Dropkick My Heart (Powerhouse M.A. #1) by Winter Travers – Review by Jana Teppih

Dropkick My Heart (Powerhouse M.A. #1)Dropkick My Heart by Winter Travers
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Dropkick My Heart is the first book in Winter Travers’ Powerhouse M.A. series. It truly kicks the series off with a bang! After reading the synopsis, I knew I had to read it, what else should I have thought?!
This story is about Kellan “the Kung Fu Hottie” Writhgt and Molly “the Cookie” Rey (don’t you just want to read it when seeing their nicknames!). Kellan is one of the four friends who opened a Martial Arts Studio next to Molly’s coffee shop Java Spot. Thin walls, spunky book club members, mischief and delicious cookies and brownies and amazing coffee drinks and we are set for a fun and light hearted read! It was an amazing read and blew my mind away! It was such a great break from the dark ones I have somehow ended reading lately and Winter Travers really made my evening!
Dropkick My Heart was a story of 2 hard headed people who both think that they are in the right and they will go a distance to make sure of it. I mean there was nothing mean and petty about it, it was just two people coming from 2 completely different worlds with different experiences who needed to figure out how to find a way to each other! The attraction between Kellan and Molly was undeniable from the first moment they met!
It was a great start to a series that I will be coming back to. Have to confess, I already got the second book downloaded and I know exactly when I will be reading it!

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Dropkick My Heart (Powerhouse M.A. #1) by Winter Travers – Review by Jenni Bishop

Dropkick My Heart (Powerhouse M.A. #1)Dropkick My Heart by Winter Travers
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Molly Rye is the coffee Queen, if it’s not on the menu it soon will be. With the speed and flourish of the new flavours she constantly come up with are always a hit and leaves people wanting more of her special blends. You want a coffee with a peppermint twist? No problem. You want a coffee with hazelnut twirl, she’s your girl. Molly works with her bestie and has her motley crue of feisty, quirky and opinionated customers that make her day complete. Seeing them satisfied and happy is not only her bread and butter, they are as necessary as the air she breathes, they have become her family, and she would do anything for them as they would for her.

Kellan and his three best friends since forever have finally made their dream come true. The dream of them coming together and opening the Powerhouse Martial Arts studio. Teaching others their passion is what they love to do. Making a success is a given, failing is not in their vocabulary for these Alpha males. They spent years honing their skill sets, hours and hours of practice and continuous competitions have made them what they are today. Kellan wants an easy life and would give anything if he could spend a week in his bed not having to worry about anything.

When Molly decides to visit the boys at the Martial Arts Studio to ask them to keep all the noise down, a perfectly reasonable request, right? she got more than she bargained for.

When Kellan and the boys hear what this woman from next door wants his life is turned upside down. What she wants is unreasonable, right?

When the gloves come off and all bets are off, anything goes, there is only war. The battle of wills is on, there is no backing away. Stubbornness is the dish of the day. Coffee, Karate, sassy females and Alpha males at it’s best. What more could you want? Will they learn to live with each other? Will the feud ever end? Who will win the battle of wills?

I must say this book is a fun read. The characters had me laughing at their crazy antics, their feisty bantering and incredible chemistry, not to mention a dash of romance. A good read that I recommend to all.

Reviewed by @jennadb

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