Rhapsody and Rebellion by Aubrey Wynne – Review by Shannon Fowler

Rhapsody and Rebellion (Enduring Legacy #7)Rhapsody and Rebellion by Aubrey Wynne
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Here’s a book about a family fighting to save themselves and their beliefs. A family trying to protect the innocent and the ones they love. “It’s an honor and a heavy burden. And I wish to all the saints that I could save ye from both.”

This is my first book by Wynne and what a great start! This story includes mystery, death, rebellion, The Legacy and even second chances. People protesting the government is not a new age situation. It goes back many years, in this story’s case back to the 1700’s.

I really liked the details of this story. The way the characters talked made sure we knew they were from Scotland and/or England. The style of writing kept me turning the pages, wondering if they would survive, if they would save their loved ones. I look forward to reading more from Wynne. I can definitely recommend this book.

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Alive by Courtney Konstantin – Review by Shannon Fowler

Alive (Sundown Series Book 3)Alive by Courtney Konstantin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What a great story! If you like end of the world, rotten government, zombie type stories then this book is one you should go one click right away. Even though it says book 3, know that these books do not have to be read in order to be understood or enjoyed.

Rafe and Charlie just want to survive. No-one needs survival more than these characters!

Alive is the first book I have read by Konstantin but will not be the last. She had me on the edge of my seat starting on the first page. I look forward to reading the other books in this series and suggest you go one click today.

Reviewed by @shannonlovesbooks

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Eastern Shore Swingers Books 1-3 by Phoebe Alexander – Review by Shannon Fowler

Eastern Shore Swingers Books 1-3 (Boxed Set)Eastern Shore Swingers Books 1-3 by Phoebe Alexander
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fisher of Men book one in this box set and is a story to be read with an open mind. And maybe while you are alone. No children in sight. No distractions. This is a very sexual story, so if you like your books a little taboo then this one is for you. If you are a vanilla kind of person when it comes to sex and preferences, then you should read this book with a notepad and a pen along with that open mind mentioned before!

Book 2 is The Catch. Finally!! A story about a big girl! A happy, confident big girl! Paisley is a serious, hardworking, sexy, big girl. She really doesn’t take crap from anyone and doesn’t care what people think. If only there were more people like Paisley in the real world! Paisley would make a great BFF, she could probably even convince “vanilla” people to try other “flavors”!
And then there’s Calvin…swoon…Calvin is patient, kind, dedicated. Did I say patient? Even his “caramel-colored skin” makes Phoebe’s “girly bits” excited. His “vanilla” way of life is not the usual turn off for Paisley, so when these two
become friends anything is possible!

Siren Call is the third book in this set but definitely not the last! Wow! Hot and sexy. I’m not sure who my girl crush is on more: Phoebe Alexander or Jessie.

This story is a female/female romance. Not your everyday boy meets girl with rainbows and unicorns. No this story has swingers, lesbians, bi-sexuals and maybe if you’re looking, you might find a straight lover. It has mean girls and a mystery that makes this story a page turner.

Great stories, highly recommended.


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Dangerous Ground: Tina and Chase’s Story by Alice Rachel – Review by Shannon Fowler

Dangerous Ground: Tina and Chase's StoryDangerous Ground: Tina and Chase’s Story by Alice Rachel
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

In a world of uncertainty, we can be certain that Alice Rachel will bring us another story in her Under Ground series that makes us want to change our negative behavior and keep on being positive.

Chase and Tina live different lives, one is upper class while the other lower class. However, they are still people and they both care about others. This story takes us through their struggles and with Rachel’s writing style it feels like we are right there with them.

This story is a part of a series that must be read in order. I know this for a fact as I read some of this series out of order and had quite the headache, lol, trying to figure everything out. Reading in order makes so much more sense! I look forward to reading the next in this series.

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Leaving Jackson Wolf by P.A. Kane – Review by Shannon Fowler

Leaving Jackson WolfLeaving Jackson Wolf by P.A. Kane
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Here’s a story that is well written and thought provoking. Jackson is a typical kid from the ‘hood with a drunk father and a runaway mother. He is bi-racial so he feels like he doesn’t fit in anywhere. It doesn’t help that his good for nothing father tells him he doesn’t fit in.

This story got me to thinking about my own life and fitting in. Each adventure or mis-adventure that the boys took reminded me of the dumb stuff I did as a kid too.

Leaving Jackson Wolf feels like its written in the 60’s or the 70’s but then Jackson and McDougal talk about Trump and other current events reminding me that it is written in current time.

I can recommend this book to readers looking for a different kind of story, one that makes you think about what your doing, where your going and how your going to get there. A story that makes you think about your own personal actions and reactions.

