Caught in Cross Seas by Sharleen Scott – Review by Jana Teppih

Caught in Cross SeasCaught in Cross Seas by Sharleen Scott
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Caught in Cross Seas is the first book in Sharleen Scott’s The Caught Series. I had never heard of her but I picked up a copy when reading the synopsis, it carried so much potential and I tell you, Sharleen delivered! I lived in North West for some year and when I started reading the story and found that it took place in Oregon, it warmed my heart and I could picture Angel Beach in my mind!
Caught in Cross Seas gives us the story of Harlie Cates and Clay Masterson. Harlie is independent, intelligent and despite of having her own demons, she is set on showing as much kindness as possible and to save as many as possible. Clay is a country music superstar who is looking for his father having been told that he is dead … he is not in a good place … his demons surface every time there are rumours of sightings of his father … These two meet and take us on a rollercoaster ride with crazy events that leave you grabbing the edge of your seat and going …really??? You see the darkness and you hope that they will be able to walk into the light, together …
I am looking forward to reading the other stories in the series and hopefully we will hear also more about Harlie and Clay and …

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