Hazed (The Hazed Series Book 1)Hazed by Brittany Butler
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I CANNOT WAIT UNTIL THE NEXT BOOK! Hazed is the first book in the Hazed Series by Brittany Butler. This story follows Taylor Thompson in her journey to become her own person. Coming from a home where her father is a preacher and didn’t allow her to do anything on her own terms, Taylor moved an hour away to go to college so that she can become someone completely different. Boys were not even in her view at this point. She just wanted a different life. That is until she meets Hayze Clark at the bar she begins to work at. Hayze is the bartender and the local man whore. He has his own set of problems with his own father. He’s never wanted a relationship until he met Taylor. Now he wants it all…with her. This is such an emotional rollercoaster. So many twists and turns that you won’t expect. And of course…a cliff hanger! So yes, I cannot wait for the next book to come out! I love the characters in this book and I love the interactions between all the characters. This is really a great story! Definitely a book that I would recommend.

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