What She Lost and Found by M. L. Garcia – Review by Julie Lounello

What She Lost And FoundWhat She Lost And Found by M.L. Garcia
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What She Lost and Found by M. L. Garcia is a four star novel. I really enjoyed digging into the life of Daniela. At first, it is a big secret about what happened to Daniela before she started college. Some of the information that comes out and in the amount of detail it is in, could be triggering for some readers. Please be advised of this. When the situations surrounding Daniela’s trauma emerges, we begin to understand why she acts the way she does and surrounds herself with very few people. She changed her major to make her life not as out in the open. She doesn’t even know how she might be able to move on or heal from the tragedies. Maybe finding someone to fill her love life will lead her to healing. But she isn’t sure she can open herself up to love.

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