The Girl Who Escaped by Mark Nolan – Review by Lisa Helmick

The Girl Who EscapedThe Girl Who Escaped by Mark Nolan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What a Story! I loved the characters as well as the storyline. It almost a ripped from the headlines piece. I was shocked, surprised and even laughed or smirked while reading. It is a fast paced story that easily kept my interest.

The characters in here are smart and witty. It was wonderful watching the FBI agent grow and change while the story moved along. I enjoyed her rigid by the book attitude but it was nice to see her loosen up mow and then. Angie’s ordeal..just Wow! I was pleased to see her become stronger as the story progressed. This does have a few secret guests that bring witty banter and eye rolling to the forefront. I liked that the author did not put these two to the front but rather treated them like secondary characters. They did not steal the show but helped enhance the other characters.

Overall this is an eye opener about abductions. The title says it all! I highly recommend this author and this book. It kept me on my toes and gave a look inside the minds of the victim, the police and the kidnapper.

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Shake Down (First Coast Thriller Book 1) by Armand Rosamilia – Review by Lisa Helmick

Shake Down (First Coast Thriller Series)Shake Down by Armand Rosamilia
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this story! It has all the elements of a great read! Memorable and unique characters, a gorgeous backdrop, witty conversations and I loved that the main crew works at a Repo business! They see the different side of life. The story is fast paced and always has something going on. This is my first book by this author. I was captured by the beginning and held on tight until that last chapter. This is loaded with action, suspense and drama. It is a wonderful start to this series. I look forward to reading more of the adventures of these guys.

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This Time Around by Jane Suen – Review by Lisa Helmick

This Time AroundThis Time Around by Jane Suen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This started off great and very interesting. Figuring all the characters and how they fit into Katie’s life. Before I knew it I Was three quarters of the way through. This is where my issue arises. Chase is still very mad at her from ten years ago. Then all of a sudden they are together happily. No inner thoughts changing his mind at all. I did like all the fun and amazing secondary characters. They added some drive and flair to the story.

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Remember to Forget Me (Too Lost to Love Book 1) by Hazel Storm Review By Lisa Helmick

Remember to Forget Me (Too Lost To Love, #1)Remember to Forget Me by Hazel Storm
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I was actually surprised when I got to the end of this and realized who this was by. I expect a lot out of her since I have read previous stories but sadly I was disappointed. The beginning and to about half way seems choppy and disconnected. This is a love at first sight mixed with a bully story. I appreciate that there was not a lot of back and forth in time and was actually told well in that respect.

The characters are ok but they get better in the latter half of the story. I was surprised at the female lead more than once. She seemed to bend and give in very easily. The male lead is a famous pop star but yet has and wants unprotected sex the first time. That seemed weird to me. Both were extremely young when first meeting and it just seemed they would have moved on but fondly remembered each other.

I did enjoy the turmoil and strife that came to light in the near end. There are lots of secrets and hate and discontent that swirl around these two main characters.

Overall I wanted to really like it but sadly I can not. It is an okay story. There is suspense throughout and the characters are built nicely. Not one of my favorites from this author.

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Rivals (Mafia Elite Book 7) by Amy McKinley – Review by Lisa Helmick

Rivals (Mafia Elite, #7)Rivals by Amy McKinley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What a Story!! I love reading this series! I can’t get enough! The storyline is fast paced and the characters are smart, sexy and have wonderful chemistry. I enjoyed meeting Mia. She really has that spunk and stamina that surprised me a time or two. The male MC we have jot seen a lot of and I actually grew to like him. He has no plans for love or marriage. I loved watching his turn around as he discovers all consuming love.

I loved getting to see ALL the previous characters. The women and their first meeting with Mia AkA the enemy is a memorable one. I do agree with Mia thoughts on the Five Families and how they protect and love fiercely. I enjoy watching/reading their banter and snuggles. Stephen is still one scary guy!

Overall I am saddened that this is the last in this amazing series! But we do have an opening for a spin-off. I have had many emotions while reading this book. I have ranged from love, humor and dislike with a few Wha?? Thrown in. I recommend reading the others in the series first! Trust me!