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Getting the Goods by Elizabeth Perry – Review by Shannon Fowler

Getting the GoodsGetting the Goods by Elizabeth Perry
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Getting the Goods is a funny story that is a little sad when you think about it. Stealing sperm? What could possibly go wrong!? I don’t think I have read a funnier story. Gabriella and Conner are completely different types of people, however they want the same things; to have great sex with no strings and ultimately, to just be happy.

Gabriella and Conner are fun characters that learn a few things during the course of this story. Conner ends up being her boss but in turn needs her, first in business then in his personal life. Gabriella only needs Conner for one thing, his goods.

This story kept me laughing and hoping, because a story that starts out with the characters plotting to steal sperm has got to be good. Getting the Goods is the first book I have read by Elizabeth Perry and she did not let me down. I really hope her other stories are just as much fun to read.


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Cowboy: Claimed by Various Authors – Review by Shannon Fowler

Cowboy: ClaimedCowboy: Claimed by Melissa Keir
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sweet cowboy! Here is a boxed set of 6 different cowboy stories! Some delicious, some simply sweet. A cowboy story for everyone. My favorite two are Rescue Love by Melissa Keir and Reverence: Heart of the South Novella by Lyssa Layne.

Rescue Love is about two types of rescues, one the rescue of puppies and the other the rescue of people. This story includes a crazy ex fiancé, a little danger, and some super cute main characters. Quick read leaving me with a warm and fuzzy feeling.

Reverence is about Dax and Stella. Each are at a low point in life. Each needing a hero of their own. This story left me wanting to read much, much more about Dax and Stella and their individual families.

The other stories include Snow Bird Springs: Troy by Cheryl Gorman; Upstaging the Cowboy by Leslie P Garcia; Cowboy Kind of Forgiveness by Becca Turner; Reverence: Heart of the South Novella by Lyssa Layne; and Cowboy Proud by D’Ann Lindun.

These stories are easy to read, meaning page after page each story kept me entertained and wondering what could happen next. Each of the six authors in this boxed set is new to me and I look forward to reading more from each one of them.

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The Changeup by Mary Billiter – Review by Shannon Fowler

The Changeup (Resort Romance #6)The Changeup by Mary Billiter
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Here’s a cute story with a little mystery. Mary Billiter is the author of the Resort Romance novels. Each book is about a different set of characters. Each story is based in a hotel within the Point Resorts. While this is book 6 there is no need to read them in order. But you will definitely want to read all of the books.

Rebel Roberts is our leading lady and is trying to save herself with the help of the FBI. But trouble seems to follow Rebel no matter where she goes. Ryan McHenry is a soon to be sheriff’s deputy in Rebel’s new town. He can read Rebel’s lies across town, but when they discover a dead body together, he knows that there is more going on, not just with Rebel but with some of the locals in town too.

I liked reading about these two characters and their little adventure. Billiter has an easy style to read, which makes for a quick read. She writes about characters that are real but in such a way that the reader can escape into the characters world forgetting about their own problems.

Another Mary Billiter recommendation.


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My Free Life: Prequel to The Brothers of Camelot by Necie Navone – Review by Shannon Fowler

My Free Life: Prequel to The Brothers of Camelot (My Life Series Book 3)My Free Life: Prequel to The Brothers of Camelot by Necie Navone
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Great conclusion to the build up of Aless’s life as a mafia princess! This is book 3 with characters from the first 2 books in the My Life Series. This series is also a prequel series to the Brothers of Camelot series.

This book was easy to read even while I was holding my breath as to what could happen next. I really expected more from Capo/Papa, the jerk face, however I am sure we haven’t heard the last from him. I love how Aless’ men follow her, protect her and really have her back when times got tough.

When Aless goes to make her big move I wasn’t really sure about how easily she made friends at the hotel, but as you can see with the 5 stars, it worked! That was just a lot of trust to put in people she really didn’t know.

I can not wait to see what else Navone has in store for these characters! I can recommend this book but only after you have read the first two, but then after you do, you’ll recommend it to yourself!


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Nathaniel by Carole Mortimer – Review by Shannon Fowler

Nathaniel (Dragon Hearts #1)Nathaniel by Carole Mortimer
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Dragon shifters!! A new to me author!! A new series!!

This story is full of mystery, adventure and hot sex. And there is going to be more! More mysteries, more adventures and more hot sex!

This story had me hooked from the beginning. Sassy, brave and determined is how Mortimer introduces Chloe to us. She is alone for the most part. She has acquaintances but no real true friends and no family. She out looking for a story and finds so much more.

Nathaniel is living in the Pendragon Castle with his brothers, just trying to be happy. They run a security company with each brother having a spot on the team. There are legends and folklore surrounding the brothers and their family that dates back hundreds of years. Nathaniel learns that one just might be true. Now he just needs to find the answers he is looking for.

This book is a quick and easy read. I am definitely looking forward to reading more from this author and about these band of brothers.


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