Luke (Dark Water Security, #1) by Madison Quinn – Review Lisa Helmick

Luke (Dark Water Security #1)Luke by Madison Quinn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Luke (Dark Water Security #1)
By Madison Quinn
Rated 5 stars!

Well this book is an OMG type of book. It grabs your attention at the beginning and keeps it all the way to the end of the book. The beginning tears out my heart. Then we are fast forwarded ten years. Everyone has grown up and changed. Still trying to live outside of their dark past. But those earlier life experiences always have repeated effects.

This is written very well. The story is kinda different. Not all a hearts and flowers one. There is some darkness. The characters have stolen my heart. They are smart, strong and resilient. We did meet a few of the Dark Water Security workers with just enough information to make me wonder what their stories are. The options for future secondary characters will be all kinds of interesting.

This is a first time author for me. I loved the dark, the suspense and…well. just everything. I enjoyed her writing style as i was easily drawn to the story and characters. I eagerly look forward to the next in the series.

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The Shape of Trust (Stand By Me Series) by Brinda Berry – Review Lisa Helmick

The Shape of Trust (Stand By Me, #5)The Shape of Trust by Brinda Berry
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Shape of Trust (Stand by Me #5)
By Brinda Berry
Rated 5 stars

This is another super book in the Stand By Me Series. I have read quite a few of this series. This is a interesting one that deals with some tough decisions for both characters. It was all blended well together. I liked each of the main characters and the story was good. The connection between Webb and Lily was very believable. I enjoyed their time together as much as they did. Learning, talking and laughing. That kissing!?!? Meltdown!

Webb has struggles in his life but his most recent is staying away from Lily who he considers “too young” for him. When he hires her for a job the struggle is harder because being around her all the time makes him only think of one thing. When they talk about the physical ”age” difference vs the mental one it’s mentioned by Lily that:

“ It’s not the days that make up a life, you know. It’s the experiences.”

I thought that was so profound. Great line!

I struggled with his daughter sometimes because a 5yo would not be okay with her grandma leaving her with someone she doesn’t know. ….and not crying for her mom all the time. That just seemed weird. She acts like she is perfectly fine living with a man she has never seen. Plus the words she uses and actions make her seem older than her age. I just wish this would Have been addressed at least for a little bit. Then have her adjust to her new life. She is a cute addition to the story so I can fault for that addition.

Again this is not my first book by this author. It is probably my second favorite of the series. I like that the author doesn’t shy away from real problems and uses them to show how people can move forward in life.

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Shadow’s Keep: A Novel by Meghan O’Flynn – Review Lisa Helmick

Shadow's Keep: A NovelShadow’s Keep: A Novel by Meghan O’Flynn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Shadow’s Keep: A Novel
By Meghan O’Flynn
Rated 4 stars

This story was a shock to me and my mind is still reeling with the possibilities. I never figured this out. This is a perfectly weaved story of suspense. It opens my eyes to a darker side of life. It’s is a typical Meghan O’Flynn book with amazing characters you want to love and shows the harshness of the world and what happens when those two meet.

The characters are light and fluffy on the surface. It’s the story behind their smile that get me. My main emotion was hope but then it turned to shock while reading. This is very smoothly written and easy to read and follow along. All of this easily draw me into the story and the “unknown” keeps me coming back.

I was left with a few unanswered questions. Things I couldn’t figure out how they happened. I could have missed the answers but I’m not sure. Still a freakishly good story.

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Full Glasses and Burju Shoes by Blake Blessing – Review Lisa Helmick

Full Glasses and Burju ShoesFull Glasses and Burju Shoes by Blake Blessing
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Full Glasses and Burju Shoes
By Blake Blessing
Rated 5 stars!!

Wowzer! This is an off the charts great book! I was unsure about this book at first. I simply did not know about the title. What are Burju shoes? Once I started reading it— I could not put this thing down. I am wholly impressed at the writing in here. It is so smooth and the character development was perfect. The story itself was engaging and full of turmoil. It is a bit edgier but completely worth it. The emotions and life lessons surprised me. I went from high- highs to low- lows right along with the characters. So many wonder lessons were highlighted so I could remember them.

