The Perfect Outcast by Melissa O. Hansen – Review by Lisa Helmick

The Perfect OutcastThe Perfect Outcast by Melissa Ott Hansen
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is one huge adventure! It really kept my interest as we go from one scene to the next. Just when I think I am getting it figured out. We go to another place and I have to start all over again. I am not complaining it just really kept me on my toes. This is filled with politics, dangerous creatures, immortals, rebellion and one guy who thinks he is God.

The characters are endless. But I loved learning and meeting each one. They all have unique traits that add to or help move the story along. As we follow Alina along her journey we see her skittishness then how it turns to confidence.

Overall this is an intriguing story. As for the characters there are a few I want to more of their story. What will happen when Zaiden arrives if ever? Will Oliver become her one? What’s up with Jade and Mae? J’koby, Camden…the list goes in. As you can see this story isn’t over. So bring on book 2!

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The Dating Itinerary by Brooke Williams – Review by Lisa Helmick

The Dating ItineraryThe Dating Itinerary by Brooke Williams
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This story got better and better as it moved along. I struggled at first getting into the story and the characters (although I do like Penny’s name and her sisters). It just seemed stilted and I ended up skimming and reading dialogue only. But as the story got more and more interesting I couldn’t put it down. It left me wondering what was going to happen with, after and during each date.

I ended up liking Penny and George. They really went through some stuff and I wondered if they ever would come out the other side together. I think George is my favorite. While at times he is a jerk he really has some insightful comments and ideas. When these two kiss….it’s explosive!

While the sisters are helpful I didn’t feel any family connection between them. That’s what I mean by stilted. Just that they were their and the conversation just didn’t flow.

Overall it’s a good read! Interesting and made me chuckle a time or two. The connection between the George and Penny is electric at times.

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Finding His Zen by Tammy Mannersly – Review by Lisa Helmick

Finding His ZenFinding His Zen by Tammy Mannersly
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a quick read and quick love. We meet Zenia (love that name) who meets her teenage crush. Problem is her sister steps up and claim she is dating the Olympic champion. So do toes get stepped on or does someone relent? I liked Seb. He seemed very down to earth and relatable. His agent however I thought was slimy and mean.

Overall it made me smile. Plus there is that first kiss….so hot! Really first kisses are my favorite to read and this one is pretty good. This is enjoyable.

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The Guard (A Soppranaturale Series Book 2) by Ashley Pagano – Review by Lisa Helmick

The Guard: A Soppranaturale Series: Book 2The Guard: A Soppranaturale Series: Book 2 by Ashley Pagano
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This book is an awesome second book. It’s not too often that a second equals or is better than the first. This is one special book because it does that! It is a continuation of book 1 and tells how things are since winning the Gauntlet. Each of the characters is moved forward personally but they also grow together. I loved seeing each of them and their powers.

Do you like action, romance, paranormals? Yes, Yes, Yes?..Me too! This has all that and more! This is full of wonderful characters. I loved wondering what Ommily and Link would do next, who they would run into and what kind of paranormal they were. Or maybe they were human.

Overall I really loved this! Excellent idea (hotel) for the story. The characters are fun, sassy and annoying. They even made me tear up! I would love to see more of these characters anytime!

I would highly recommend reading The Gauntlet (book 1) before reading this. There are a few overlapping stories as well as the first time Ommily comes to the hotel.

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The Body Collector (Bad Boys of Space Book 3) by Landra Graf – Review by Lisa Helmick

The Body Collector (Bad Boys of Space, #3)The Body Collector by Landra Graf
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed this much more than I expected. The story is wonderful and hits all the right spots. The characters are larger than life. I had a love/dislike relationship with them over the course of the book. Loyda causes a lot of problems for Alexander and his crew always pushing forward.

I love listening to Alexander’s thoughts pertaining to Loyda. He is very wiley in how he goes about getting her. He also has a happy go lucky attitude. He seems cool calm and collected but underneath his wheels are spinning. Looking for other avenues. This is one guy to keep an eye on.

I loved the nod to the other book in the series. I hoped because Big Al is the brother of Toni we would see them. Wish granted!

Overall an excellent story. This author is able to weave characters that I come to care about. I can’t wait for more from her.

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Accepted (Rhodes Family Book 2) by Lisa Wood – Review by Lisa Helmick

AcceptedAccepted by Lisa Wood
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was anxious to read the story as we saw just a little bit of these characters in Gabe’s book. Sadly, I really struggled with the connection between these three characters. It was hard to *feel* that they really felt anything for each other besides sexual attraction. I wish maybe we could’ve had some snippets of them growing up together so you could see that they had more than just a sexual connection with each other.

