Caught in the Spin (the Caught Series Book 2) by Sharleen Scott – Review by Tracy Wilkin

Caught in the SpinCaught in the Spin by Sharleen Scott
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Caught in the Spin is book two in the Caught series by Sharleen Scott. This author just keeps getting better and is a suspense romance genius.

Tallie has secrets. Tallie has an adorable son. Tallie is hiding from her murderous ex-husband. Tallie is terrified. Tallie is very attracted to Tom. Tallie just wants a happy, peaceful life. Tallie needs Tom.

Tom has made a bit of a mess of his life in the past, but has himself back on the straight and narrow. Tom lives day to day, full of regret and reflection. Tom meets Tallie. Tom is reserved and feels undeserving. Tom plays hard to get. Tom is blindsided by his past. Tom allows himself happiness.

Tom and Tallie make quite the attractive couple. Both has scars, both have commitments. Both need the other. Tom vows to keep Tallie and her son safe. Their feelings grow slowly, but intensely. Their passion limitless. Their personalities complimented each other brilliantly. The author could not have penned their connection any better. The wording was spectacular, the direction the story followed was awash with tension and uncertainty. A definite 5 star read.

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