The Memory Of Us by Lisa Sorbe – Review by Robin Rankin

The Memory of UsThe Memory of Us by Lisa Sorbe
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Memory Of Us by Lisa Sorbe had my emotions all over the place. Elena having to go to her hometown after bring gone for twelve years to bury her Mother stirred something in me. It brought back a lot of the feelings I had when I went back to buy my Daddy. I too moved far from my hometown and tried not to look back.

Weston was Elena’s best friend practically from birth but when she left Minnesota he was left there to move forward. Imagine her surprise when she sees him almost as soon as she gets in.

I laughed, cried, shook my head and muttered to myself while reading this. There are several layers to this story which get peeled back one at a time. I have had the pleasure of reading all of Ms. Sorbe’s books and she has become one of the authors I will look for. Can’t wait to see what she gives me next.

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