Second Chance Spirit (Haunted Ever After Book 2) by Carrie Pulkinen – Review by Lisa Helmick

Second Chance Spirit: A Ghostly Paranormal Romance (Haunted Ever After #2)Second Chance Spirit: A Ghostly Paranormal Romance by Carrie Pulkinen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This takes a bit of a scarier tactic on the ghost side. There were times I thought there might be black shadows in my corner and it creeped me out. This also has romance which is hot and steamy between a couple characters we met in book 1. I met and liked them. Tina is smart and sassy. She owns her sexuality and doesn’t apologize for it. Trent is a cool as a cucumber womanizer. He works had and loves to play. He does have a few secrets that show up in here. The story flows nicely but it has the edgier feel to it. Like I stated before it takes a little turn and is mostly a haunted ghostly story with a side of romance.

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Love at First Haunt (Haunted Ever After Book 1) by Carrie Pulkinen – Review by Lisa Helmick

Love at First Haunt: A Ghostly Paranormal Romance (Haunted Ever After Book 1)Love at First Haunt: A Ghostly Paranormal Romance by Carrie Pulkinen
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is an enjoyable read. The writing made me wonder what was going to happen next. All of the characters are solid. Each has a secret and they worry that the other will not like what they learn. I enjoyed them meeting and everything that came after.

The secondary characters were wonderful. They are interesting and fun and add to the story. I hope we get to see more of them in the future.

Overall I Enjoyed this and zipped through it fairly quickly. I look forward to reading more.

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Nobody Knows (Razes Hell Book 1) by Kyra Lennon – Review by Lisa Helmick

Nobody KnowsNobody Knows by Kyra Lennon
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is one story that really drew me in! The writing flowed so nicely that I couldn’t help but get involved with these characters. The author did a good job of having me live in the present while periodically taking me on a trip down memory lane. That made me love and care about these three friends. This triangle they have is a tough one. Ellie seems to be in the push and pull between the boys no matter how hard she tries to not be there. It’s a tough spot to be in. She cares for both but hurts one when she pays attention to the other. This is quite a journey for her as well.

Overall I loved it. Getting to know these three is as easy as hanging out with my bestie. The story is a short portion of their lives but yet I feel like I have known them their whole lives. This is a great story and I look forward to more.

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Bound by Secrets (Deadly Isles Special Ops Series Book 2) by Amy McKinley – Review by Lisa Helmick

Bound by Secrets (Deadly Isles Special Ops, #2)Bound by Secrets by Amy McKinley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The beginning I had a few problems with while reading. There is issue between Kayla and her ex seemed weird and not natural. Four months isn’t long and their whole situation just didn’t flow or fit. Maybe more time spent on that would have made it and her fear more believable. Second hugging and all up in Jax’s business at the first meeting?? I mean ten years is a long time and they had one night together…that just seemed rushed as well.

Otherwise it’s a good story. I liked getting to know Kayla and her troubles (not current). While I empathized with Kayla she is all over the map emotionally. Too much. Jaxon is a strait forward guy who has held secrets for years.
This has some surprising moments. I was shocked over some and expected others. It was artfully done to make everything difficult to figure out.

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At All (The Adams Brothers Book 3) by Mindy McKinley – Review by Lisa Helmick

At All: Adams Brothers: Book 3At All: Adams Brothers: Book 3 by Mindy McKinley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I just can’t believe how much I loved this story. I really was looking forward to Seb’s and I was worried it might be too dark. I was bothered for no reason. I was concerned he would be self centered but nope…Seb is just the nicest, sweetest guy. I enjoyed getting to know a bit more about him. Maelie is exactly what he needs. I could see it coming about as they got to know each other. I really could feel the connection between these two.

I love love LOVED all the great scenes with his brothers and family. The fun and teasing makes me just smile fondly and I just soak it up. I have a few fun passages highlighted just as a reminder how thankful I was to get to know this family.

This author does a good job of making me enjoy the book as well as fall for these characters. The is a last book of a wonderful series. It you want a light hearted story and leaves you with the feel-good fuzzies….pick this or this series up.

