~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ PREORDER ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ Titanian Warrior (Titanian Chronicles Book 2) by Victoria Saccenti

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Titanian Warrior (Titanian Chronicles Book 2) by Victoria Saccenti
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Genre – Paranormal Romance
Page Count – 240
Cover Designer – Scott Carpenter

Hagen drags himself to the gates of Hell, body and soul shredded by the bloodlust that consumes all the unmated of his kind. Awaiting the painful atonement that will buy him ten more years to find his eternal mate—or face oblivion. But Hades himself kicks him out with the bloodlust still prowling, unsatisfied, in his veins.

Bargained away by her parents to Master O, a mysterious, cruel wizard, Faiza serves in his household, keeping her small magic a secret, plagued by wild, confusing visions of a strange, suffering man. Then the master brings home a wounded Titanian warrior whose touch sends ice, fire, and desire racing through her body.

When she learns Master O plans to use Hagen as a weapon to conquer all races, she devises a desperate plan to free him—a plan that opens a portal to a world she’s never known. And a destiny entwined with danger that could destroy them all.



🐌☆♥‿♥☆🐌 PREORDER 🐌☆♥‿♥☆🐌 A Dowry of Snails and Mud by Brittany Tucker

🐌♥♥🐌 PREORDER 🐌♥♥🐌
A Dowry of Snails and Mud by Brittany Tucker
Genre – YA, Historical Romance
Page Count – 208
Cover Designer – Miblart

16-year-old, Rhia Caddell, doesn’t know what’s worse—arranged marriages or high finance.

Now she’s stuck with both when her desperate father agrees to marry her to the oh-so-dainty Prince of Wales in an attempt at royal tax negotiations. As a farmer, Rhia prefers toiling in the earth over romance. Life in a fiefdom requires muscle, and what good is a man who can’t outlift her or bring a belligerent steer to the ground? 

But now, the pressure has fallen onto her to whoo (or intimidate) her new, royal husband into erasing her village’s debt before the king’s final deadline comes due. Problem is, the prince has been given the same task—to sway his new wife, the mayor’s daughter, into forking over the gold and finally earning his father’s approval.

For Rhia, losing their new, delicate game would mean turning over the only life and home she’s ever known to the king. Winning, though, could mean giving up the fragile prince she’s tried so hard, and failed, not to love. 



( ^◡^)っ✂❤ PREORDER ( ^◡^)っ✂❤ Night Hawke (The Hawke Family Second Generation Prequel) by Gwyn McNamee

( ^◡^)っ✂❤ PREORDER ( ^◡^)っ✂❤
Night Hawke (The Hawke Family Second Generation Prequel) by Gwyn McNamee
Hosted by Itsy Bitsy Book Bits
Genre – Romantic Suspense, Mafia
Page Count – 85
Cover Designer – Michelle Johnson at Bluesky Design
Two nights. No names. No expectations. A lifetime of consequences.
Graduating from law school means finally stepping into my destined role in the Hawke empire.
But before I head home to NOLA to settle into the family’s multi-billion-dollar business, I need one night to celebrate.
Ideally with the redhead who won’t stop eye-fucking me from across the bar.
I never intend it to turn into an entire weekend in bed with her.
Yet, somehow, that’s exactly where we end up.
There are only two rules—no names and no expectations.
Easy to agree to at the time.
Impossible to abide by once I realize how incredible she is.
One night isn’t enough.
Not even two are.
A lifetime won’t be.
We fell into the unexpected, and it will change everything.
Night Hawke is the prequel to The Hawke Family Second Generation Series. Grab this steamy story about a two-night stand between a billionaire heir attorney and the mystery woman running from her life who becomes so much more.
*Night Hawke starts the second generation of the Hawke Family but it it not necessary to read the first generation*



~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ PREORDER ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ Married Blind (King of Screen Book 2) by Morgana Bevan

♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ COUNTDOWN TO RELEASE ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~ ♥ ~
Married Blind (King of Screen Book 2) by Morgana Bevan
Genre – Contemporary Romance
Page Count – 347
Cover Designer – Pretty Little Design Co.
Will it be love at first sight, or are they fated to hate?
Some people go for dinner or coffee for their first date.
I got married.
Time and opportunities to meet Mr Right are slim, since I’m working three jobs. It’s ridiculous to think a reality-TV husband might be the one… but it will mean a break from my regularly scheduled life.
And what if he is?
To rehab my image — one I’ve cultivated for years, thank you very much — my agent has given me the hardest role I’ll ever have to play. A 24-hour loving husband, on reality TV.
It’s just 3 months. I can handle that. That’s all it will take for my latest sexcapade to be forgiven and forgotten, and instead of finding myself on the D-List, I might salvage my career.
I just have to stay strong and not fall for the perfect woman they’ve chosen for me.
That’s the problem with reality TV. It’s so hard to know when it’s TV and when it’s real.

