Getting the Goods by Elizabeth Perry – Review by Ashleigh Whitwell

Getting the GoodsGetting the Goods by Elizabeth Perry
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Getting the Goods is a standalone contemporary romance novel that will have you laughing from the very first chapter. The plot is simple, yet completely ridiculous, which is what makes it such an addictive read. The characters are engaging and honestly, I just really liked this read. For fans of romantic comedies or classic miscommunication scenarios, this is a must read.

We meet Gaby during one of the most important nights of her life; the night she will finally steal the sperm needed to help her get pregnant. This sounds insane, but as soon as I read the blurb I new I had to read this book. The more crazy, the better, right? Gaby and the relationship with her friend Maria (who let’s be honest, has some questionable practices) is amusing right from the beginning and remains this way throughout the story. But things really get interesting when Gaby meets Conner/Carter and hilarity really ensues. Not only does Gaby find out her job is at risk and the man whose sperm she tried to steal is now her boss, she is also faced with his twin. Yep, there are two of them. Cue funny miscommunications, dramatic passing-outs and awkward encounters. What more could you want from a romantic read?

This is a feel-good read that has the perfect balance of drama, emotion and laughs. While the comedy level is high, there are some serious issues dealt with in this book, including Gaby’s issues with fertility. This may be a difficult read for some but I found it insightful and inspiring. The author dealt with these themes respectfully and it’s left me wanting to read more of her work. If you’re looking for a well-rounded and satisfying read, Getting the Goods is a must!

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