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Something About Aimee (Girls from the Street Book 1) by S.E. Smith – Review by Lisa Helmick

Something About Aimee (Girls from the Street Book 1)Something About Aimee by S.E. Smith
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is NOT what I thought it was going to be at all!! Reading the bio and the label of “girls from the street” my mind was wandering. This was shocking and surprising and I LOVED every second of this fast-paced, action-packed, keep me on the edge of my seat story!

Aimee is incredible! She has such a great disposition just about all the time! Her job as a courier is definitely interesting and I was WOWed how she used a skateboard instead of a bike. She is mentally strong, is kind to people and not afraid to take chances.

My only small issue with this is a couple different times (early and middle of the book) the POV or a time frame was displaced and/or not needed. It took me out of the flow of the story. Those parts could have still been used but put in at the appropriate time frame. This did not seem to be a problem later in the book.

Overall this is so much more than what I thought it would be. I would highly recommend it to those who love a suspenseful action filled story.

There is Something about Aimee.

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Saved by Love (Bellevue Bullies Book 7) by Toni Aleo – Review by Lisa Helmick

Saved by Love (Bellevue Bullies #7)Saved by Love by Toni Aleo
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Whew! That was an emotional journey! Mental Health is a subject that can be touchy. This author did a wonderful job pulling me into the characters which then immersed me into their story. I enjoyed learning about the angst and stress these characters lived under and tried to overcome. Meeting the families add all the fun into the story but then as families do they add pressure and different stress to the main characters.

Overall there are many reasons to like and enjoy this story. I loved the two main characters and all they overcome. Saved by Love is the perfect title for this book. Give it a shot and prepare to be shocked and surprised.

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Let It Be Love (A Mustang Prairie Romance Book 5) by N.D. Jackson – Review by Lisa Helmick

Let It Be Love (A Mustang Prairie Romance)Let It Be Love by N.D. Jackson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

What an adorable story! So much sweetness, love and wonderful characters! I really enjoyed all the ups and downs of the storyline. This is filled with fun times, uncertainty and a few secrets.

This is set in a cute small town. Small town stories are filled with quirky charming characters. This one is no exception and has strong sexy men and their kind sassy women who most have had their own happy endings. That makes for some good guys nights as women get togethers.

This story flowed along at a quick pace. I read it in about twenty four hours. I would read more from this author and series.

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Amber Waves of Grace by Jessica Berg – Review By Lisa Helmick

Amber Waves of GraceAmber Waves of Grace by Jessica Berg
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

So so delightful! The story and the characters are full of love, tears and just moving forward in life. The main storyline does have a few harder issues but it blends in perfectly with the story and doesn’t overshadow the true reason. I admire the strength of Corrie! She impressed the heck out of me! She is a “just do it” woman. Going back to the farm was fun for me as well. Its a reminder of all the things that can go wrong but don’t let it overshadow the good too. When she is eating that tomato from the gardern—I could taste the freshness and its a reminder of why farmers farm.

Overall this was a quick read as I struggled to put it down. All the characters from the main ones to the secondary were perfect and memorable. This is a wonderful story

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Triad Resumption: Part Two (Grimm Wolves MC Book 6) by D.M. Earl – Review by Lisa Helmick

Triad Resumption, Part Two (Grimm Wolves MC #6)Triad Resumption, Part Two by D.M. Earl
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

What a doozy of a story! My heart was breaking and aching for Chains. In here we find out what happened to him and can he be fixed or redeemed. I enjoyed reading this second part of the duet. I really felt for Chains during this story. This took me on a lot of ups and downs and is highly emotional.

I enjoy how this is told from different points of view. We get to catch up with all the characters and see their thoughts and feelings on Chains’ recent problems. We also meet a lot of other new secondary characters. I would be interested in a couple spin off as we meet a few other MC

This is the second half of the story of Chains, Winnie and Jackson. I suggest reading the whole series as we meet all the characters in previous books. If not that… at least read the first book of this duet. This is a darker story and not for the faint of heart.

Overall it is a perfect conclusion for these three characters. I loved how the story flowed along nicely. I read it very quickly as I became invested in their lives. I was particularly interested in what Wild would end up doing. He was such a interesting random character.

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