The Monster’s Lover (The Fenris Series, #1) by Samantha MacLeod – Review by Erin Wolf

The Monster's Lover (The Fenris Series Book 1)The Monster’s Lover by Samantha MacLeod

I give The Monster’s Lover (The Fenris Series Book 1) by Samantha MacLeod, 4 stars.

Sol’s family cannot afford to pay the king this season. So they do what they can to survive — the king is willing to take Sol into his harem and their debts will be erased. Sol does not have a choice in the matter, it’s the only way her family can survive. Her mother keeps saying that at least she will be well fed and warm all winter, but Sol knows better. The king is a cruel, evil man. With what little time she has left, she escapes to the woods she loves so dear. There she meets a man who says his name is the same as the infamous monster who haunts these woods. She doesn’t believe him, but it doesn’t matter. He makes her feel wonderful, in every way. She knows this is short lived, soon she will have to give up this wonderful dream. But she wants it to never end.

This was a wonderful paranormal romance book. It is hot and heavy at times, but there is so much more. There is the impending doom Sol is facing. Plus there is her family, struggling to survive after tragedy. Yes, para romance has been done many times, and mythology has been often used for creating characters. But this author uses Norse mythology, which is one of the lesser used ones. I find this very refreshing. Plus it shows so much about Sol. I would love to learn more about Fenris in future books.

If you like your paranormal romance with hot and heavy scenes, but with a creature you are not too familiar with, this book is for you.

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