The Jack (The Immortal Series Book #2) by M.K. Harkins – Review by Angela Hayes

The Jack (The Immortal Series Book Two)The Jack by M.K. Harkins
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The Jack is the second book in The Immortal Series by M.K. Harkins. This is an extremely good New Adult fantasy- full of action mystery, suspense, danger, secrets, emotion, intrigue, and romance. Although you could read this book as a standalone, I really recommend reading The Reader before setting off on this adventure. The Reader is where we meet Archer and what happens in that book really sets the tone and direction of Archer’s story, so having all that information would be highly beneficial, and allow you to fully comprehend the situation, character, motivation, and back story.
I must admit that I was quite interested to see how this story would unfold, especially considering the events in the previous book. I had several scenarios and directions that I thought the story might take. BUT……THERE WAS NO WAY THAT I COULD HAVE EVER PREDICTED ANY OF THE EVENTS IN THIS BRILLIANT STORY!!! WOW!!! My mind is still reeling with it all. I’m still thinking about it several days later. A sure sign of a really great story! Fantastic!
There is quite a lot going on between the covers of this book, and I enjoyed following along as everything played out. I can always rely on Ms. Harkins to deliver a captivating story, no matter the genre, and this story/series is testament to that. It’s been two years since The Reader, but within minutes it was all coming back to me, and I was once more fully immersed in the fantastic world that Ms. Harkins created. Ms. Harkins uses her wonderful word-smithing capabilities to craft interesting and unforgettable characters, as well as an extraordinary world in which her characters, and story, come to life. Her attention to detail, intricately woven plot, descriptive language and phrases, are fantastic- painting my mind with vivid images. Then there were the twists and turns that left me quite speechless- she’s such a clever storyteller!!!!! These incredibly surprising developments really had me in a flipping frenzy, devouring the pages to find out what happens and how it all works out. I was definitely hooked from the very beginning and didn’t set it down until I had consumed the whole thing- reading it in one sitting. That ending! OMG- I wasn’t ready to leave! I need to know more! Please let there be another instalment in the works!!!
As always, I am looking forward to Ms. Harkin’s next book- whatever it may be.

Thank you, Ms. Harkins!


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