My Pretty (Mischief Matchmakers #1) by Madeline Fay- Review by Angela Hayes

My Pretty (Mischief Matchmakers, #1)My Pretty by Madeline Fay
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


My Pretty is the first book in the Mischief Matchmakers series, and my first read by Madeline Fay. Wow! This is definitely not what I was expecting at all- in a fun way. This was so much more than I imagined- and I loved Madeline Fay’s original twist to the classic “Wizard of Oz”.
Put aside everything you thought you knew about the ‘Wizard of Oz’- things are not what they seemed then. We get East’s perspective here, and she casts a whole new light on the story. The heroine we thought we knew from the original, may not be what we were told. And the ‘villain’ of old will be seen in a whole new light.
This is a crazy, zany, hilarious, sexy, erotic, laugh-out-loud little gem that kept me entertained from beginning till end. Whilst a little corny in places, the superb character/s, and fantastic, fun, and hilarious story really won me over- it’s not one I will soon forget, that’s for sure. But be warned, this is an erotic retelling- a reverse harem story that takes us on an adults only romp through Oz.
It was a great introduction to Madeline Fay’s work, and I will definitely be hunting down more of her work to explore in the very near future.
Can’t wait to see what awaits us in Book #2!

Thank you, Madeline Fay!

Reviewed by @angelahayes

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Elemental Fae Academy (Elemental Fae Academy Book 2) by Lexi C. Foss and J.R Thorn – Review by Anna Hirsch

Elemental Fae Academy: Book Two (Elemental Fae Academy #2)Elemental Fae Academy: Book Two by Lexi C. Foss
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Elemental Fae Academy (Elemental Fae Academy Book2) by Lexi C. Foss and J.R Thorn
5 Stars

After the cliffhanger left me dangling in part one, I couldn’t wait to read this one. This book does not disappoint! It picks up exactly where the last one finishes and takes you on a roller coaster ride filled with danger, intrigue and so much passion, it will leave you breathless. This is not a stand-alone, go back and read the first part. This series is well worth it!

Exos is taken and Claire feels the loss. It is like a piece of her is missing. Titas tried to help but she needs so much more. Cyrus enters the picture and although he’s an arrogant jerk most of the time, I love him! He’s exactly what Claire needs. He becomes her rock of support and like a tsunami, threatens to destroy anyone who tries to harm her.

More characters were introduced in this novel. Each unique and complex within themselves. I loved each and every one of them for different reasons. Her chosen mates add their individual strengths to her, giving her exactly what she needs. Claire has a lot on her plate in this book. Trying to locate Exos, tentatively getting to know her other mates better and trying to stay alive. Someone is out to get her and they need to figure out who it is before it’s too late.

The development and the growth of the characters was amazing. So much happens in this novel, it will blow you away. I loved this book even more than the first. This series keeps getting better and better. I can’t wait to read part three.

Review by @Anna Hirsch
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Elemental Fae Academy (Elemental Fae Academy Book 1) by Lexi C. Foss and J.R Thorn – Review by Anna Hirsch

Elemental Fae Academy (Elemental Fae Academy, #1)Elemental Fae Academy by Lexi C. Foss
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Elemental Fae Academy (Elemental Fae Academy Book 1) by Lexi C. Foss and J.R Thorn
5 Stars

I have read many books by Lexi C. Foss and loved them all. After reading this book, I know this will be another series that I will adore. I fell in love with these characters: Titas ( the scorchingly hot Fire Fae), Exos (the arrogantly all powerful Spirit Fae) and Claire ( the beautiful and fated). This reverse harem starts out as a small ember that quickly ignites to an all consuming blaze. You will definitely need a cold shower after some of these steamy scenes.

Although the chemistry between the characters is palpable and the sex scenes exciting, there is more to this book. Claire’s powers awaken on her twenty first birthday and Exos whisks her away to the Fae Realm to be her mentor. With her not knowing that she is half fae and her powers out of control, Claire is too dangerous to remain in the human realm. Unfortunately, most of the Fae want her dead. Claire must accept who she is, learn to control her powers and find out who is framing her for causing chaos before she gets killed.

This story had a nice twist having the fae represent the different elements instead of the usual light or dark fae. The book had me enthralled until the end. Omg, what an ending! I’m left hanging, waiting with bated breath for the next book!

Review by @Anna Hirsch
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Trickster’s Hunt (Three Tricksters Book 1) by Carrie Whitethorne

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Trickster’s Hunt (Three Tricksters Book 1) by Carrie Whitethorne
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Genre – Urban Fantasy reverse harem
Page Count – 227 pages
Cover Designer – Fiona Jayde
Publishing Company – Carrie Whitethorne
Goodreads –…/show/41947308-trickster-s-hunt

Nineteen year old Maia goes to London to participate in an eating contest. Winning the semi final leaves her in the city for a week waiting for the final, alone.
Maia is single after a nasty break up six months earlier, and while she isn’t looking for company, she cant help but admire the gorgeous men who cross her path.
But they aren’t just men.
And the cat that keeps showing up isn’t just a cat.
As strange events unfold, Maia finds herself in a altogether impossible situation, and the three hot Egyptian guys cant seem to leave her alone.


