Salty Sebastian (Smirk Series Book 3) by Jen Luerssen – Review by Michelle Mulvey

Salty SebastianSalty Sebastian by Jen Luerssen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Salty Sebastian by Jen Luerssen is Book 3 In the Smirk Series and was a great second chance romance read for
me. I absolutely loved Frank’s book and the whole gang was back again in this happy, sweet, funny read.
Kit and Sebastian have an amazing one night stand in Vegas whole they are both away attending a convention. It was the best night and morning of both of their lives. What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas right? WRONG!!! Kit and Sebastian parted ways and never exchanged names, numbers or even where they lived.

2 years later Kit goes to Thirsty Monkey for a job and Mikey hires her right away. She’s over qualified but she knows her stuff. When Mikey brings Sebastian to meet the new intern she hired, both Sebastian and Kit are speechless. Thoughts of that amazing, hot night come rushing back in their minds. How is Kit going to be able to work for Sebastian and how is Sebastian going to be able to get any work done with Kit as one of his employees.

Both Kit and Sebastian are very hot and cold with each other but the attraction is there and they cannot deny they both have feelings for each other. What will happen when a big secret is brought to light after they finally have another amazing night? Will they be able to see past this secret? No one is really at fault but it happened and now it must be dealt with. Amazing characters, great storyline and this was just a shiny 5 star read

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