Claiming Her Mates by Dia Cole – Review by Madison Degraffenreid

Claiming Her Mates (Claiming Her Mates #1)Claiming Her Mates by Dia Cole
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Claiming Her Mates By Dia Cole


Havanna is still struggling over her last breakup. She has sworn off guys and just wants to focus on earning her keep as a stripper. When the world goes crazy with what seems like a zombie apocalypse due to an issue with the Canine Flu vaccine three men are sent to retrieve her. Her former lover Nathan sends Mason, Liam, and Gabriel to retrieve her and keep her safe. He plans to make her his but the unexpected happens. Discovering that the men are not quite human she decides that they are hers. Does she have to claim just one or can she have all three. What will Nathan do when he finds out his friends have stolen his girls heart?

This novel was easy to read and get lost in. I could not put this steamy romance down. Liam, Mason, and Gabriel were described as sexy and strong. It was easy to picture these men as well as Havanna as the story progressed. I also liked that this paranormal steamy romance was mixed with a doom’s day type scenario. The scenario seemed very realistic.

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