A Christmas Wish (A Manhattan Dream) by Engy Neville – Review by Jenni Bishop

A Christmas WishA Christmas Wish by Engy Neville
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

A Christmas Wish (A Manhattan Dream) by Engy Neville is the second book in the series and is an interesting read. It is a Christmas romance story that had all the right ingredients but I felt like there could be more. The story is sweet and entertaining but I struggled with Amy. At first I liked her but as the story went on, I thought she was a bit too self involved and I felt really frustrated with her, but she seemed to redeem herself towards the end. Likewise with the relationship between Amy and Richie, at times it didn’t seem like there was a true connection between them and I felt the romance was often missing.  Overall I get where the author was going but it didn’t quite hit the mark for me,  some things were overstated and others understated. I did however like the ending when a nemesis becomes a friend and love does find a way.

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