me (A Pleasant Valley Novel) by Anna Brooks – Review by Debi Kircher

Love, Me (Pleasant Valley, #2)Love, Me by Anna Brooks
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Love, Me (A Pleasant Valley Novel) by Anna Brooks
5x a million stars!

This is my first book by this author and all I can think of is why have I never read one of her books because this was amazing!!

Rayne Garner works at her parents restaurant, she made a promise to her boyfriend and has remained completely loyal, and faithful since. She lives her life for someone that really doesn’t even deserve it. She has amazing friends and family that are always there when she needs them. She has never thought twice about being disloyal until she meets the guy that just rented the store next door to the restaurant.

Vaughn Morris just moved back to town and rents a building to open his tattoo shop. He comes off as a tough guy yet has deep feelings. His childhood was awful and he has never had the family he wished he’d had. He is haunted daily with memories of his past life in this town and questions coming back until he meets the girl at the restaurant next door.

There is an instant connection between Rayne and Vaughn, the problem is the more he pursues the more she backs away yet always comes back. The mixed signals drive Vaughn nuts and when she begs to just be friends he makes it clear that won’t be enough for him. When he finds out there’s a boyfriend he backs away. He will never touch another man’s woman. Rayne just can’t help being pulled back towards Vaughn every chance she gets. She can see that underneath all his cockiness there is a lot of pain, but how can she help him when she can’t face her own reality. Can they both get past the challenges that lie ahead of them? Can each one find happiness?

I truly loved this story. the characters were written so perfectly and I fell in love with everyone in this book. The author caught me off guard a couple times, I can normally read a book and come up with what might happen, but in this one there were a couple surprises. I can not wait to read all of her other books. This was amazing and I highly recommend it!

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