Lights, Camera, Action (Paranormal Talent Agency Book 1) by Heather Silvio – Review by Erin Wolf

Lights, Camera, Action (Paranormal Talent Agency Book 1)Lights, Camera, Action by Heather Silvio
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I give Lights, Camera, Action (Paranormal Talent Agency Book 1) by Heather Silvio, 4 stars.

Catherine is offered a position to start of a branch of the talent agency she works for in Las Vegas. She loves living in New York, but Vegas intrigues her, so she readily agrees. But then actresses start dying and it looks like one of her client’s may be responsible. But her ability to be able to tell truth from lies says it wasn’t him. So who did it? And does she have a chance with this sexy client?

This was an enjoyable paranormal cozy mystery/romance. I liked the premise of the talent agency as the start of everything and the main subject of the series. This wasn’t a very long read and it was fun. I do wish there was a little more depth Catherine though. I couldn’t really connect with her on a deeper level and I would love to know exactly what happened to her mother. Other than that, I did enjoy it. Her abilities were not something you see every day and Alex was interesting also.

I enjoyed this story and recommend it to those who love these types of books. I cannot wait to see what the next book brings.

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