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Capturing Fate by Abbie Roads – Review by Lisa Helmick

Capturing Fate (Fatal Truth, #2)Capturing Fate by Abbie Roads
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This author does it again! She WOWed me and I became obsessed with this book! I couldn’t believe what was happening…with just about every swipe of the page! Envision….eyes bugging out of head and mouth dropped open! I kept repeating what…the WHAT?

Shocking and surprising are the two words I would say describe this story. I couldn’t stop the expressions flitting across my face or the stuttering of words coming out of my mouth. (See above 😉)

This book is closely intertwined with the first book in the series. A lot of the same characters with the two main ones telling a story of their own. I have no words to say about them other than devotion and stunned! Figure that out!

While the story might be crazy, fascinating and MIND BLOWING it ends on a happy note with me ginning my face off. (A great epilogue always does me in!)

If you have read this far….just one click already!

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Titanian’s Phoenix: Titanian Chronicles by Victoria Saccenti – Review by Lisa Helmick

Titanian's Phoenix: Titanian ChroniclesTitanian’s Phoenix: Titanian Chronicles by Victoria Saccenti
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Well this author just smashed this book out of the park! I am impressed with the world building, characters and story line. I just couldn’t get enough. I enjoyed watching Maya take her journey and find her way. She is a smart gal and that just help enhance her in her new life. Soren is a protective, possessive guy! He is all about making sure she is safe while he leads the other enforcers.

The secondary characters are plentiful and delightful. The author does a good job not overwhelming us with a bunch of characters all at once. They are slowly introduced which helps build their characters as well as the connection to the main ones.

Overall this is excellent. The story took me on a journey and the characters kept me interested. There is lively conversations. I eagerly look forward to more!

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Daddy’s Girl (Freshwater Book 3) by Belinda Williams – Review by Lisa Helmick

Daddy's Girl (Freshwater Book 3)Daddy’s Girl by Belinda Williams
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This story just really pulled at my heart strings. At first it’s all sassy and fun then the serious stuff hits. It’s weird for the male lead to be the one thinking they are unworthy. But Joel does and it plays out full of heartache and strength of character. As you can tell I enjoyed this story. It has depth, hope and strength. This drew me in with the fun and I became fully involved with the storyline.

I loved the spunk and fire of Em. She knows her self worth and doesn’t let others think less. She is kind, thoughtful and smart. Joel is surprised by Em. She is not what he was expecting…she is better. They have ups and downs to conquer and Work, family, friends and the past to all figure out how end up together …or apart.

Over all this is a story that affects my heart. It was filled with joy, sorrow and relief. I love it all! It was great to chat here u with the characters from the previous books.

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At Once (The Adams Brothers Book 2) by Mindy McKinley – Review by Lisa Helmick

At Once (Adams Brothers, #2)At Once by Mindy McKinley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have looked forward to this book ever since I read book 1. This is another nice read from this author. I enjoyed how Mason was thrown completely off kilter in dealing with Gabi. He starts off very loose with his morals but once he see Gabi he really starts to come into his own. Gabi..I didn’t love her character. She is a great friend, artistic but she has a weird past with an ex and she is very hush-hush about it and him. I feel this didn’t get explained or resolved to the reader very well. Changing numbers and blocking calls…I don’t know this just didn’t feel right to me

It was lovely to Dom and Lu as well as Seb and their Mom again. They all have wonderful interactions with each other. Kylie is a super BFF and business partner of Gabi. I loved seeing these girls looking out for each other.

I look forward to Seb’s story.

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Black Dog Rising by Kat Caulberg – Review by Lisa Helmick

Black Dog RisingBlack Dog Rising by Kat Caulberg
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This story really keeps my on my toes. One minute I can’t wait to figure out who everyone is. Then the next I feel like I have been slammed against a wall and I have no idea what it going on. Each of the characters is filled with mystery but they each have a purpose. Some of them conflict and others they coincide.

With all that being said…I still could not wait to get back to this book every day. If you love the Fae and all their trickery, then You will enjoy this foray with the Unseelies.

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