Married Blind is a standalone marriage-of-convenience Hollywood romance set in the Kings of Screen world and within a reality TV show.

🔹️•*•📘•*•🔹️PREORDER 🔹️•*•📘•*•🔹️ Delicious Death (Madame Chalamet Ghost Mysteries Book 2) by Byrd Nash

🔹️•*•📘•*•🔹️ PREORDER 🔹️•*•📘•*•🔹️
Delicious Death (Madame Chalamet Ghost Mysteries Book 2) by Byrd Nash
Genre – Ghost, Fantasy
Cover Designer – Rook and Castle Press

Thwarting an assassination wasn’t on the menu. 

In the southern town of Vouvant, Elinor’s goal was to eat rich food and celebrate if her favorite chef won the Winter Revels. 

Between saving a young society lady and solving the problem of a widower who grieves too much, Ghost Talker Elinor Chalamet has her hands full.

Meanwhile, an assassin wants to seize the crown by murdering the king. Even more irritating is that Tristan Fontaine, duke de Archambeau, is trying to solve the crime before she can.

The first of a six part gaslamp fantasy ghost mystery series featuring a strong female character in a slow burn romance.



☆❥•*•🌹 •*•❥☆ PREORDER ☆❥•*•🌹 •*•❥☆ Underboss’s Retaliation (Sicilian Gods Book 2) by Via Mari

☆❥•*•🌹 •*•❥☆ PREORDER ☆❥•*•🌹 •*•❥☆
Underboss’s Retaliation (Sicilian Gods Book 2) by Via Mari
Genre – Mafia, Dark, Romance
Born Dominic Larussio, people call me merciless and cruel. As underboss to the savage Italian Crime Family, it is my job to make sure our enemies suffer in the most brutal of ways.
Emelia, our rival’s daughter, was a surprise, a precious flower too delicate to leave behind in a bloodthirsty attack. The minute she gazed at me with those deep Jade eyes, her destiny in the brutal world of mafia evil was never going to be the same.
My responsibility should be easy. Get the information we need or turn her over to the boss and wipe her from my mind.
But the beautiful hellcat has surprises of her own…
When she finds out what I’ve done, it alters the course of everything and sets us on a deadly game to maintain power over the criminal underground.
When our families learn the truth and the last hand has been played, it’s up to me to ensure I win the prize or lose her forever in the fight of my life.
UnderBoss’s Retaliation is the explosive second book in the Sicilian Gods series by Via Mari. It is a deliciously dark, enemies to lovers, forced proximity, Dark Mafia Protector Romance. You will love these novels where the passion is fiery, the loyalty is fierce, and the stakes are high. Each book is a standalone that focuses on different couples in each book, and all have a happily ever after.




❣🌹❤🥀 ❥ PREORDER ❣🌹❤🥀 ❥ Love Tools (Bluestone Series Book 1) by Isobel Reed

❣🌹❤🥀 ❥ PREORDER ❣🌹❤🥀 ❥
Love Tools (Bluestone Series Book 1) by Isobel Reed
Genre – Contemporary Romance
Page Count – 182
Cover Designer – Fantasia Frog Designs

Lily is running. From a dead-end job, a neurotic mother and all the losers she dared to date. Moving halfway across the world to Bluestone County seemed like a good idea at the time. So did reopening her estranged father’s hardware store. But now she isn’t so sure. 

Small town living has its perks though. Wide-open space, clean air, and sexy cowboys. Well, one sexy cowboy. Jake. Who also just so happens to be the new bane of her existence. At least when he’s not talking, she can admire the view.  

Jake is the king of casual. The love of his life has always been his ranch, and that was fine with him. He never really saw the point in long-term. But all that changes when a mouthy, blonde sasses him into oblivion. He should have known she’d be trouble as soon as he laid eyes on her. Now it’s too late. She’s all he can think about. All he has to do is convince her that he’s finally the right man. 