USA Today Bestselling Author

Carrie is a mum.  An author.  A creator of worlds. A dreamer.  A friend.

At her childhood home in Yorkshire, Carrie was encouraged to utilize her imagination, to see things for what they could be, and to ask the question “what if?”  Her mum introduced her to worlds filled with magic: Barrie, Lewis, Tolkien, Blyton.  That magic evolved and continued to inspire her when she discovered Rowling and Sanderson.  They all asked the question and explored the possibilities, opening doors to new adventures that would forever change generations to come.

Even as a child, Carrie preferred creative outlets and writing.  But as an adult, she had not yet had that moment of inspiration to begin writing a novel of her own.  That all changed one normal morning, on a normal walk to school, when a small boy slipped from the pavement and on to the road.  There was no accident. No horror.  Just a near miss that later formulated into one question: what if he was able to save himself?  Fuelled by this question and Carrie’s love of fantasy, European folklore, and mythological creatures, The Riftkeepers emerged.  This world answered her question.  The series gave birth to characters that took on a life of their own, many telling continued stories in novellas and spinoffs.

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Claiming Her Mates: Book One: (A paranormal shifter romance series) by Dia Cole

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Claiming Her Mates: Book One by Dia Cole
Series Name: Claiming Her Mates
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Genre: Reverse Harem Paranormal Romance
Page Count – 202 pages
Cover Designer: Addendum Designs
Publishing Company: Black Diamond Press LLC.
Goodreads Link:…/show/41983560-claiming-her-mates

With everyone bailing on my holiday party, I didn’t think the night could get any worse. Then three scorching hot men storm the club and demand I come with them. Thinking they’re cops, I run only to discover the flu vaccine is turning people into monsters.

Now my survival depends on Mason, Gabriel, and Liam. I should be terrified of their glowing eyes and the way they destroy any threat in our path, but all I can think about is claiming the fierce men as my own. All three of them…

One problem.

My ex has threatened to eviscerate any man who touches me. Too bad the deadly Alpha male isn’t here. He’ll rue the day he broke my heart and ordered his three gorgeous friends to rescue me.


Dia wanted to be a writer from the time she could hold a pencil. A lover of science fiction, urban fantasy, horror, and paranormal romance, she writes action-packed stories featuring kick-butt heroines and the alpha male heroes who fall for them.




The Fifth Knight: An Arthurian Legend Reverse Harem Romance (The Knights of Caerleon series Book 1) by Claire Luana & Jesikah Sundin – Review by Maura Harper

The Fifth Knight (The Knights of Caerleon #1)The Fifth Knight by Jesikah Sundin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the first book I’ve read by Jesikah Sundin, I enjoy reading Claire Luana so I was excited to read this story.

It’s an interesting take on The Knights of the Round Table. Honestly, I don’t know much about the legend so it was all pretty new to me. I found the reverse harem an interesting twist. RH is new to me and it feels like it’s the latest “popular genre”. I have read a lot of it and this seemed tamer than what I have read.

The story features a kick a** strong female lead whose destiny is written and it is not the usual direction you would think she would be going. The characters are well developed and the story is layered with a few different threads. It held my interest and I only found myself skimming a few times.

I will re-read this story when the future installments are published.

Review by @mauraharper

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The Fifth Knight (The Knights of Caerleon #1) by Claire Luana & Jesikah Sundin – Review by Emily Walsh

The Fifth Knight (The Knights of Caerleon #1)The Fifth Knight
ByClaire Luana & Jesikah Sundin
My Rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Fifth Knight (The Knights of Caerleon #1) by Claire Luana & Jesikah Sundin was a fast pace, entertaining read that had me hooked from start to finish.

What a start to a new series, and being that this is the first book I have read from this author, I have to say I will be checking out other books Jesikah Sundin has written. I’m no stranger to RH, though I don’t read it as much as I use to, but it’s still a genre I like. In saying that, there ways to do it wrong and there are ways to do it right, and this my friends, is an exemplary example of a RH done, all kinds of right.

I’m going to be real with you, it wasn’t the RH that caught my eye, no it was the fact that this is a King Arthur tale, and I love anything that has Arthurian elements. This is more a retelling with our MC tossed into the mix. Now I will say that our MC Fionna is for the lack of a better word, a Mary-sue.. yes, yes, I know, I have dissed on that before, how I don’t like, it.. But.. I have also said there are ways to do it right.

To be even more honest, Fionna, though has all the markings of a Mary-Sue, also has many elements of a OP(Overpowered) character as well. Normally that mix, isn’t a good one, but, and there is a but. The writing, the character development, and the complex multi layers of Fionna, offset those two, normally, annoying traits. Jesikah Sundin managed to humanize Fionna, causing the reading(me) to connect. Fionna was nice, she wasn’t a, –I’ll do it myself, then have to get rescued– type. She wasn’t mean or mlishious to other female character (Which is the most annoying of the mary-sue tropes). She was witty but, was also flawed. I loved her as a lead characters and despite having everyone she met fall in love with her, she was probably one of the best female MC’s I’ve read about this year.

