Red Riding Hood (Down the Rabbit Hole) Anthology – Review by Kerry Chalmers

Red Riding HoodRed Riding Hood by Autumn Sand
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Red Riding Hood (Down the Rabbit Hole)

A collection of 12 Authors retelling of Red Riding Hood. I will list a couple of my favourite short story’s for this collection:

Ruby by Autumn Sand. Ruby is a writer and this story starts as she is dealt devastating news. We then jump forward a couple of years and things are still looking very bleak for Ruby. She’s asked to interview Count Edric Moreau of Paris, France, also know as The Wolf Of Europe, his reputation precedes him. Edric makes Ruby believe in herself again, something she’s not been able to do for a very long time. Mrs Sands wrote these two characters perfectly they draw you in and leaves you wanting more. I really enjoyed reading this story.

River Runs Red by Kay Elle Parker. Daughter of a Huntress. Offspring of a wolf. Armed with a red cape, a wicker basket, and a knife, River must make it through the wolf-riddled forest…but not everything is as it seems, and trusting the wrong people could get her into trouble. Having left her fathers pack 13 years ago, vowing never to return, River has to visit her dying paternal Grandmother. I read this story in no time at all, the pages just kept flowing I was gripped from the start and wish there was more to this story. Such a good read. Thank you.

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