I flipping loved the way these two main Characters are together! I can’t get over the way Emil touches her, smiles/laughs for her and how his eyes sparkle….all for his girl! Or is that what she does for him?? Bringing in the whole PTSD issue? It was done very well. It makes me stop and think about this struggle for our military personnel.
When Emil told Perrin:

“ You are the one light in the smothering darkness of my life”

I about cried! To say that and feel that way! Wow!

I can not recommend this book enough! If you want to read a well written book that has wonderful characters and takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions. One-Click this baby!

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Killer Lawyer by Mark Nolan – Review Lisa Helmick

Killer LawyerKiller Lawyer by Mark Nolan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Killer Lawyer (Jake Wolfe Book 3)
By Mark Nolan
Rated 5 stars

This is the third in the series and it’s just as enthralling as the previous ones. The writing is so smooth, making it easy to fall into the story. Jake and Cody are two of my favorite characters. I love seeing how Jake works through ideas and how Cody works/helps Jake. When I think the case is at a dead end, Jake always seems to figure out a thread to start pulling until he unravels the whole thing. His relationship with Cody is out-side of amazing! They completely are able to understand each other whether it is by vocal, silent or an eyebrow raise. I love their connection. Jake is a genuinely good guy. He might be annoying and have a big mouth but he also has a big heart. It comes out from time to time and makes me smile every time.

I like the people connections Jake has made over the series. We always seem to see or have reference of those people again. Roxanne is the tech for the PD. She is as interesting as Jake and Cody. I love how whip smart she is! Sarah, Beth, Terrell/Alicia, Agent McKay and Paul all add so much to this story. They all have a love/hate relationship with Jake but a Love/love relationship with Cody. I think Jake’s snarky attitude is what ranks Cody higher.

This story is always full of surprises. That makes this enjoyable to read. I never know what is going to happen next or really anytime. I am just riding along and shocked at or smiling at whatever has just happened. The Dear Reader at the end of the book is so wonderful to read. It talks about the tech and gadgets that appear in the book. I love reading this! Thank You Mark Nolan for all the work you put into this and each story. As well as telling us about it at the end of your books.

I can’t wait to see what Jake and Cody do next!

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The Way You Are (The Carolina Connections #5) by Sylvie Stewart – Review Lisa Helmick

The Way You Are (The Carolina Connections, #5)The Way You Are by Sylvie Stewart
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The Way You Are (The Carolina Connections, #5)
By Sylvie Stewart
Rated 5 stars

How enjoyable is this story!! I loved it! The witty banter, the secret longing and the sexy beard…all good reasons to devour this book! Olivia is a hoot! She sure has a mouth on her! She cracked me up at the games! Brett seems like not the type of guy she would go for. His outward appearance might have people shy away or look down on him. But I side he is a golden boy! He has this great big heart. We get to see and spend some time with Gavin and Emerson. They really help the story move forward as does Haley, who is Olivia’s best friend.

This isn’t my first book by this author. I have read all of the others in this series. They all have a little fun, some sexy men and strong sassy women. I love reading this series and look forward to the next one!!

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A Talent for Trouble by Landra Graf – Review Lisa Helmick

A Talent for Trouble (Bad Boys of Space, #1)A Talent for Trouble by Landra Graf
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A Talent for Trouble (Bad Boys of Space #1)
By Landra Graf
Rated 5 stars

I love, love, loved this story! It is full of action and suspense. As well as a relationship full of lust, snark and mutual distrust. I loved each of these characters from the first moment we met them. Toni is such a strong female lead! She kept me on my toes but never disappointed me. She is not afraid to get her hands dirty and has a loyal following. Emilio is trying to turn his life around when everything goes wrong. He is arrogant and thinks his good looks, suave personality and thinking one-step ahead can get him out of anything. When these two first meet?? It’s like hot and cold. They each have a past holding them back from a possible future. Will they be able to overcome to meet in the middle?

