LOVE on the LINE, A Great Expectations Love Story: The Graykens, Book 2 by Laurie Lewis – Review by Heather Bahm

LOVE on the LINE (Great Expectations Love Stories: The Graykens Book 2)LOVE on the LINE by Laurie Lewis
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Love on the Line, by Laurie Lewis, is the sequel to Love on a Limb. This contemporary Christian romance continues Matt and Mikaela’s story. The author has a way with words in which they were so real along with the main characters. This beautiful story (and series) holds a strong message within it – so rich with faith, devotion, challenges, etc. Nothing in life ever bodes easily, there will always be trials and tribulations – how we respond to those and handle the situations determines whether a relationship can flourish or fail despite the best of intentions. Continuing with the emotional journey in this story, Laurie Lewis has showcased a remarkable couple who were captivating throughout the story – while the emotions ran high. Beautifully written, even during the story lows.

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