The story definitely got better once we were past the second half. There was some action going on and other stuff happening which was nice to read. Sorry people, but I just got tired of any time that two or three of these characters were in a space together it immediately went to sex every single time. More character building would make this a more palatable book in my opinion. The author did a good job with Hunters character and his issues.

This is a great family and I did enjoy Gabe’s book. I can easily feel the affection that the family has with each other. The remaining siblings could be great books in the future. I look forward to reading more about this Rhodes family.

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DEVIL’S CLAW (A Logan McKenna Mystery Book 3) by Valerie Davisson – Review by Lisa Helmick

Devil's Claw: Logan Book 3 (The Logan McKenna Series)Devil’s Claw: Logan Book 3 by Valerie Davisson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

So far this is my favorite of the series. It is interesting and kept me turning pages. I loved the whole storyline. Her daughter coming back, the otter sanctuary and the land grabbers. There is also murder, back stabbing, cute little otters and great beach views. Logan, Ben, Amy and Liam were wonderful.

I did get thrown off when we started getting Gary’s (lawyer) whole story. Not sure why we needed it other than to show desperation.

Overall it’s a solid story.

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DEADLY WEAPON (Jake Wolfe Book 5) by Mark Nolan – Review by Lisa Helmick

Deadly Weapon (Jake Wolfe #5)Deadly Weapon by Mark Nolan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Another great story featuring Jake Wolfe and his war dog Cody. This one is non-stop action. If Jake isn’t taking down a plane he is running from a drone shooting at him. He is one guy that would be great to know but yet he wouldn’t because he always brings his work home. l need to say that I love his attitude. He has confidence in getting the job done anyway and anyhow which leads to his cockiness. Cody is just as animated as always. I love when we get chapters or snippets of a story from his POV. It’s always interesting.

We do get to see a large number of returning characters. From his girlfriend Sarah to Grinds his former military friend. I love all of this large cast. They each add to the story yet don’t overpower it.

As always I love reading the “Dear Reader” at the end of the book. Give it a look if you want behind the story scenes. This one might give nightmares.

I can only say Next Please!

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Road Tripped (Satan’s Devils MC Utah #1) by Manda Mellett – Review by Lisa Helmick

Road Tripped (Satan's Devils MC Utah #1)Road Tripped by Manda Mellett
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wow! This book! This story! If anything could go wrong it does. It’s full of twists and turns as well as emotion. I’m going to try very hard to not give anything away. Utah certainly is a different sort of MC. But what they do have in common with all the others is their want, need and ability to trust their brothers and have each other’s backs. This story takes us in a trek through uncharted territory with this Utah group.

I loved learning, meeting and greeting all these new characters. As with any great storyteller, the author left enough unanswered questions that those with curious minds will want to know more. I will say my notes on this group have already been written over more times than I can say.

Swift is a different sort of female lead. She is strong..physically and Mentally(most of the time) She has confidence in spades (again most of the time). I liked her because she portrays a tough exterior and thinks she doesn’t have the normal female thoughts and emotions. She has had to fit herself to live in a mans world. Then Road come along.

Road hasn’t been a fav character usually because he is a background guy. I am glad he got his own story. He impressed me as i watched him grow and change in here. I can really fell the emotion and loss that Road feels throughout the book. The author does a great job with that.

Of course we get to see the boys from the Mother Chapter (so excited!). I loved seeing Drummer get all riled up throwing his dominance around. It’s been a while since I have seen him in action. (Smiling fondly) i love seeing how his brain works not discounting all the actions of the brothers he brought with him as well. It’s great seeing them all again.

Overall this is another great book by this author. I love all the interweaving she has done in this well as the others. As always I look forward to more

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Just One Song (Just One… Book 2) by Lynn Stevens – Review by Lisa Helmick

Just One Song (Just One... Book 2)Just One Song by Lynn Stevens
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I really enjoyed the story. This is a first time author for me and I’m glad I took the chance. The story is compelling and I was eager to see what would happen next. The characters make you fall for them completely. I was immersed in their lives and trying to figure out how this could end well for them all. Even though we get this story from one character’s perspective, I felt for each of the others as their stories unfolded….well except maybe Hank. Cami is the star of the story. She is a singer but what impressed me more are her songwriting skills. She introduces me to a lot of people but I think my favs (besides Dylan) are Crystal and Heath. They each add a lot to the story but don’t overtake it.

Overall this is a read that I couldn’t put down until it was done. It flows nicely and doesn’t get bogged down. I loved the characters and the story. I see that this is book two in the series. I am almost intrigued enough to go get book one and see what it’s about.

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