Trouble’s Wedding Caper (Familiar Legacy Book 8) by Jen Talty – Review by Emma Morreale

Trouble's Wedding CaperTrouble’s Wedding Caper by Jen Talty
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

At first I was skeptical about this book because it starts off with a cat, Trouble, talking about the royal wedding… And for a wedding themed book I can’t say it’s extremely unusual, what with the cat being British and such.
Anyway, after that we meet our main character Annabel and the intrigue starts immediately. Each time the story seems to be getting into a bit of normalcy, something happens to throw a wrench into things.
Except for the fact that Trouble has his own dialogue, this book reminds me a bit of The Cat Who Series. It was a welcome distraction while I recovered from being ill and I will probably be picking up some more from the Familiar Legacy series.

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