Proper Impulse (Jaded Lily Book 4) by Zeia Jameson – Review by Liz Vrchota

Proper ImpulseProper Impulse by Zeia Jameson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Zeia Jameson really hits the mark with Proper Impulse. This is the fourth book in her Jaded Lilly series, and honestly my favorite of the bunch. It could be read as a stand alone but I would recommend that you take the time to read the previous three books before diving into this one. The characters are rich with detail behind them that is only gained by reading the series in completion and order.

This one gave us the fabulous story of Milo and Juniper. What isn’t to love about these two? Milo lives and breathes his life as a police officer. It is bread into him and he is just wired to follow the rules. Well, Juniper is literally the oil in the water with her sweet free-spirited liberalism. She is all about bending those laws as far as they can go. So you can see the equation for a fun and interesting relationship between the two, especially when you start to add ‘feelings into the mix. I won’t give away anything else but I can guarantee you won’t want to miss out on seeing how things play out for Milo and Juniper.

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