A Pink Christmas Kiss By Allyson R. Abbott – Review by Sue Kemp

A Pink Christmas KissA Pink Christmas Kiss by Allyson R. Abbott
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A Pink Christmas Kiss
By Allyson R. Abbott

If you do nothing else you must read the Christmas Kiss series by Allyson R. Abbott, you won’t be disappointed. The whole series can be read as standalone stories. A Pink Christmas Kiss is centred around Billie and Leroy. Billie and Leroy had been high school sweethearts and through miscommunication things went wrong. Or did they? This one is probably the cutest and sweetest of all in the series. Billie left everything and everyone she knew and returned home five years later. Billie is now home running her dads shop as he is no longer able to do this task himself. When Billie and Leroy meet up again, they both realize that their connection is still there, as with true love it feels for them both that nothing has changed. But are they wrong? Christmas is a magical time of the year love and romance and the story of Billie and Leroy is no different. As with the other books in the series this one is also a nice quick and enjoyable read. This book is also well written and therefore the story flows nicely. So, get the whole series, it four books in total and get caught up in the magic of Christmas.

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