Little Miss Eyes of Blue by Holly Tierney-Bedord – Review by Heidi Eich Woodring

Little Miss Eyes of BlueLittle Miss Eyes of Blue by Holly Tierney-Bedord
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Little Miss Eyes of Blue by Holly Tierney-Bedord is a prequel to the stand alone book called The Woman America Loves a Latte. Veloura’s parents are Paul and Marla and the story starts out with how they met and married. Paul’s family was not fond of her and never showed to the wedding. Paul wants to make it in the country music scene and fails until he writes a song about his daughter called “Little Miss Eyes of Blue” The family goes on vacation to celebrate and this is where Marla finds drugs and starts the downfall of this little family. Paul finds and falls in love with a younger woman, and disappears. Marla doesn’t raise her daughter well and has a trail of loser men around Veloura. She learns her father died and finally her mother gets help for her addiction but Veloura still finds herself judged for the mistakes of her parents. As her life can’t seem to get worse she learns that her mother died from an overdose. As the book comes to an end we see that Veloura also will make the same mistakes as he mother when it comes to her love life.
The book was hard to read as the life that Veloura was handed was a rough one for a child. She was not given a life that would show her to be a decent person and didn’t bring anyone into her life to show her the right path. My heart broke for her and I wanted to get inside this book and smack her parents. I read the book The Woman who America loves Latte and I am glad that is how I read it. I enjoyed reading this book and highly recommend it!

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