This just goes to show you, that you don’t need to following the normal “outline” of a character, to have something amazing.

Overall this book is worth your time, energy and brain power. I know I was gushing about Fionna, but I just feel like she carried the story and truly outshone the others. Yes King Arthur and his knights were well developed and great to read about, but I was drawn to Fionna. This was all due to knowing how to write a OP character and not make it cringe otherly. And for me, really showcased the authors magical writing talent.

On that note I will leave you with my super high recommendation and, my stamp of approval.

Happy Reading

Review by @eawalsh

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The Fifth Knight: An Arthurian Legend Reverse Harem Romance (The Knights of Caerleon series Book 1) by Claire Luana & Jesikah Sundin

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The Fifth Knight: An Arthurian Legend Reverse Harem Romance (The Knights of Caerleon series Book 1)

by Claire Luana & Jesikah Sundin, Author

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Four cursed knights. One Warrior Princess. A faerie sword that binds their lives together.

Fionna’s only hope to save her family lies across the Irish Sea. As a warrior princess of Ulster, the rival clann holding her father and sister for ransom knows she’ll pay any price to get them back. But even she couldn’t predict the task set before her–to steal a faerie sword from a king.

The Kingdom of Caerleon is dying under Morgan la Fay’s dark magic. Her vengeful curse has locked Excalibur in its scabbard, placing Arthur Pendragon’s kingship in jeopardy. Now Arthur and his sword brothers–Lancelot, Galahad, and Percival–have but one hope. The fifth knight. The one foretold by Merlin who will break the curse and heal the land.

But Arthur and his sword brothers didn’t expect the warrior to be a fierce and captivating woman. Or the legendary White Fay, prophesied by Morgan la Fay to destroy Caerleon by claiming the heart of a king and three sworn knights.

The Fifth Knight is a Reverse Harem tale of betrayal and fated love.

Suitable for readers aged 18+

Book 1 – “The Fifth Knight” October 15, 2018
Book 2 – “The Third Curse” November 26, 2018
Book 3 – “The First Gwenevere” February 14, 2019


About Claire Luana

Claire Luana grew up reading everything she could get her hands on and writing every chance she could. Eventually, adulthood won out, and she turned her writing talents to more scholarly pursuits, going to work as a commercial litigation attorney at a mid-sized law firm.

While continuing to practice law, Claire decided to return to her roots and try her hand once again at creative writing. She has written and published the Moonburner Cycle and the Confectioner Chronicles and is currently co-writing the Knights of Caelreon series with Jesikah Sundin. She lives in Seattle, Washington with her husband and two dogs. In her (little) remaining spare time, she loves to hike, travel, binge-watch CW shows, and of course, fall into a good book.

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About Jesikah Sundin

Jesikah Sundin is a multi-award winning Ecopunk SciFi and Forest Fantasy writer mom of three nerdlets and devoted wife to a gamer geek. In addition to her family, she shares her home in Monroe, Washington with a red-footed tortoise and a collection of seatbelt purses. She is addicted to coffee, laughing, and Dr. Martens shoes … Oh! And the forest is her happy place.

Marks of the Mazza : Reverse harem (Mazza Series Book 1) By Blake Blessing – Review by Dawn Daughenbaugh

Marks of the MazzaMarks of the Mazza by Blake Blessing
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Star
Marks of the Mazza: Reverse Harem ( Mazza Series Book 1)By Blake Blessing is the first book in the Mazza Series .This is a paranormal/reverse/harem/polyamorous romance. We get a bit of everything with this book from action,to adventure, drama some danger,suspense and can’t forget the mystery. I loved this Book and had a hard time putting it down once I started reading. I really like this author’s style of writing grabs your attention from the beginning and keeps it till the end. Isolde’s world gets turned upside down and what she finds is a whole new world she didn’t know existed and that she plays an incredible part in that world. Find out what happens next. I highly recommend reading this Book. I look forward to reading more from this Author.

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Marks of the Mazza: Reverse Harem (Mazza Series Book 1) by Blake Blessing – Review by Anastasia Dodson

Marks of the MazzaMarks of the Mazza by Blake Blessing
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Marks of the Mazza
(Mazza Series Book 1)
by Blake Blessing

Marks of the Mazza is the first book in the Mazza series and it is off to a great start. This a paranormal romance/reverse harem and i just ate it up. I couldn’t get enough of the book and when i started i couldn’t put it down.
Isolde is the main character in the book. She meets a mysterious handsome man and feels an attraction that is hard to ignore. After a kiss her world is changed forever.
The male characters in this book are Donato, Sage, Egan and Jari. Oh Man. They are hot hot hot. Pushy typical alpha males. And of course i love them!
The secondary characters in the book are also great and the author did a wonderful job at world building in this book and i cannot wait to get my hands on more by this author!!
I would recommend to a friend.
Review by Anastasia D.

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