Battling Beckett: A Contemporary Step Brother Romance by T. Christensen – Review by Lisa Helmick

Battling Beckett: A Contemporary Step Brother RomanceBattling Beckett: A Contemporary Step Brother Romance by T. Christensen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is an awesome story! I was easily drawn in because it’s a step-brother romance. But the story and characters captivated me and kept me turning pages. There was so much tension between the two main characters. I could t get enough! I LOVE it! The dislike from Beckett and the peacekeeping from Greer are just a perfect set up!

The secondary characters…I love them!
OMG the talk David just had with Beckett in his office. Puts all step dads to shame. I want David to be my step dad. Not for the money but because he is so sincere and nice and protective of theses two women. Then there is how it’s so easy to see his love for Viviene and by association Greer. I also adore the relationships each parent has with their child. Just makes me go “ooooo” when there are those scenes. Even the FB players were a fun to watch/read.

This is a first time author for me. Her character building was crazy good. While a few things bothered me I wouldn’t let it stop me from picking up this book! It’s a definite page turner and filled with so many wonderful characters. I almost can not wait to re-read!

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