I loved this storyline! Bootleggers, drug/gun runners and drug cartels? Spaceships, AI’s, Earth and other planets?? All of that makes this an action-packed story that I couldn’t put down. I couldn’t wait to find out what was going to happen next and how were they going to get out of the next mess. Many times I rooted for Emilio or Toni but then i was distraught Over something that happened and changed my loyalty to the opposite. There are a bunch of rag-tag dysfunctional secondary characters that I enjoyed immensely. They made the MC’s more rounded and added some fun to the story. I would love to read some more about them and possibly have them get their own stories.

This is a first time author for me. I can’t wait to read more in this series and are eagerly awaiting the next one!

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Alive by Courtney Konstantin – Review By Lisa Helmick

Alive (Sundown Series Book 3)Alive by Courtney Konstantin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Alive (Sundown Series Book 3)
By Courtney Konstantin
Rated 5 stars!!!!

Wow! Wow! Wow! I loved this story for so many reasons! This book is written so well. It’s smooth and has such a nice flow to it. The story is action packed and highly addictive! It held me captivated and I couldn’t put it down until I finished it. Many times while reading I find myself saying or thinking “No! Don’t go back to town!” Or “Stay away from there!” But sadly they didn’t listen to me. Each of the characters has a nice quality about them. Whether it be the main one, a secondary or even the dog. They were all well thought out and beautifully done. Even the relationships between the characters is done superbly.

You know the saying “ I love it when a story comes together”? This one is all that! From the writing, to the characters, to the story, they all blend so nicely for a great finished product. This is a first time author for me. I will gladly check out her other books and I will be reading the first two in this series! I am now interested in the girls stories and wondering where the author will take this story next. I highly recommend this book.

PS Great cover!

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Tapped by Tarrah Anders – Review Lisa Helmick

TappedTapped by Tarrah Anders
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Tapped (The Night Moves #3)
By Tarrah Anders
Rated 5 stars

I was very excited to read this book. I loved the first two and this one is no exception. It was enjoyable getting to meet Kai and how he reacted to seeing Janae for the first time. Janae tried to stay strong about her no relationship rule, but Kai was able to melt her defenses. I won’t say how he did it. But DANG! I loved it! So creative!

I thoroughly enjoyed seeing Jacks/Cam and Mal/Beck again. They truly have amazing relationships and I love seeing what they are all up to. Plus their bantering is so cute!

This story flowed so nicely. The characters are interesting and full of life. I love reading this authors books. She has a way with her stories that draw me in and make me care about the characters. This can be read as a stand alone (why would you?) but if you want the “full-package” you need to read the first two In the series. They are just as good. I promise! This epilogue! OMG! So perfect! It gave me chills!!
I loved it!

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Written in the Stars by T. Birmingham – Review By Lisa Helmick

Written in the Stars (Fallen Eagles MC Book 2)Written in the Stars by T. Birmingham
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Written in the Stars (Fallen Eagles MC Book 2)
By T. Birmingham
Rated 5 stars!!

When I first started this I didn’t think I would be very excited to read it. It deals with a younger woman and an older man and those are usually not my romances that I care for. But I am pleasantly surprised at this story.
These two characters we met in the last book and each one has had their own battles, maybe not all visible ones, but they are still there. How they learn to overcome and move forward is a definite journey I was glad to take with them.

I loved reading Eagle/Davis and Winter’s story! I can *feel* their attraction, interest and love for each other. That first kiss between the two of them was so freaking H-O-T. Then I had to giggle a little as Casper showed up and put his own spin and two cents into the mix Ha ha ha! Sexiness mixed with some humor! My fav! I also loved that Eagle/Davis’ seems so enraptured by Winter. It makes me in awe of him. His thoughts…his gestures for her are all are so…soo amazing. He truly gets her! On all levels! The whole “Witchy” thing and the way Eagle thinks she is magical. Genius!! I loved all terms he uses in reference to “witches “ but describing Winter. It is soooo sweet!

My fav line:

“You’re bewitching, babe. Everything about you is like magic”.

This is the second in the series and I can not wait for the next one! I have grown to love this crew. The writing was mostly smooth and easy to read. There is an element of danger that threw me off for a bit but when it all comes together..Blew my mind!!!

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