Across From You by Amabel Daniels – Review by Heather Bahm

Across From YouAcross From You by Amabel Daniels
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Amabel Daniels’ Across From You is a fun to read romantic comedy. Start to finish, this was a great book to read and the laughs keep coming. The story line was amusing and the characters out right hilarious. Did I mention funny? I could see these events play out in every day life, that would seriously be my luck. To read it on these pages, it was well written and the author found just the right mixture of comedy to add with the rest of the story to not make it too outlandish and far-fetched. The tension between Jack and Lexi can be felt. I enjoyed the tug and pull of the characters as their relationship. Amabel Daniels is a talented author that can deliver.

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