Pearl White (Murder in Savannah, #3) by Lindsay Marie Miller – Review by Shannon Fowler

Pearl White (Murder in Savannah, #3)Pearl White by Lindsay Marie Miller
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I love to write notes and my thoughts while reading a good book. So here are a few thoughts, of course edited for sensitive eyes.

Are you kidding me with that ending!?! Just when I thought we had a happy ending…that ding dang necklace shows up! What is it? How? Just smash it! And all those evil people and the betrayal that Addie has to deal with! So not fair! Do not throw the phone! Do not throw the phone! Just keep reading! The end is near!

Ok so Lindsay Marie Miller sucked me into Addie’s adventure and still has me all twisted up! I really liked this story much more than the first two, so I cannot wait to read the next one…there is a next one right Miller?!? Remember that ending? So yeah…the next one…please.

The same main characters are in this story because the adventure is not over. Addie still seems wishy washy to me especially at the beginning. She is still a 17-18 yr old young woman with only herself to guide her, so I have given her a little more leeway in her actions and mixed up emotions. Tom was so much more lovable and believable through most of this book. This book does explain a few things that were left questionable in books one and two. But as I said before, that ending! Now there are a few more questions!

If you want to read this book (you really do want to!) you must have already read the first two books or you will not know what the heck is going on. So I am definitely recommending this book, series and author!

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