Isobel Reed’s hilarious, emotionally charged romance will have you holding your side with laughter or reaching for a tissue. Reminiscent of small-town romance by Tessa Bailey or Kristen Ashley, you will fall in love with LOVE TOOLS and Isobel Reed’s unique writing style.



~ ♦ ~ ♦ ~ ♦ ~ ♦ ~ PREORDER ~ ♦ ~ ♦ ~ ♦ ~ ♦ ~ Revenge Never Rests (Tallie Brown Suspense Book 2) by Laurie Lewis

♦ ~ ♦ ~ ♦ ~ ♦ ~ PREORDER ~ ♦ ~ ♦ ~ ♦ ~ ♦ ~
Revenge Never Rests (Tallie Brown Suspense Book 2) by Laurie Lewis
Genre – Romantic Suspense, Clean
Page Count – 250

Tallie Brown has spent a lifetime hiding from the ghosts of someone else’s past. Raised by a paranoid woman on the run, Tallie learned from an early age how to disappear. Now she must employ her unique set of skills to track down hundreds who have simply vanished, so when an Amber Alert wakes her in the night, she is the first to respond to the call. But tracking the missing girl comes with unexpected consequences, leading her down a deadly path paved with lies and personal loss that ends in a single devastating truth: General Cai Kaswell, the father she just discovered and the world’s best hope for peace, is among the vanished.

As she struggles to find General Kaswell, Tallie is drawn into a conspiracy that links her past to the string of unsolved disappearances. Her search for answers sends her around the globe, but when it nearly takes the lives of her trusted friends and leaves her alone, she is assigned to a charming operative she doesn’t fully trust. Forced to watch her own back as she searches for General Kaswell and the others, not only does she discover she is the unwitting catalyst for the disappearance of the missing people but she and her father are also lured into a plot that threatens the Constitution and the balance of world power.



(づ♥‿♥)づ PREORDER (づ♥‿♥)づ The Daredevil (WaterFyre Rising Book 2) by Nadia Han

(づ♥♥)づ PREORDER (づ♥♥)づ
The Daredevil (WaterFyre Rising Book 2) by Nadia Han
Genre – Contemporary Romance
Page Count – 400
Cover Designer – Nadia Han

Loving her is his biggest risk . . . and also his biggest reward. 

Daring, clever, and gorgeous, Royce Viktorsson is a volcanologist who lives life on the edge between the thrill and the pulsing calm before the storm. The unsteady lifestyle masks the man who is seeking something beyond himself. Nothing has offered him resolve . . . until her. 

The lightning that illuminates his soul. 

The thunder that stirs his heart.

The lava that ignites his blood. 

Thoughtful, alluring, and guarded, travel blogger Michelle Yates is emotionally unavailable thanks to the monster in her closet. Traveling allows her to see the beauty in the world, making her forget the ugliness in her life. One man yanks on that closet door and helps her claim back her self-worth. 

The friend who becomes her lover.

The hero who defeats her monster.

The savior who defines her destiny.

As their romance churns, danger erupts, whipping out secrets that demand the truth, but some truths are best left in the dark.



📚 ⏳ 📜 📖 PREORDER 📖 📜 ⏳📚 Nightfall in Deptford (Crescent Moon Chronicles Book 4) by L.E. Towne

📚 ⏳ 📜 📖 PREORDER 📖 📜 ⏳📚
Nightfall in Deptford (Crescent Moon Chronicles Book 4) by L.E. Towne
Genre – Fantasy, Historical
Page Count – 342
Cover Designer – Puzo Mitsuma

Murder and mayhem are old hat to Tam Paradiso. Time travel? That’s a new one.

On May 30, 1593, playwright and monster hunter Christopher Marlowe is destined to meet his demise amid a nest of spies and criminals. No one can change that, not even his love, Tam Paradiso, a homicide detective in present-day Philadelphia.

But something has gone wrong. The final days of Marlowe’s life have deviated from their destined course, corrupting the proper flow of time. Aided by visions from her sister, Isabelle, Tam travels back to 1593 to rescue Marlowe from the infamous Tower of London. She takes banished fae warrior Theo North, her former lover, as supernatural back-up.

To fix the timeline, they must plot Marlowe’s escape from the impenetrable White Tower, unravel the political conspiracy against him, and battle a vicious shifter with a role to play in his death. But even should they succeed, Tam will have no choice but to abandon Marlowe to his predestined tragic end, or risk destroying the future.